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AMHVoices: Pasuwa’s tactical limitations exposed


In response to Warriors’ heartbreak: The football match between Zimbabwe and Algeria on Sunday was a great game. Well done, Warriors, you made us proud. However, there is room for improvement especially in the second half, where coach Kalisto Pasuwa failed to read the game.

By Tarubva,Our Reader

I have noted a trend whereby we seem to struggle especially in the second half and I do not know why Pasuwa does well in setting up a brilliant team, which performs well in the first half, but come the second half, we falter.

So, for any opposition coaches studying our national team, the strategy is to hold us in the first half and finish us off in the second. Surely, Pasuwa must learn about this and make corrections! We were supposed to introduce Tendai Ndoro, the reason being to keep the Algerians running and in check.

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