Tsvangirai embraces Mujuru, Ncube; shuts out Biti

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday set conditions for a possible coalition with ZimPF’s Joice Mujuru and Welshman Ncube’s MDC, but seemed to shut out People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Tendai Biti.


MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai
MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai said his party sought a pact “that minimises the unknowns by providing an equitable and scientific and objective basis for approaching the election based on known strengths of political leaders and parties nationally and in given electoral districts”.

This approach is seen as shutting out Biti, whose party has not contested in any election since its formation two years ago.

Ncube’s party fared badly in the last election, but MDC sources said they had an electoral base compared to the “unknown” PDP and the 13 other parties that have been pushing for a coalition.

A coalition with Ncube will come as a surprise for many, as there is reported bad blood between the MDC leader and Tsvangirai since an acrimonious split in 2005 and failed coalition talks in 2008.

Tsvangirai is said to be amenable to a union with Mujuru, as she is seen as bringing in a bloc of disgruntled and axed Zanu PF members and also has the liberation war gravitas, that many say is essential to leading the country.

The MDC-T leader yesterday told a Press conference that the envisaged coalition would field a single candidate to contest the presidential polls, one parliamentary contester in each constituency and a solitary nominee in each council ward in the 2018 elections.

Speaking to journalists after an MDC-T national council meeting, Tsvangirai said they had set and defined the party’s principles for engagement with other parties in the envisaged coalition.

“In this regard, we will engage with and seek to enter into an electoral alliance with political parties who share or subscribe to our vision of a society that prides itself for not leaving anyone behind in their pursuit of freedom, prosperity and happiness,” he said.

The former Premier said the most popular candidates in a particular area would be allowed to contest.

Tsvangirai said the coalition partners should agree to field one presidential candidate, who had clear chances of winning against President Robert Mugabe in 2018.

He said parties involved would have to agree on a working plan and on key policy issues before the election.

“After successfully winning the election, the coalition president shall, in terms of the Constitution of the republic, appoint a national State executive of vice-presidents, ministers and deputy ministers guided by the following principles and considerations,” Tsvangirai said.

“The principles are: A lean and competent executive, a regionally-balanced executive, a gender-balanced executive, an inclusive executive, including all alliance partners, and respect for and accommodation of other stakeholder interests, including youth and minorities.”

He was, however, coy on who would lead the coalition, saying that would be based on the outcome of the talks.

Tsvangirai promised his party would be rejuvenated in 2017 in the fight against Zanu PF, as they prepare for 2018.

The MDC-T leader did not give a time-frame for the setting-up of a coalition, although he conceded they had to deal with matters of building confidence first before agreeing.

“I cannot say by this time this is going to be the end, but I can tell you that we want to conclude whatever discussions we are having with those parties as soon as possible,” he said.

Tsvangirai claimed Zanu PF had already started setting up rigging machinery ahead of the elections, as they had realised it would be difficult to win the elections.

He said they would contest the 2018 elections and continue to pressurise the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to implement electoral reforms, so that they appreciate that it was futile to have polls that were always disputed.

“We are very conscious that Zanu PF is determined to rig the next election. We have the facts and the intelligence of what they are doing,” Tsvangirai said.

“We also know the extent to which Nikuv International Projects is involved, so we will be pursuing that and we will give you the information, as we roll it out, but we are very much aware of the determination of Zanu PF to rig the next elections and we are ready for that.”

Nikuv is accused of rigging the 2013 elections in Zanu PF’s favour.

Tsvangirai described as shocking that the High Court on Monday sentenced three party activists for killing a senior police officer in Glen View in 2011 to 20 years behind bars.

He described both the conviction and sentence as politically motivated in order to intimidate and instil fear in activists, so they would not challenge the Zanu PF government.

Tsvangirai, however, said people had seen worse and would not be deterred.


  1. Either coalition or no coalition,the truth is you guys will never ever dislodge Zanu PF from power!As long as I am alive,I will personally make sure that Zanu Pf will never leave power!NEVER ever.That will not happen and get used to live under Zanu PF for the rest of your lives!

    • Muroti is right. There is no part capable of dislodging ZANU PF. History tells me that. How many times have the other parties failed. The problem is that you only see President R.G. Mugabe. No Please work up this man is very intelligent. He is like a very good coach capable of setting up a winning team never mind by what means but the most important thing is to win. You can say this and that but who is on the lead. Please accept a defeat you are all dull. Pamberi NaPresident R.G. Mugabe

    • Nicolae Ceaușescu was Roamnia’s head of state from 1967 to 1989 once ordered security forces to fire on anti-government demonstrators but the result was that the demonstrations spread from Timisoara to Bucharest. The demonstrations became violent resulting in Ceaușescu and his wife, Elena, fleeing the capital in a helicopter. They were however captured by the armed forces. On 25 December 1989 the couple were hastily tried and convicted by a special military tribunal on charges of genocide and sabotage of the Romanian economy in an approximately one-hour long trial and were then immediately executed by a firing squad.

    • Everyone should stand on their own two feet, not to hang onto other people’s shoulders. Ncube and mujuru would be foolish to help revive the fortunes of an expired, extinct political dinasaur.

