Magistrate quits, rants at govt over poor salaries

President Robert Mugabe

A BULAWAYO magistrate tendered his resignation recently in protest over his poor salary and challenged other civil servants to tell President Robert Mugabe they were not happy with the measly salaries they were getting.


Batanai Tuwe, who has joined private practice, took to social media, where he attacked his former employers, the Judicial Service Commission and the Finance ministry, for underpaying magistrates, while judges were living large, pampered with a lot of perks.

“Why not tell mdara (Mugabe) the truth. Why won’t soldiers, who earn $400, tell the President that the money you are giving us is peanuts,” he tweeted.

“All the magistrates are tired of your lies. God is not happy though because you killed my dream. I swore an oath to God when I was appointed. You made me corrupt.”

Tuwe said chief magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe had begged him not to quit, and promised him heaven on earth, but he could not work without pay.

“I cannot serve that which I no longer believe. I just want to feel human. That’s all.”

Tuwe said the paltry $650 monthly salaries paid to magistrates were unsustainable and had driven most of them into corruption.

“Why should any magistrate send a person who earns $1 200 to jail when they can offer the magistrate $600 and still have more than the magistrate? A magistrate in Zimbabwe earns $650 dollars,” he continued in his rant.

Tuwe also called on other civil servants to down tools until they are paid their December salaries, which the government said it will pay in January, before challenging Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to be honest about the government’s financial problems.

“Please Chinamasa. Just tell us. Have pity on us. We are now even too tired to protest. Why should we. Why not talk honestly. Just tell us the truth we won’t revolt, we’ve tried that, you will shoot us. You have guns we don’t. But can you shoot your own son for [the]truth.”

Tuwe said he no longer believed in the judiciary and had, therefore, quit his job in search for greener pastures.


  1. While this might seem a brave and noble act, this judge will soon find a docket opened against him and all the people he ever freed will come out and ‘confess’ how he took bribes from them. The Ultimate magistrate Mugabe will show him who is boss. Such is the Zimbabwe we live in.

    • True that…he should have just gone quietly. He actually says it himself that he had gotten ‘corrupt’! I wonder what he means by that! All his recent cases will be called for a review!

    • I’m sure as a legal expert he was sure to do it in such a way that there will be no evidence for the bribes that could be traced to him.

  2. Iwe magistrate usanyengedze vanhu,enda wega wakanyarara.u have admitted that you are corrupt,very soon we are going to jail you!

  3. I am a Government pensioner. Though the comment is naïve, the magistrate has told the truth. All magistrates including Guvas, judges whom he said are lavishly paid, are corrupt just like the Jonathans and the Gudyangas of this world and the Chihuris. Even the “Not to be Named” is corrupt because he also authorizes theft of Government resources for his Grouping.

    Its corruption for the Constitutional Court to entertain Jonathan Moyo’s application to challenge the ZACC powers when the law empowers even an ordinary citizen to effect an arrest. Everyone in Government is corrupt to sum it up.

    Ngwena might be corrupt but he appears to be a better evil because he advocates for the arrest of wrong doers.

    Viva Lacoste Viva.

    • He is being honest because some sentences and some maintenance fees charged by magistrates shows some corruption.

  4. Wezhira, your ED “appears to be a better evil” yes, but is he? If the level of corruption was under control, most of this country’s systems would be operational and our standard of living higher, but it’s completely out of control. It appears the so-called govt has a lot of power to do everything else (like teargassing civilians at night) except the right things.

    @ Mutoireti – are you part of decision-making in the Vampire party? or these are just illusions of grandeur?

  5. For as long as we have people like Mutoriti,Africa once referred as Dark Continent (people living without light) will remain poor until Jesus come.Anyway no situation is permanent,one day will shall have the sun and the moon.

  6. As long as there is profit, corruption will endure. A wise man once told me to do my best for me and mine, because noone can change the world. Corruption is everywhere, and will not be obliterated anytime soon.

  7. Well done magistrate. Our biggest problem as Zimbabweans is silence. If Chinamasa is corrupt, people must say so? What happened to the cash which was found on his son, furthermore who aid for the denial adverts since they had official government logo? Someone somewhere knows what these big shefs are doing, but we are just silent.

  8. Ngwena should advocate for his own arrest!. This man came from afar- diamonds from DRC , motor vehicles from South Africa, rhino horn from Kariba, you name it, Ngwena has done it all!!

  9. This guy may have been corrupt when he was still a magistrate yes,but at least he has been honest enough to admit he has been fighting with his conscience all along.To me it is another level of honesty though some may think that its a sign of cowardice.Look at the ZRP guys,they get peanuts as their salary but Chihuri knows that they also get supplements through bribery and other corrupt activities and if one officer decides to resign he is labelled a coward?You are a hero Batanai Tuwe

  10. how can gvt pay migastrates $650 u are right my brother lets quit all civil servants we are working for nothing .

  11. giving a testimony because he has found a new job from other ogarnisations ??? ihope that sinful corrupt jugde is not coming to join our good leaders

  12. Just present your resentment to YAHWEH definitely HE gives the correct answer.Let evil be exposed and it falls.Thank you Magistrate

  13. “I cannot serve that which I no longer believe. I just want to feel human. That’s all” Truth is Mugabe and his coterie of thieves and looters has dehumanized us, brainwashed us, and completely stole our dignity. Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. We need a change of govt asap.

  14. Very true, I have said it before employees have suffered in the hands of corrupt court officials from the lowest ranked official to Supreme Court judges, money has exchanged hands and decisions have been in favour of those with the dollar power.
    Be warned all you corrupt public officers and company officials the eyes of the most high are watching, you shall surely reap God is not mocked.

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