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2017 must not be more of the same


Zimbabwe is just coming from a difficult year and 2017 promises to be even more difficult, as nothing will change from the way the country did its politics and economics in the previous year.

Comment: NewsDay Editor


We have been at the forefront of calling for change; not just political, but cultural too, as Zimbabweans seem to be content in doing things the Zanu PF way, where there is a dearth of leadership and bickering is at the centre of everything.

We should never tire of bringing corruption to the fore, but the government ought to do its part by stemming corruption, failure to deal with graft is a sign of leadership failure, something we should have left in 2016.

We cannot continue talking about the need of an opposition coalition, as if opposition leaders are not listening.

This is a sign of lack of leadership from the opposition, as the need for a coalition is obvious.

If the opposition was any pragmatic, they would have long agreed to a coalition, which has proved to be key throughout the continent in dealing with long-ruling strongmen.

Zimbabwe is as much a victim of the ruling party’s failures, as it is of the opposition’s lack of leadership.

If the country is to go anywhere, then Zimbabwe is in desperate need of a change of culture and more activism from its citizens.

Activism does not necessarily mean demonstrating on the streets, but could mean, for example, refusing to give a public official a bribe for that person to do their job, or a police officer to ignore a traffic transgression.

In the event that you have no option, but to pay a bribe, every Zimbabwean should feel compelled to and have a civic duty to report that they paid a bribe.

This may look insignificant, but it is important in changing this culture that has permeated across every facet of life.

This year cannot be a year of “more of the same”, but every Zimbabwean should push for change even in our very small spheres of influence.

Zimbabweans have been victims of politics and politicians for far too long and should now start demanding their rightful place in terms of being prioritised.

It does not matter what party you belong to; the reality is everyone yearns for a better Zimbabwe.

Clichés, rhetoric and propaganda have not helped the country in anyway. The sanctions mantra must be consigned to the bygone era and we must hear what the ruling party is doing to improve our situation, in spite of sanctions.
Nobody cares about the signing of “mega deals”, what Zimbabweans want to see is implementation.

Zimbabweans are desperate for a change of culture and this can only be provided by a leadership that cares and is able to prioritise citizens.

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