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Mugabe should shoulder blame for ‘letdown’ ministers


President Robert Mugabe’s realisation that his ministers and Zanu PF officials are a let-down has come a little too late, as lasting damage has already been inflicted on the economy and the country.


Now that Mugabe has realised that his officials are a let-down, the biggest question is: What is he going to do about it?

But before that can be answered, the President needs to take responsibility for appointing this deadwood in the first place.

For the large part of his rule, Mugabe has kept recycling the same ministers, who keep failing, yet he keeps them instead of firing them.

If Mugabe thinks his officials are a let-down, then that is an indictment on his tenure, as he is also culpable as the appointing authority.

Mugabe cannot keep appointing failures in the hope that they will one day be successful.

Anyone who has pointed out that Mugabe’s government is leading us nowhere has been accused of being a regime change agent or a puppet of the West.

Mugabe has refused to accept constructive criticism and because of this, his officials seem to be unaccountable to anyone and have the utmost impunity.

The President claims his officials expend their energies on succession issues instead of service delivery, and if there is anyone to blame for this it is him.

The succession issue is something Mugabe should have long put finality to, but it seems he enjoys squaring one faction against the other, thereby, cementing his hold and continued stay in power.

The buck stops with Mugabe and he should shoulder the blame for his ministers’ failures.

Since he realises that he has been let down, Zimbabwe now hopes Mugabe can take remedial action by firing all non-performing ministers.

Mugabe should also fire all his ministers that have been implicated in corruption even if it means the whole Cabinet must go.

As long as Mugabe keeps them in place, it means he tolerates unaccountability, impunity and failures, which is to the detriment of the country.

Now that he has accepted that his stewards are out of their depth, Mugabe should also take a long look at himself and ask whether he is still the right person to lead this country.

He has run his race, he has stumbled through most of his 36 years, and he also had some notable achievements.

But he cannot keep blaming his ministers for his faults and since he appointed them, he should shoulder most of the blame.

Mugabe cannot get away with pointing an accusing finger at his ministers, as several fingers are pointing back at him.

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