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AMHVoices: Hyenas causing sleepless nights


I AM a villager in Chivi South’s ward 23 and I hope the responsible authorities will help address the challenge we now face here.

Worried Villager

Ward 23 consists of Chasiyatende, Ndabanengi and Dhobhani villages.

In the past, before the relocation of several other villagers to Chingwizi camp, we never used to have problems with wild animals in our areas.

Now it’s a nightmare such that one cannot freely roam around their yard at night. There is now a menace of hyenas.

We are having sleepless nights, fearing our cattle and goats may be killed in the dead of the night.

Everyone now has to go out of their house with a torch on, since some say the hyenas shy away when they see light.
But we cannot bank our lives on torches.

Several villagers have lost their livestock to the hyenas. In such times, such drought times, one hungry hyena could even jump onto a human being and kill them.

What of the defenceless children, who would be herding livestock in the mountains? Or pupils going to school?

We, therefore, call upon the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to intervene and help by driving away these marauding animals.

We hope the issue can be resolved sooner rather than later before any life is lost.

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