PDP blasts MDC-T’s ‘axis of exclusion’

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP)has blasted MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s decision to shut out smaller opposition parties from a proposed grand coalition, saying the move would further weaken the opposition camp ahead of the 2018 general elections.


Addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Wednesday, PDP deputy president, Kucaca Phulu, described the MDC-T suggestion as “an axis of exclusion”.

“You have got to make a distinction between a coalition for winning elections and a coalition for governance,” he said.

“I saw a party that issued a statement with some of these elements, most of which I agreed with. However, in terms if inclusivity, that is where we have a problem. It is wrong to say, Party X you are so small, I cannot listen to you.

“The problems that we had between 1980 and now, leading to such tragedies as Gukurahundi, were mainly due to lack of inclusivity, when some people say they are the majority, they have the people. Today, we hear reiteration of that same theme; that only we have the people, only we can rule.”

Tsvangirai on Tuesday issued a statement laying out the party’s terms for the grand coalition, where he embraced the Welshman Ncube-led MDC and Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First.

Phulu said his party was building structures with the aim of participating in the 2018 polls. “If there will be an election at all, I don’t know whether there is going to be an election in 2018 or not, hopefully, it is going to be there, and if there is an election, and if all the young people are registered, if all those eligible to vote are registered, then we are ready for that election because our structures are in place, our policies are in place, we know what we want to say to the people, we know how to say it to them, we know how to reach the people,” he said.

“We have shadow councillors already in place in many of the districts. We are also appointing shadow MPs. We work according to programmes. We are a programmatic party. We are clear about what we want to do, and we have a clear vision for this country.”

Phulu insisted that a well-thought-out and inclusive coalition was the best bet in defeating President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“If someone were to ask me what I think about machinations to form a coalition and exclude the PDP, I will say:
Surprising. I would hope that, that is not the case because we believe that as PDP, we have a lot to offer. We are a party that is organised, with reasonably formed structures. The charge that we are new and untested is false because our politicians are tested. How can you say the former mayor here [PDP vice-chairperson, Thaba Moyo] is untested as a politician?”


  1. You abandon the struggle and selfishly form your own party, see that you have no followers at all then want the party you left to join you on equal terms? How divisive and devoid of wisdom ! You do not even recognize the damage these splits you initiate out of selfishness do to the opposition agenda.

  2. These small parties whose only supporters are its leaders should be done away with at the moment.We will waste a lot of time trying to negotiate with parties which only exist in name.We are at a period when time should not be wasted on who should lead the coalition between Tsvangirai and Biti.Lets do the obvious and lets not try to experiment at this juncture.In fact most of these small parties are actually paid to cause mayhem and confusion by the zanu pf mafia.Most of the time they tend to direct most of their energy in insulting other opposition party leaders when it is crystal clear that zanu pf is the public’s number one enemy.

  3. PDP must definitely be excluded

  4. That’s no problem.All those parties left out can form their own coalition and compete.More over ghats democracy. But what I know is even if you yoke 20 goats they will never pull a plough.These Bitis are just there o muddle the waters.

  5. How can you weaken the opposition when PDP has no supporters, just leaders.
    It would be significant if PDP had a meaningful number of supporters. The coalition a big number of parties but what it needs two or three parties with supporters.
    These press conference and briefcase parties like PDP should be excluded.

  6. If you can’t beat them……. If PDP has no capacity to marshal their troops if they have any to reach bargaining standards, then any one who feels politically relevant can bow out in their personal capacities and join the promising side. One can’t keep contemplating for reunion after divorce unless they comply with the set out terms and conditions which in this case may include winding up and joining the moving ‘train’ unconditionally. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Leave the steering wheel to the professionals.

  7. biti netumwe tumapato ngaabatane voita kapato kamwe vozouya kumubatanidzwa

  8. These small parties like PDP and others have absolutely no right to claim any bargaining power in any coalition. They have participated in any election or held any rallies to prove their popularity.They exist only on paper and, quite frankly, to confuse supporters. Their supporters, if they have any, should be free to support the candidates put forward by those parties with enough political parties to woo voters. If they can’t do that then they were never relevant in the first place. Mbeva zhinji hadzina mashe.

  9. You ignore PDP &other small parties at own peril-will decampaign you& divide your support base.Mind you all opposition supporters not Tsvangirai supporters at personal level,but broad based supporters for democracy&change

  10. Luxton should learn the hard way.I foned him and warned him before he parted ways with Tsvangirai. It reminds me of the parable of the donkey which carried Jesus Christ into Jerusalem and crowds ululated. The donkey thought they ululated because of its presence but when it walked the same road without Jesus there was quietness!

  11. PDP mumvuri weZIZI. The “Party” or Club has no following

  12. Phulu the issue is not wether you have leadership structures or not.WHO ARE YOU LEADING ?Your rallies are attended by 20 people,probably your friends and relatives.If your Biti and company are now prepared to work with “illiterate” Tsvangirai why not go back to MDC-T ?You problem as a party is you want to be ellitistic and academic.That doesnt work in politics thats why Chinotimba is outperfoming all the educated MPs because he is hands on and pragmatic.You want to put on your suits and ties and look for the most airconditioned conference rooms and sit infront of cameras instead of going to the people ang get your mandate.I bet,your political days are numbered unless you introspect.

  13. kkkkkk boot these small parties,they are there to cause confusion.thats great mr tsvangirai we really accept yo decision Pakuru

  14. i don”t think we need the bitis ,they are there to cause confusion,the damage they have done pavakabuda is enough and they can as well form they own coalition and move forward,why wasting time vachida kubatana ne munhu avakatiza nxaaaa

  15. Nhaiwe Addmore Gudo, unofunga here kuti pane munhu in their normal senses angaitwe de-campaign naBiti, kana aripo munhu iyeye, ndimai vaBiti, nevanin’ina vaBiti, kana kuti vanhu ivavo vagara vari vaBiti kana kuti veZanuPf. Nekuti to tell you one thing, even Zanoids are pissed off, they are still there for security of their jobs and earnings. Who has got eyes can see now just like to ears……… Obrigado.

  16. biti we dont need anymore yu hve given away the struggle by forming your weak party yu are a discident biti yu dont hve even a single supporter what else yu still want contest in the election wth your unrecognised most of the pple doesnt even know that there is PDP

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