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Cal_Vin apologises after ‘offensive’ Facebook rant


AFTER courting controversy on Facebook a fortnight ago through a rant that questioned the existence of God, Cal_Vin has apologised for his behaviour.


In a series of rants, the award-winning singer used obscene words and even questioned the existence of God and dared Jesus to take his life if ever he (Jesus) existed.

“One thing I regret is taking my depression to Facebook, I realised that I offended a lot of people, especially the fans, sorry about that, it was not a publicity stunt meant to boost my sales, likes or downloads, it was me trapped in the moment, where I felt let down and needed divine support,” he said.

“My apologies to my Christian fans for my poor choice of words, do not let that shake the relationship we have already shared.”

Cal_Vin reportedly posted the foul-mouthed rant after someone close to him died.

The Z’khuphani hitmaker has released an emotional song dubbed Goodbye, as he consoles himself after losing a family member.

He told NewsDay that the song was not as creative and lyrical laden compared to his previous works.

In one of the verses, Cal_Vin raps that he is in pain “because you left me, rest in peace my love”.

“This is not a creative song, I just wanted to pour out my heart in the song and express myself through music,” he said.

“Losing someone is painful, especially if someone whom you shared a special connection with, I was left emotionally wrecked and fell into depression and the only way to escape that zone was to sing my way out of it.”

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