  2. you mutoriti what a stupid comment yu posted zanu pf has failed us as zimbabweans cant yu realise that zim is now paralysed now yu stil support zanu wat a stupid person are yu? dont make me angry wanzwa here if yu dont hve anythng to say shut your fatty mouth nxaaaa since when munongoti zanu hw many pple are struggling bcoz of that bloody party ukwane sha dai naikuziva ndakurova mbama hapana zvaunondiita wanzwa here

  3. Some people only joined these small parties when MDC T started boycotting elections.Now that MDC T says it will contest,we are going to see an avelanche of people rejoining and others joining for the first time.Warning shorts for Zanu Pf come 2018.

  4. We all know that elections are stolen.But if people vote in huge/huge numbers ,there comes a time when manipulating results become a mamoth and imposible exercise.This is evidenced by what happened in 2008.If again people protested on the streets like they have recently done,Zanu Pf would not have th chance to cook results for 4 weeks like it did when the streets are burning.Oposition ,
    unite for common purpose.

  5. Mangundu, people voted in large numbers in 2008 and by Mugabe’s account Morgan won by 73%. Do not forget that even if you are on the roll, that is no guarantee you will vote. We saw that in March 2002 and 2013 when hundreds of thousands of especially urban voters were deliberately frustrated to vote or just turned away on the claim they had turned up at the wrong booth. As long as Mugabe, Mnangagwa and the junta control the electoral process, forget it. Nikuv will just be the icing on the cake.

  6. If veterans like Dr Joyce Mujuru decided to quit Zanu pf who are u Mutoriti “shit blayer Toilet who can say u die with Zanu pf, u don’t think, yuor head is full of water, an idiot son of a dog

  7. Our country is deeply divided. In as much as we have a majority Zimbabweans who are tired of Zanu pf, we also have a significant number who are emotionally attached to the party.That itself has destroyed our country. Lets pull in the same direction folks!!!!!!

  8. All night demonstrations must be held in large numbers to protect peoples votes.Hold demonstrations non stop from the time polling stations get closed.Make as much noise as possible.

  9. In Zimbabwe we need our own Trump.Awa macurrent political players are a great failure and will not take us anywhere as they are full of vengeance and a tendency to loot.Surely how do you explain a US$500,000.00 LOBOLA

  10. sometimes it is difficult to trust the politicians in zimbabwe because I dont know what happens
    to them soon before and after electoins, -splitting and accusing each other. A clear sign that most of them are for money. Things are not as good as expected in Zimbabwe but surprisingly people will vote for a party that only gives empty promises like the 2 million jobs but we still continue to stay jobless. Maybe the idea of coalition will provide solutions to the challenges we face

  11. Personally all I care about is for Mugabe to be gone, which judging by his old age won’t be long. Whether Zanupf will rule for 1000 years after that or coalitions or whatever, I really don’t give a rat’s butt

  12. The news will certainly cause ructions at the ZANU PF annual conference at Masvingo Show Grounds. Kasukuwere will forgo his lunch, and as for Mugabe he will put up a brave face as usual, but deep down he is a troubled person. It is far much easier to fight a divided opposition, but when they begin to come together, then a new strategy is required. How then can a divided house fight a united house?

  13. Mese macommenter murimadofo nyika dzakabvisa madictator dzakaabvisa nevanhu kwete opposition kana coalitian.ltai Dzamara was right.takuda zvombo

  14. hope things will work on our side , the majority who are on the receiving end of this political madness in our nation.

  15. Tsvangirai lied. Itz clear no one is able to rig election using the purported nikuve method ,since all pooling boots are guarded by agents of all contesting political parties fr day one to the end,at every pooling station.Thisz done after all confirmation would hav bn made to guard against the existence of n irregularities at the out set.There, he was only politicking,he knows it.However methods of using voter intimidation using soldiers ,youth militia,chiefs frog marching their subjects to pooling boots has bn witnessed.Zanu pf has bn at work here.Many opposition supporters were beaten&intimidated.No evidence has bn found of n nikuve operations in zimbabwe even by the most ardent opposition leaned election observers in zimbabwe.Tsvangirai clearly lost many elections save only by voter intimidations

  16. Stop big brother politics of dictation. Coalitions are built on respect and mutual trust. If only MDC-T were an outstanding and no pushover as they presuppose, then they would long have edged out Zanu PF in any of their 4-time attempts. They as well deserve others to win. That said, an all-inclusive coalition devoid of spelling out terms and conditions should, on a willing buyer-willing seller basis, table down their views and unconditionally be willing to hamornize all ideological differences. Everything else should be left to the public to sort out personal popularity in the primaries. Its only then that Zanu PF brutality will be phased out. Anything short og this is an exercise in futility.

  17. Morgan can even go it alone and win bcoz he is known and ;liked across the nation but others are just being made big by press they have no known strong holds .Like him or hate him he is the only true leader who even Mugabe himself told the nation that he lost to him by 73 p in 2008 The guy is the darling of the nation . he can call for a rally to day anywhere pple will pack the stadium without being force .

  18. @Mutoriti: Whereas you may be entitled to your opinion, your arguing temperament betrays your reasoning. Whether you are a zanu PF diehard or merely an ignorant sycophant, hidden wisdom is better than exposed folly.

  19. Antonio, if you don’t have anything to say please shut up. your comments at times show your level of maturity.

  20. We made mistake tiri paye paiti oner wewichdon natauya aicho bob biti tengai takaudzwa kuti tichi votere padhangesi tichifamba husiku nemat 35 for thuis rubish selfish

  21. there is only one way that we can seize power from zanu pf and it is by another armed struggle… protests didnt work and its a fact that elections are rigged so its now high time for military action

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