Tsvangirai’s phone call to Mujuru: Details emerge


MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai was this week forced to pick up the phone in order to tell his Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) counterpart, Joice Mujuru that her candidate in the Bikita-West by-election will not get his party’s support.

By Tatenda Chitagu

Mujuru revealed this on Thursday in her address to party supporters that Tsvangirai had personally delivered the news to her in a telephone conversation after weeks of what seemed like dithering and indecision.

ZimPF is represented in the by-election by Kudakwashe Gopo.

“Tsvangirai personally called me at night yesterday (Wednesday) to tell me that, as MDC-T, they are not backing anyone in the by-election. He, however, said there might be few officials in the party, who may be having interests, while the party top brass is unaware. He actually wished me well in this poll,” she said.

The MDC-T has also been rocked by internal squabbles amid reports its provincial structure had declared its support for an independent candidate, Innocent Muzvimbiri, instead of Gopo.

Reports also said Tsvangirai had found it expedient not to support Mujuru in order to gauge her support base and use the result of the poll, as a bargaining tool in coalition talks before general elections next year. But Mujuru told her supporters that contrary to media reports that claimed Tsvangirai had dumped her, the MDC-T leader had offered an apology, citing a busy schedule.

“I had forgotten to tell you that Tsvangirai said he could have been here with me, but he said he was busy and today his party is holding a national executive meeting,” she said.

On Thursday, Tsvangirai chaired a national standing committee meeting and was expected to begin a countrywide consultative tour on the coalition issue.

Last week, MDC-T Masvingo provincial chairman, James Gumbi, announced that the opposition party had decided to back Muzvimbiri, but the declaration was shot down by national spokesperson, Obert Gutu.

Gopo will face-off with Zanu PF’s Beauty Chabaya, National Constitutional Assembly’s Madock Chivasa, Tanyaradzwa Makumbo (Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe) and independent candidate, Heya Shoko.

Tsvangirai was expected to join Mujuru at the rally, but a faction of the opposition party opposed to a coalition with the former Vice-President seems to have prevailed on him.


  1. confusion in the opposition. saka he will boycott until when? those who support tsvangirai right now will be surprised aakuti i will not take part in 2018. he is a political child anotokundwa namliswa.

  2. Tatenda Chigadu what are you telling us here?.Is this newsworthy? Mujuru was phoned by Tsvangirai so what? Why don’t you research about a story of a ZIMBABWEAN family renting a Dubai villa for half a million US DOLLARS?Are you afraid of been arrested, so you decide to ill talk Mujuru and Tsvangirai?

  3. Parties cannot exist to join coalitions. They should contest each and every election on their own. No reason to be gauging other parties’ popularity or potential performance with an eye on a possible future coalition.

  4. If you so wanted to be with Tsvangirai why did you not join him in the first place rather than forming another party. Muri vakuru henyu asi kumwe kufunga nekuita kwenyu kunotishamisa isu vadiki. Nhasi moti ngaauye kunhimbe kwenyu, nhimbe yacho ndeyeiko? Hanzi toda kubvisa Mugabe. Aaa. Ko Tsvangirai wacho ane chinangwa chipiwo kubva kwese kwaakatangira? Kubvisa Mugabe. Aaa. Veduwee. Ko munodarirei vanhu vakuru? Tiratidzeiwo kushandisa kwenyu njere imi. Kwete kutibata kumeso. Nhasi mokwikwidzanzve naanaBiti. Ko anabiti vavariro yavo ndeyeyiko? Kubvisa Mugabe. Aaa. Kekekeee inga zvakaoma. Njere shoma dzinouraya vanaatenzi nekushanda. Makadii mese kungopinda munaTsvangirai macho sezvo ari iye akatanga zvekuda kubvisa Mugabe izvi. Then kana chikamu ichocho chapfuura mozotangawoka kuti maakuda kubvisa Tsvangirai. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk maths hadzinetsi but imi vanhu ndimi munotonetsa maths. Nekuti maitiro enyu aya aaa mukutoita kuti zviome izvo zvisina kumbooma. Tingati here mugwagwa mumwechete iwoyo asi kana taapana Save kuti tiyambuke toti uyu ka bridge kake nepaapa uyo kake nepaapo. Aaa. Veduwee. Bridge hombe iroro hatingoona zvimwe zvingadiwe kuti rirambe bedzi rakasimba. Toyambuka. Taamhiri chero tikazoti hedu aziva kwake aziva kwake chakaipa chii? Hantie chataida kuyambuka? Hameno. Itai.

  5. With this attitude Zanu PF will remain in power come 2018. Why did the independent candidate didn’t also join MDC? Why ask that question to JTRM? Grow up people. !!!

  6. Without coalition no opposition party will ever rule this country. As zimbabweans we must put aside our differences and fight for a common cause – which is to remove ZANU pf from power. 2018 elections must be won with a big margin so as to make it difficult and impossible for Mugabe and his people to rig the elections. I want Tsvangirai to win but I am very certain he can’t do it alone, this is a battle for everyone.

  7. the decision by Save is grand.mujuru must first face the bull by herself .she has to test the strength of her guns.this election will be a measure of zimpfs ability to drum up support and prove to zim that zimpf is tha real deal

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