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Byo supply dams water levels rise


WATER levels at Bulawayo’s supply dams have risen to over 50% since the start of the rainy season, although they remain low to ensure an improved water supply situation.


According to recent dam statistics, the city’s six supply dams are an average 53% full, up from below 30% recorded late last year.

The dam statistics show that Insiza Mayfair has recorded the highest inflows and stands at 77% full, while Nyankuni has the lowest level at 21%.

Lower Ncema Dam is 29% full, Umzingwane 34%, Upper Ncema 49%, while Mtshabezi Dam stands at 51%.

Despite latest statistics, the local authority has advised residents to continue using water sparingly.

The local authority introduced a 72-hour schedule at the onset of the rainy season late last year after the city’s supply dams reached low levels.

The schedule was scrapped early this year, as it proved, to be expensive due to the local authority’s deteriorating infrastructure among other reasons.

Bulawayo has for years faced serious water shortages. The Mtshabezi, Insiza and Epping Forest water pipelines are seen as some of the possible solutions to ease the water crisis in the city, while the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project, mooted over 100 years ago, remains the only viable long-term solution.

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