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‘Coalitions without Mthwakazi parties will flop’


MATABELELAND-BASED Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has claimed that the proposed grand coalition of opposition parties was bound to collapse if it does not include secessionist parties.


“The so-called coalition by the Zimbabwean national parties is bound to fail if Mthwakazi-led political parties are not involved in the process despite the fact that the majority are saying they will not participate,” MRP executive member Percy Khulani Siwela told Southern Eye yesterday.

“These national parties forget that we the restorationists parties command the majority support in Matabeleland. We know what the people of Mthwakazi want and we have been visiting them since the beginning of the year. The people of Mthwakazi want to govern themselves, they are tired of the Harare government,” he said.

Siwela’s remarks came at a time main opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has indicated that his party was only prepared to go into bed with Welshman Ncube’s MDC and Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First.

Tsvangirai shutting the door on other smaller political parties, describing them as “briefcase parties”.

“My million dollar question is: What if the Mthwakazi parties decides to contest the 2018 elections? Where do we fit as the restorationists in that coalition? Who crafted that coalition document, and at whose interest?

Does it have a national or Mthwakazi interest? I would like to warn the Zimbabwean opposition parties of the possible failure of that coalition if restorationists and regional parties are not included.

The possibility is very high that the coalition is bound to fail without us.”

He urged Ncube to join forces with Mthwakazi parties and form a strong regional coalition before embracing parties from Mashonaland region.

“You can’t start from Harare before Bulawayo otherwise you may end up being rejected by your own.

Remember we also command some sections, and we are advancing.

Remember one vote is important, and [President Robert] Mugabe can still win because of that vote.

The big brother mentality won’t work especially when dealing with a man who has been at the helm of the nation since 1980.”

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  1. The problem with these opposition parties is that there are some parties who think they are more important than others.Dr 10% Joy Runaida&Moregirls Fukurahadzi Tsvangson are the stumbling blocks to the coalition talks.If they really care for the people,they should not fear to lose their positions for progress sake.If they really want to win the elections they should appoint Nkosana Moyo as President,deputised by Strive Masiyiwa.

  2. just form your own coalition n make tendai biti the leader of it. if you have 15 parties coming together you can win an election. leave tsvangirai, mujuru, ncube n possibily makoni form their own party. after all you all ran away from him. whats the fuss about

  3. mthwakazi you are a confused lot fighting a dead cause, what support do u command elikhuluma ngayo? Liyazehlulekela, shame!! busy calling for secession then what? The bulk of u have never even worked a productive day in your life, beselifuna ukubusa ilizwe? phelelani ekunkwankwatheni liphandle kwelizwe le! Useless and confused lot. As for the rest of so called briefcase parties, Tsvangirai, Mufuru and them will succeed WITHOUT you! The best u can dois fold ur tails and go back into the fold

  4. Mthwakazi is a nation, not a political party that needs coalition with anybody,especially people from Harare and the rest of Mashonaland.

  5. I think Mthwakazi guys will wake up one day from the fantastic dream they are having, Zimbabwe is one from Zambezi to Limpopo. coalitions should be based on political demographics not ethnic or tribal, we are past that period. We need to tackle the national enemy that we know.
    dzungu hakusi kungwara

  6. Mthwakazi is not well trusted and does not have numbers its too regional and divide and can be used by ZANU Pf divide and conquer tactics, lets hope and trust something better will come off

    • Its because Trevor Ncube’s papers were bought by CIO long back. He and Ibbo Mandaza are CIO operatives getting money from the junta and being used to pretend to run “independent” companies and institutions which are answerable to CIO

  7. Siwela Mthwakazi you guys leave Tsvangirai alone lina yenzani okwenu Mthwakazi coz I understand there are morethan 40 opposition parties and why worry about Mujuru you can even have Welshman as a bonus kkkkkkk but they wont be any change.

  8. Siwela Mthwakazi you guys leave Tsvangirai alone lina yenzani okwenu Mthwakazi coz I understand there are morethan 40 opposition parties and why worry about Mujuru you can even have Welshman as a bonus kkkkkkk but they wont be any change.

  9. what exactly is hindering this mthwakazi to divide itself from Zimbabwe; if mthwakazi believes their boundary is from Limpopo to Zambezi then why not put fence or start building a wall to show their seriousness rather than make noise…..nobody will listen to you Mr Siwela; Act my man tired of your nonsense theories.

  10. There is NO secessionist party in Mthwakazi (not Matebeleland)….!!

    There are only RESTORATIONIST parties of Mthwakazi.

    NewsDay editor, please UP your game!!!

  11. Mtwakazi my foot! Those idiots should know that what they call Matabeleland is Guruuswa 2. Go back to KwaZulu -Natal you secessionist colonisers who chased away the shona from what you now call mtwakazi. This is not your land you parasites.

  12. lets see if Tsvangirai will prevail against Mugabe without the rest.2018 will come,the war is already on. Those left out are already on their way to decampaign the so called coalition.All the electorate are not Tsvangirai’s gullibles

  13. ALL Parties should be involved in the Coalition and if they are sensible they will talk later the top priortity is WIN not LOSE
    Have pity on the Ordinary People they have suffered enough

  14. It now seems like tsvangirai is the one coming up with conditions for the coalition,meaning that he is going to be the leader of the coalition

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