Political capture allegations rock MDC-T

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai allegedly received assistance to pay his medical bills in South Africa from that province’s chairperson, one Chief Ndlovu, who now stands accused of fanning factionalism amid fears of party capture.


The information is contained in leaked WhatsApp messages from a South African-registered phone number indicating that.

The messages, from one Vickson Mundiya, allege Ndlovu has been Tsvangirai’s major financier as factional wars in the largest opposition party in the country escalate.

“Do you know Chief was once appointed in (sic) the national fundraising committee? Do you know Chief paid R300 000 for the treatment of the president (Tsvangirai)? Do you know Chief raised R75 000 for the 2013 presidential campaign?

“Do you know Chief rescued Harvest House which was at (sic) the brink of being repossessed due to outstanding bills?” one of the chats read.

But the MDC-T dismissed the claims and instead accused the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) of circulating the message in an attempt to soil Tsvangirai’s image.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said Tsvangirai was funding his own medical bills and had not turned to any of his party members for assistance.

“President Morgan Tsvangirai is a man of his own means and please stop insulting him by suggesting that he is being looked after by Chief Ndlovu or by any other person for that matter.

We suspect that these false and malicious allegations are being fuelled by CIO and Zanu PF agents,” he said.

Party insiders, however, said Ndlovu had become untouchable and had since captured the party owing to his financial muscle which had earned him the name “MDC-T Gupta”, after the alleged “capture” of President Jacob Zuma by the Gupta familly in South Africa.

They alleged Chief Ndlovu was aligned to MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe.

“These alleged Guptas have gone on to sponsor parallel structures in Bulawayo and Manicaland, the intention being to consolidate and position themselves favourably with the top party leadership so that they can run for Parliament in 2018,” an insider said.

Gutu described the allegations as factional and bizarre being paddled with the aim of derailing preparations for the 2018 elections.

“These are fictional and bizarre allegations that will make a very good storyline for an action-packed fiction movie. We know that Zanu PF is not sleeping while they try to infiltrate us and cause another split. The good news is that this will not happen. We are going into the 2018 elections as a solid and united political party under the able and charismatic leadership of Tsvangirai,” he said.

Ndlovu, Khupe and Mundiya could not be reached for comment yesterday.


  1. So Tsvagson is a parasite living off other men, first it was Ian Makone, the owner of Harvest House, then it was Pachedu(tennett) and his diamonds money, Robert Gaberial Mugabe who is providing him with accommodation(Highlands house) and now its the Chief. He seems to be in other men’s pockets all the time ever since his western donors dumped him. Shame on you Save. If elected president, he will surely sell the country like Zuma, another uneducated bafoon. Icho

  2. Only a fool can succumb to such nonsense whose authenticity cannot be verified. Who said MDC-T is a party of paupers in the first place? We are ready to contribute body and soul if we reach such extremes. We are intact, progressing and here to stay. These misguided losers can try another shot.

  3. Who is wrong the one who gets donations for his medications and the one who steals from people so that he receives his medications.The above article is not all that healthy to swallow.Find other things to write, BLESSED MHLANGA not such useless stories.

  4. CIO-capture of Newsday and all other newspapers previously owned by Trevor Ncube. Ask Ibbo Mandaza how he negotiated the same of his magazine to CIO and up to now he is on CIO payroll but pretending to be on the other side.

  5. You stupid Gandanga u must know that good governance is archived by good policies not all that professors, don’t just bark like a stray baboon.

  6. Let dogs like Gandanga bark. He is just but an empty vessel singing for his supper. His preferred choices are Professors in Theft and Corruption.

  7. i have observed your newspaper is after bringing down Tsvangison You have have failed to appraise Welshman Hardluck

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