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Banket residents chase debt collectors


HUNDREDS of Banket residents reportedly ganged up last Friday and chased away debt collectors that had been unleashed on them by their local board.

By Nunurai Jena

The incidents occurred in Kuwadzana high-desnity suburb, when the debt collectors attempted to attach household property over unpaid council bills.

Following the skirmishes, the debt collectors reported the matter at Banket Police Station, which immediately deployed some officers to cordon off council offices.

Efforts to contact Banket administrator, Shelter Chapwati-Ngozo, were fruitless, as her office was guarded by police officers.

One of the residents, Canaan Tembo told NewsDay that they had resorted to resisting the debt collectors, as the local board had not engaged residents prior to unleashing them.

“Council should have engaged us first, not to raid us like they tried to do. We will continue to resist such moves for as long as they also do not listen to us and appreciate financial challenges we are facing,” he said.

Tembo said residents were protesting against paying for unrendered services.

Jane Banda, a widow, said council was demanding $47 monthly as rent-to-buy instalments for a house her parents were allocated in 1960.

Debt collectors had tried to attach Banda’s refrigerator before they were chased by the marauding crowd.

Banda, just like scores of other residents, has lived at the property for over three decades and argues it was high time council offered them the properties, as they have religiously paid their dues over the years before the economy turned for the worse.

Residents had been given a four-hour ultimatum on Friday to pay up or get their properties attached.

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