Chiyangwa targets Caf

Newly-elected Cosafa president, Philip Chiyangwa at Harare International Airport

NEWLY-elected Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (Cosafa) president, Philip Chiyangwa has set his sights on a top Confederation of African Football (Caf) post.


Newly-elected Cosafa president, Philip Chiyangwa at Harare International Airport yesterday
Newly-elected Cosafa president, Philip Chiyangwa at Harare International Airport yesterday

The Zifa boss was elected unopposed for the post at the regional elective congress on Saturday in South Africa, after Danny Jordan of South Africa pulled out of the race, and long-serving president Suketu Partel of Seychelles decided against re-election.

Chiyangwa flew back into the country yesterday and was met by a group of supporters at Harare International Airport, where he declared his ambitions to seize control of African football and ultimately the world game.

But to have a shot at incumbent Caf president, Issa Hayatou, who has been in power for the past 28 years, Chiyangwa will have to be elected first into the Caf’s executive committee, whose elections are in 2019.

Zambia’s Kalusha Bwalya is the current member of the executive committee representing the Southern zone, together with Molefi Oliphant of South Africa, who is also part of the 15-member committee.

Caf restricts potential candidates for the presidency only to members of the executive committee.

“I spent just one year at Zifa and already I have acquired the regional autonomy and power, I’m now the boss of the region,” Chiyangwa said. “Very soon I will be the boss of the continent, that is in the sight. Don’t be surprised when that happens. Most of you didn’t know that I was working on taking over Cosafa, and now I’m working on Caf and it’s coming soon. We want to control continental football; just like our President Robert Mugabe controlled Africa as the African Union chairperson,” the Zifa boss, who will serve four years as Cosafa president, said.

“I won’t stop there, I have more ambitions. You know Fifa hasn’t been run by a black person. I have also set my sights on a position in Fifa, that’s my ultimate goal and I have set myself that target. This victory is very important to me and the country. To win, I had to apply my master’s technique. President Mugabe taught me that if you apply the scorched earth approach, you won’t go wrong. He taught me well. It was a tough fight to get the position, but I used the tactics that I was taught by the grandmaster Mugabe, and here I am.”

Chiyangwa said Zimbabwe football has not received fair treatment because of its lack of representation in powerful positions and, thus, he would use his new position to reposition the country at regional and international stages.

The Zifa boss has long complained of mistreatment of the country’s national teams at competitions and he was recently forced to lodge a complaint with Caf over the conduct of Burundi referee, Suavis Iratunga in the Africa Women Cup of Nations group match between Zimbabwe and Egypt held in Cameroon in November.

Iratunga disallowed what seemed a legitimate Felistas Muzongondi equaliser six minutes before full-time, a decision that killed Zimbabwe’s hopes of qualifying to the next stage of the tournament.

“Zimbabwe has been excluded in African and international football for a long time now. We were not in Cosafa [structures], and this is the first time that we control football in the region and we have to make full use of the chance. We are not in Caf and they have not been treating us well, and we have to be in there. We are also not in Fifa and I can tell you that the road is open and I will go for it,” Chiyangwa said.


  1. Congratulations our elder. But i hope you now know what COSAFA or CAF stand for? Musazotinyadzisa mangwana mobvunzwa

  2. What a joke!! This fellow has been trying to re-invent the wheel fighting with the Psl and barely understands the Zifa constitution and now he leads Cosafa-by default !! OMG!! The fellow is ambitious and has has a huge ego for sure-next Caf and Fifa!! NXE! He is destroying soccer inthis country!

  3. big big joke,how do expect a fellow ari kudzongera on our ZIFA constitution to lead COSAFA, we are already a laughing stock

  4. Haada ndodzungu chairo kuvhavhuka kushaya hana. Baba nhiya mumusha hamuna kugadzikana, mukumhanya. What happened to modesty etiquette and diplomacy. You need to qualify and justify yourself for these posts with tranquillity and success at home plus experience. ZIFA is burning, apparent lack of wisdom to settle a simple PSL-Zifa dispute on relegation and promotion. Tinonyarirepi vanhuwe.

  5. From that speech you can tell its not about improving soccer but power and control. Is this the kind of attitude which successful leaders have? Boosting and understanding a role you are meant to play are different things altogether. Good luck.

  6. That is good ambition. I like that Mr Chiyangwa. Our sports personel have suffered a lot of humiliation & rejection bcoz we hve no enough influence & control in the decision making arenas. We hve Felix Tangawarima & now Chiyangwa Phillip. We thank God for that. Keep on aspiring for greater heights.

  7. Haters for real. if you think you were or are a better leader why did you not challenge him for the ZIFA post? Support the guy for he is the ZIFA President and is NOW the COSAFA president. swallow that or just keep ziiiiiii.

  8. What a joke this is. Based on what achievements? Chiyangwa is destroying our football with his petty score setlling right now and as a reward he is elected COSAFA President? This is why West and North Africa don’t take us seriously. Dream on Chiyangwa, the West Africans will not give up control of CAF.

  9. Ole are you God to say Chiyangwa by 2019 unenenge watofa. This bullshit and nonsense u better keep quiet if you dont have something to say. Why do you wish someone to die even if is your enemy. Mwari ngavakunzwire nyaysha nekukuregerera nemashoko ako coz u are an idiot

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