Dokora defends e-enrolment

Lazarus Dokora

PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora has promised that all the 329 549 Grade Seven pupils will secure Form One places for 2017.


Dokora issued a ministerial statement in the National Assembly on Thursday, where he told MPs that boarding schools had a limited capacity of 24 000 places.

He said the enrolment process for Form One in 2017 would see 305 549 students enrolling at day secondary schools with effect from Monday.

“The capacity of our boarding schools is 24 000, and our previous enrolment into this sector created huge challenges for the school heads, who we must protect as a system in the light of multiple pressures for limited space,” he said.

“Sadly, 4 500 of our girls and boys will not be seeking Form One places in 2017, having regrettably left school owing to pregnancies and marriages.”

Dokora said last year’s experiences in enrolment resulted in the ministry deciding to use information communication technology.

“Applicants do not have to leave the comfort of their homes. They simply feed into a system at their local school, their local information centre or on their cellphones, if they so choose. The schools in turn will set up admission committees, so that the responsibility does not convert into a huge temptation to the school head,” he said.

Dokora said the online system will be available by yesterday and that responses to the applicants would be available on Monday, saying messages would be sent to mobile phones.

In order to ensure it is a safe process, Dokora said district school inspectors will monitor the selection process and will work with committees to ensure schools that still have vacancies after the enrolment date advice from the provincial education director, whose details will be published.

The minister said online applications would add to transparency and ease of enrolment.

“Candidates for boarding places are required to obtain a clearance letter from their respective Grade 7 school,” he said.

Dokora said the current limited places for boarding schools demonstrated the need to introduce a National Building Levy to be soon brought before Parliament to build more schools.

Dokora further told Parliament that the online application was produced by the ministry, working together with Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council/MOPSE.

He said it would save thousands of dollars in fuel and travel expenses, as people seek for Form One places.

Buhera West MP, Oliver Mandipaka (Zanu PF) said the policy was viewed by rural people as rather elitist, as it did not cater for disadvantaged groups, who did not know how to use smart phones and computers.

Matobo North MP, Joseph Khanye (Zanu PF) suggested that public hearings on the issue should first be conducted.
Dokora said it was not a must that all schools should go e-registration.

“Even the humblest school in the village has a laptop, of course, they may not necessarily tell you,” he said.


  1. “Even the humblest school in the village has a laptop, of course, they may not necessarily tell you,” he said.

    wow what a response. does the minister know there are certain areas in Zim where they cant receive radio signals, what more tv signal or data signal.

    tomboti you were misquoted hanty

  2. It shows which side of the world our politicians come from…some children live in the remotest parts of the country with their grand parents who do not even have a cellphone, if they have they have no money to buy data bundles. If a school has a laptop does it apply for kids?. and if the school has no electricity?.

  3. I wonder why this man became a minister of education- he is clueless. Zimbabwe is centuries behind other contries in technology

  4. Having a laptop alone does not make online registration possible. The issue of connection , electrity among other things

  5. What the hell is dofora toking about! Laptop without electricity and mobile network signals? For what? These are Harare elitists without a hint of the obtaining situation on the ground.

  6. There will be more confusion than ever before. Imagine the system tells you you can only apply to not more than three schools when it has not allowed you to apply to even one

  7. I believe that ZANU PF is testing waters. First it was the bond note. All Zimbabweans accepted it without a question. Next was the rubbish budget. No complains. Followed by reduction in the maximum cash withdrawal of $20 real money and $25 of bond ‘naught’. This time it has moved to our children. First the so called ‘new curriculum’ then the crazy emap! Mwari nzwirai Zimbabwe urombo.

  8. We are heavily taxed to say the least. With a plethora of taxes and levies dofora is proposing a building levy, we are already paying toll fees, natioanl health fund, aids levy, carbon tax, fuel levy etc. Haaa, kuita kusvinwa chaiko.

  9. I have said this guy is lunatic. Does each school advertise the availability of a laptop they have to the parents/ guardians alike. I spent the whole day yesterday trying to register my nephew for form one intake without success. What a system. Imagine those parents trying to register their children paying at the internet cafe how much they lost without achieving the registration. Please stop advising us on our budgets we know quite well how to go about it. Parents have already lost money and they continue losing money under your leadership. Be sincere and sensitive to our plight.

  10. where does Mugabe get these idiots??…..the website is almost inaccesible…probably because the server cant handle the number of users that are trying to access its services…..knowing Zanu (PF) they are probably using some old broken down server and probably Dokora’s relative or his mistress was probably give a tender to commission this inefficient system

  11. Mr Dokora needs to be practical in implementing these thing.did he give all schools laptops?is every school online?do all parents have smart phones and access to the internet?Even District Education offices are not on line’

  12. Dokora please God hears the prayers of the oppressed. You are oppressing us. I wonder if you are really educated

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