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AMHVoices: Lets’ deny legitmacy to regime


In response to Tsvangirai in countrywide coalition consultations: The futility of this lies in the fact that Zanu PF will most certainly rig next year’s elections or refuse flat to relinquish power after losing like they did in 2008.

By Munyaradzi,Our Reader


Elections in Zimbabwe under the present regime, as it is, are an excercise in futility.

The best route is to deny Zanu PF legitimacy by not participating in these charades called “elections” until sufficient reforms.

Pressure was exerted and Zanu PF entered into the Government of National Unity in 2009. The same pressure will force President Robert Mugabe into a coalition, which is the nearest we could reach until he vacates.

Mugabe does not have resources to run government if he is pushed into an international pariah State without an iota of legitimacy.

Now, he moves around claiming he won elections in Zimbabwe, yet everyone in the country knows that Mugabe cannot win in a free and fair environment.

Mugabe is like the proverbial elephant being afraid of a fly. Let us reject all his processes until he returns our country.

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