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Afro-jazz musician gets ‘death threats’ over song


AFRO-Jazz musician, Cis Gera (pictured) said he has received death threats after the release of his latest single, Chema Zimbabwe inspired by the deteriorating economic and political situation in the country.

BY Lorraine MUROMO

Cis Gera
Cis Gera

The song chronicles the rot and decay of the country’s economy, which he says has caused the suffering of many.

In a statement, the 36-year-old musician said, although he has received threats from some people, who are not happy about his latest release, he hopes these will remain just threats.

“I have released this song Chema Zimbabwe for all Zimbabweans, having been motivated by the current status of our nation,” he said.

“The composition of this song is a result of continuous endurance of difficulties we are experiencing as a nation.
“Only a small group of people are enjoying and this is worrisome and, as an artiste, I considered composing this song towards the development of my collapsed beloved country on behalf of the voiceless.

“Through music, Zimbabwe will be set free, as this amplifies the voices that already exist. My music stands up against the negative, we should not continue under these tough conditions we are living in as Zimbabweans.”

Gera, who is yet to file a police report, yesterday told NewsDay that his family was now living in fear for the past weeks, as strange people were looking for him at his residence.

“I received a tip-off to leave my house immediately because they were coming to get me. The exact words of the threats were ‘I will die young and leave my family belligerent, as I had pressed a wrong button’,” he said.

“They threatened to harm my family if they continue refusing to disclose my whereabouts, whom I am working with, which studio recorded the song and who is funding me. Several strange people are coming looking for me.”

The lyrics that might have initiated the threats are: “Some have taken the country for themselves, there are some who have taken Zimbabwe for themselves and have shared the resources amongst themselves through nepotism … Their stomachs are full while some of us go to bed hungry.

“They are getting rich whilst we wallow in poverty. It is an issue of poverty, bread and butter that is making us cry out loud.”

Gera said the song is dedicated to future generations, as his heart bled over the current state of the nation.

“The song Chema Zimbabwe is a call to all believers to raise a cry for deliverance to God to extricate us from the quagmire of pain that has shrouded us for many years now,” he said.

“This is a cry for deliverance and freedom against the suppression of economic systems and some systematic manipulation of the national laws, which has worsened our suffering.

“We deserve better, a cry before God and to the world seeking intervention against the axis of evil that came through corruption, unemployment, poverty and disintegration of health delivery services among other things.”

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