Veteran actress now cashier

Priscilla Mutendera

VETERAN actress Priscilla Mutendera has shelved her acting career and is now working as a cashier at Checkers Store in South Africa.


Priscilla Mutendera
Priscilla Mutendera

Mutendera was the lead character in the popular television drama series, Taka, which dominated the small screen in the late 1990s.

The former actress played Taka, a girl with a speaking impairment, and was consistently sexually abused by her stepfather.

Mutendera told NewsDay that although she was no longer active in drama, she had not entirely shelved the passion.

“Now I am not doing anything that is acting, I am working at Checkers, a store in South Africa, Johannesburg,” Mutendera said.

She, however, was quick to emphasise that she had not completely downed her tools in terms of the acting profession.

“Taka is still in the industry but not full-time though, but I do perform whenever I have the opportunity and time to act either on stage or film,”she said.

The versatile actress said she was currently working on projects that include stage readings with Almasi Productions and had also featured in a play with her sister Privy Mutendera early in November at an international women festival.

“We did a play called What Makes a Woman under our company name Sista Sista Entertainment,” she said.

Mutendera said acting the role of Taka moulded her both in character and maturity as she grew both as a character and a person, showing her how to deal with life issues.

“Well, playing Taka was quite a great experience which taught me to do sign language which was very new to me but made me feel special in some way,” she said.