TelOne renews Mtasa’s contract

TELONE managing director Chipo Mtasa will continue at the helm in 2017 following the renewal of her contract, company chairman Charles Shamu has said.


Mtasa’s contract is due to expire on December 31, 2016. She was appointed managing director for TelOne on a four-year renewable contract in 2013 taking over from Hampton Mhlanga. Market speculation was swirling that her contract would not be renewed.

In response to inquiries from NewsDay, Shamu said: “We are not at liberty to disclose any details on this as contractual issues are confidential between the employer and the employee. You may, however, need to note that as a board we are happy with her performance and come January 2017 Chipo Mtasa will continue as TelOne managing director.”

The former Rainbow Tourism Group chief executive officer has been the driving force behind the turnaround of TelOne.

Shamu said with Mtasa at the helm, TelOne has been able to reduce operational costs by $30 million during her tenure.

Some of the cost cutting measures undertaken include buying directly from suppliers instead of dealing with middlemen, negotiating with external contractors and suppliers to reduce costs, moving out of rented facilities into own buildings and a 15% salary cut across the board which was introduced in August last year.

Shamu said broadband customer base more than doubled to 80 000 from 30 000.

Under Mtasa’s stewardship, the company held its first annual general meeting last year and has been producing financial results.

Currently, the company is undertaking a $98 million national broadband project. The finances were sourced from China Export Import Bank and the first equipment arrived in October.

“We look forward to the completion of the game changing project in the next 24 months,” he said.

The telecom firm is driving the broadband segment of the business to arrest the decline in revenue attributed to a decline in voice calls.


  1. She is an accomplished Executive. TelOne has made the right choice by extending her tenure at the company.

  2. that lady is doing miracles at telone that company had been stuck in the dinosaur age at least now we all in the same century.. kudos to her..

  3. This is the type you appoint into critical ministerial portfolios

  4. i think she will be able to continue with her way of doing of business because an organisations needs to ensure that costs are cut down and avoid unnecessary costs and also will help to build a lasting impression good job (C.M.)

  5. Ministerial portfolios quiet correct.

  6. Carrington mutanha

    truly she deserves it she has made the parqstatal a darling for least other quasi Gvt organisations should take notes from her.i wish her a successful 2nd term

  7. What else can you expect from a SAMANYIKA.It is only people from manicaland and matebeleland who can bring order to any instituition.

    1. Mukaranga weBelingwe

      Mtasa is her married name, Oliver the husband is from Mberengwa. She might be from Mash East or Manicaland as you infer.

  8. We deserved extension.

  9. Mukomana. We have people from Manicaland @ RBZ, Ministry of Finance…it has nothing to do witj where they come from.

  10. Mukomana warasika , we are all Zimbabweans and performance knows no boundary. I wish a second successful term to Chipo Mtasa.Her husband Justin is also doing well as board in insurance.

  11. In a situation where managerial efficiency is lacking and corruption rife, costs are bound to be always much higher for the level of production going on. It’s super easy for any accountant to come in cut costs, thus improving the bottom line and appear to have turned things around and not much has been accomplished.

  12. Well appreciated..Chipo is a God fearing woman and a great leader..

  13. We are proud of your visionary leadership and stewardship

  14. The day she left RTG haaaaaaaa unongohwa zvako mwana wevhu yakatanga kuvhara some of its portifolios … uchanzwa kuti RTG yasara ne Rainbow Victoria Falls and Rainbow Harare time will tell

  15. she has a beautiful mind

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