Businessman up for exposing girlfriend to HIV

AN HIV positive Bulawayo businessperson appeared in court yesterday facing charges of allegedly deliberately infecting his girlfriend with the virus.


Emmanuel Mguni (38) of Sauerstown suburb in Bulawayo was not asked to plead to the charge when he appeared before Bulawayo regional magistrate Sibongile Marondedze.

He was granted $100 bail and remanded to December 14.

Prosecutor, Robin Mukura told the court that between August and November this year, Mguni and his girlfriend had unprotected sex several times on different occasions.

Mguni allegedly later accused his lover of cheating and infecting him with HIV. On November 14, the lovebirds agreed to undergo HIV testing, but Mguni later reneged after his lover tested negative to HIV.

Sometime last month, Mguni and his girlfriend went for a beer drink in town and the woman took advantage of her boyfriend’s drunkenness to access of his cellphone. She stumbled upon messages on WhatsApp from Mguni’s ex-wife, his brother and a friend implying that he was on antiretroviral therapy.

The messages said Mguni’s ex-wife, who is based in South Africa, has been sending drugs to him. The complainant then confronted Mguni demanding to know what sort of drugs he was taking.

But Mguni allegedly lied to her girlfriend, saying the drugs were for his erectile problem. The woman then reported the matter to the police. On being arrested, Mguni revealed that he was HIV positive.

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  1. may we be advised that, voluntary testing and counseling should be regarded as a priority before engaging into any sexual encounter.

    this capacitates you to do informed decisions on whether to continue with a relationship or terminate it before it digs deeper. most VCT sevice providers are trained to give you useful options if you happen to be found positive. you can be empowered to live a positive life.

    above all, I always advise people, especially youngsters to absatain from sex at a tender age and engage into it when they get married. if you fail to go that route, though its the best to manage you current and future life, you have to be faithful to one partner. you can use some still prevention mechanisms, like use of of condoms.
    remember this I was sharing from a development practictioner’s perspective but my other advises come from a Christian angle. lets fear God. God makes you do things in a Godly way, and God’s way is for you to pray for a faithful, and hionesty partner. get tested, wed, and stay together happily and faithfully in the fear of the Lord.

    1. Well said Tom. Excellent advice.

  2. Am surprised that these days lovers go for testing after they had sex already. I thought it should be the other way round. Also girls are too quick to drop their panties surely people must be careful about these sex issues. Now going to courts to report this and that what good does it serve when you have already exposed yourself to the virus?. Zvibatei vanhu we. Kunda zvinhu too much kunoparira.

  3. Know that the girlfriend know her status the better

  4. Willard Tramposo.

    That HIV+ businessman is not Gay. Now look, who spread HIV a lot, straight pple or Gay pple? Some pple call Gays and Lesbians worse than dogs and pigs but in this article, who is a dog or a pig?

  5. Please musaedza dziva negumbo.

  6. sure munonyura

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