Bus operators urged to desist from overworking drivers

A Toyota Coaster model bus

THE Professional Drivers’ Association (PDA) has urged public transport operators to desist from overworking and setting unrealistic targets for their drivers to maximise profits during the festive season, as that often leads to road accidents due to fatigue.


In an interview with Southern Eye yesterday, PDA chairperson, Albert Sibanda said during the festive season, transport owners have a tendency of overworking their drivers in a bid to cash in on the huge human traffic.

“Transport operators should not force their drivers to use unroadworthy vehicles, as that will put their lives and that of the public at risk. They should not allow to be abused by business owners,” he said, saying those who are being abused should report to the Labour Court or approach their offices. He said fatigue was one of the major causes of road accidents.

Sibanda accused the police of contributing to the road accidents during the festive season due to unnecessary numerous roadblocks.

“Roadblocks should be minimised and the police should desist from collecting bribes from drivers for unroadworthy vehicles. The government should not suspend timetables for public vehicles so as to reduce unnecessary competition on the roads,” he said.

But the police recently warned that they will deploy more officers on most roads to restore sanity and ensure an accident-free festive season.