Urban councils support Kasukuwere on tollgates

THE Urban Councils’ Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) has pledged to support Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s proposal to introduce urban tollgates to fundraise for cities’ roads rehabilitation programmes, but demanded transparency in the administration of the funds.


UCAZ president Bernard Manyenyeni
UCAZ president Bernard Manyenyeni

UCAZ president and Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni told NewsDay that local authorities were demanding transparency in the management of revenue collected from the tollgates to avoid misuse of the money.

“We don’t mind a cost-effective revenue collection set-up provided the end value is guaranteed, unlike now, where motorists are asking what their licence fees are doing for them,” Manyenyeni said. Early this week, Kasukuwere announced plans to launch urban tollgates as a way to fund the rehabilitation of roads, most of which have become impassable.

He also lamented the low amount being disbursed by the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) to local authorities, saying it was not in tandem with the number of vehicles that were taking parking space in the city each day.

Government in 2010 took over management of vehicle licence fees and gave Zinara the mandate to administer the funds, but the parastatal has been accused of mismanaging the money and starving local authorities of their statutory allocations.

Manyenyeni said Harare City Council was entitled to between $40 million and $70 million per year, but received a paltry $1m per year.

He added that he recently met Zinara board chairperson Albert Mugabe over the issue, but nothing concrete was agreed.

The MDC-T mayor questioned the composition of the Zinara board which he said was operating without a local authorities’ representative as required.

“The nominations were submitted by UCAZ. None of the nominations were accepted. The Zinara board is not compliant with its own law,” Manyenyeni said.

“I have raised this matter with Transport, Roads and Infrastructure Development minister Joram Gumbo and the Zinara board chairman.”


  1. Why does Bernto support Tyson this time when he has case in the high court against the same minister for interferring in the affairs of local authorities? Bernto argues that the urban councils act ultra vires the constitution. Bernto must be consistent.


  3. I am a rate payer living within an Urban Council Area. Under no circumstances does this Bernard Manyaneni fellow speak on my behalf. Councillors in my town have NEVER asked me my opinion on Urban Tollgates, there has NEVER been a meeting convened to discuss this with my fellow ratepayers. Where does my road tax money go to? My Urban Council is as crooked as they come, especially over the sale of plots – certain individuals are allocated plots, do not pay for them, but then sell them onwards for anything upwards of 1000% (yes, I said one thousand percent). The initial individual is normally a person who does not have the money to develop the plot, let alone pay for it in the first place. People from the very top of the Council hierarchy are all involved in this wholesale corruption and theft. In my area there are residential and very large commercial plots (ostensibly for the building of lodges and self catering places) that have remained in developed for more than 2 years now.

  4. As long as zinara collects the from those tollgates then there will be no change you will face the same problem

  5. First account for licence fees before asking for more money from the already overburdened motorists

  6. Owning a motor vehicle in Zim is now a crime. You pay for vehicle licence, compulsory third party insurance, compulsory radio licence. Police & Kanzuru are always after you. Unoonda zveShuwa

  7. Willard Tramposo

    Thats bullsh!t. Dont trust anyone whose colour is black with the money. NEVER!
    Those council guys are waiting to fatten their pockets. Just wait and see.
    Am black but i dont trust my black fellows, becoz of their backgrounds, greediness and selfishness.

  8. How are the urban tollgates going to operate. We have enough headache already with the police and kombis, such that it is a nightmare to drive to and from the CBDs. Are we not going to get to work midday now? I thought this mad idea had been permanently discarded.

  9. Motorists currently pay the following taxes to government
    1- import duty
    2- Car licence
    3- fuel excise duty
    4- Sales tax on car spares
    5- road tolls intercity
    How many more taxes are motorists going to be burdened with by this insatiable monster?

  10. Willard Tramposo.

    Thats rubbish.

  11. the greed and corrupt leadership always come out with schemes to steal from the public. They then make up a law to legalise their theft. shame on you when are u going to be satisfied?

  12. Very soon we will use wheelbarrows and other push cats as cost of have a car in Zim is being made out of reach. How did smith maintained the roads without all those taxis

  13. Also car radio licenses. Whats the use of vehicle licensing fees? This land!

  14. The govt has seen the motorist as the last source of revenue, and will exploit him dry. Why not ? The passive, admissive, ignorant , stupid Zimbo will never resist.

  15. Shanva turn off tollgate road from town is an eye sore tollgates not benefiting anyone

  16. zimbabwean have to take to the streets we have had enough!!

  17. Towel nyoro ukarisvina rotanga richimbobuditsa mvura, but mvura ikapera ukarisvina futi rogona kupedzisira rabvaruka

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