7 lawyers deregistered

THE Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) last year deregistered seven lawyers over embezzlement of trust funds and another three, including MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, still have their cases before the legal profession’s disciplinary tribunal.


In the January issue of the LSZ Secretary’s Newsletter, the group says there has been an increase in new law firms and cases of misconduct among the lawyers.

“The increase in law firms has also seen an increase in cases of misconduct, especially involving the embezzlement of trust funds. We await to see what 2017 holds,” LSZ said.

The seven deregistered lawyers are Bruce Mujeyi, Oscar Hute, Ndivhadzo Siphuma, Fiona Machekeche, Lawrence Kadandara, Sindiso Shepherd Mazibisa and Mlamuli Ncube.

Mavis Chizodza-Chineunye is suspended from practice for three months. Other two lawyers, Evidence Gonesi and James Mutsauki, are still on suspension pending finalisation of curatorship.

Mwonzora, Auxilia Mangwaira and Rosewitter Madembo have their matters pending after they raised preliminary points at their hearings.

The tribunal reserved rulings on the matters.

The tribunal has also reserved judgment in the hearing of Washington Muchandibaya and postponed the case of Daniel Wapepuka Mhiribidi indefinitely.

Puwayi Chiutsi’s matter was removed from the roll and would be dealt with through the normal processes.

LSZ urged its members to continue acting ethically so as to retain the confidence of the public and protect the integrity of the profession.

“Members are urged to continue co-operating with the LSZ, especially during its regulatory role. The public can only have confidence in us as a profession if they are sure their interests will be protected. As such, council will not shy away from doing all that has to be done to protect the integrity of the profession,” the society said.

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  1. Hayiwo only these few small fish, These guys are certainly taking us for a ride. We know most of the big fish are rotten to the core. remember the old saying the fish always rots from the head, who are you fooling talking about only seven lawyers and yet go to the criminal courts and see how many cases last year alone involved lawyers and theft of trust property.

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this story doesn’t even deserve to be publicised.

  2. Even mwonzora is on the list. Political leaders should always be above reproach, beyond suspicion, and act as models or exemplary modules. Maybe morgan was right to fast-track those he beat in an election way above his position of secretary-general. Damning information had already trickled to the top echelons of the mdct party.

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