Army, police issue warning on camouflage

PEOPLE found wearing replicas of army uniforms would be arrested and prosecuted in terms of the law, the Zimbabwe National Army(ZNA) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police said yesterday in separate statements.


The warning came after many people during the Christmas holiday either sold or wore replica military gear at social gathering places in the capital, Harare.

ZNA spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore in a statement said there was an upsurge of criminal activities in the country being committed by people wearing military regalia and tarnishing the image of the army.

“It is against this background that the ZNA wishes to advise traders and members of the public that it is unlawful to sell and wear any military regalia or replica whether from Zimbabwe or any other country,” Makotore said.

The military also clarified that artistes who wear military uniforms can only do that after being granted authority.

“Regarding artistes who perform while putting on army uniform, be advised that the wearing of any army uniform or decorations for the purposes of any bona fide stage, film or television production or military representation is an offence in terms of section 99(2) (c) of the Defence Act (Chapter 11:02). The artistes should have sought authority from army headquarters to do so,” Makotore added.

Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba also said police had noted with concern an increase in the unauthorised wearing of camouflage clothing.

She said Section 99 of the Defence Act Chapter 99 (2) prohibits the wearing and selling of camouflage clothing and all persons found wanting will be brought to book.

“As the police, we have noted with concern that some members of the public are confidently wearing camouflage printed clothes and this is very illegal as camouflage in the country is strictly worn by the army,” Charamba said.

“We are, therefore, warning all members of the public to do away with all their camouflage printed clothing as anyone found wearing this kind of print will be arrested without any hesitation”

Charamba said police around the country have been instructed to raid all shops that were selling camouflage printed clothes ,while the owners faced arrest.

Police in Manyame District have also been instructed through a memo to arrest all civilians wearing replica military uniforms.

The memo dated December 26, 2016 from Officer Commanding Manyame said it has been noted with concern an increase in the wearing of camouflage uniforms by unauthorised persons.

“Against this background, commanders are urged to ensure that culprits who wear or sell camouflage uniforms are brought to book without fail,” the memo read.

It also added that persons prosecuted and convicted in terms of the Defence Act are liable to a fine not exceeding level six or to an imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both such fine and such imprisonment.

The warning came on the heels of another warning by the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs against people abusing the national flag. The warning was seen by many as an attempt to stop social movement #ThisFlag that had adopted the national flag as a symbol of its resistance.

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  2. Ko tangayi newenyu Jah Prayzah and set an example!

    1. Jah is cleared to use as Makotore rightfully said, the army General HQ gave him the Nod to use the regalia, to an extend of appointing him the ZNA ambasador.

      1. kkk ko team yake, inga they also feature wearing it. Inoshamisireyiko camouflage

  3. my kid who is 9 says go to hell

  4. In countries like USA, people wear those replicas, why not Zimbabwe

    1. @Rangton, enda ka unogara kuAmerica kwacho tione.

      1. Iwe Chipanga,that is if you are the real one, tanga wasungwa necorruption yekuba land. You are a land baron. Also surrender yourself together with Jonathan for abusing ZIMDEF funds. DOFO

    2. because Zimbabwe is not USA

      1. tsvee zvine musoro takarasima nematuzvi. Camouflage ine basa rei newewo vana ari kuda sadza

  5. Zimbabwe is stone age country for sure

  6. kkk a newly liberated state with ancient ideas.

  7. Bullshit Nonsense. Real Criminals walk Free like Jonono , yet they want to TERRORISE civilians?

  8. Do the cops have enough manpower to carry out this exercise? Why now? Is it a case of trying to find an alibi for rogue soldiers, like the Beitbridge one who “lost” an AK47 whilst engaging in the oldest profession? or those who beat up civilians at random for no reason?

  9. If it is red and turquoise instead of green and brown is it still an army uniform? Who will judge such things – because it is subjective? Such laws are not helpful. It is just another excuse to apply subjectivity to a police state. The more subjectivity creeps into the rule of the state, the easier it is to apply laws that are more seriously unethical and have such laws go unchallenged. Where does it stop? just cut it off at the beginning.

  10. mbandaka bolomba

    Politicking in every matter is not right to be sure .Zimbabwe is not in USA neither do we have smilar circumstances to require the same constitution .This is a security matter that require security understanding not everyone

  11. Th comourflage worn by th ZanuNArmys not th sames th1 designed for sale to th public.Th US nd even SAfrica has an Army outfit but u wont find tht1 on sale to th publc.Authorities know th difference nd arent worried abt tht.Its only Mgabe nd his handful of dogs asslickers who no longer trust even a 5year old because theyv oppressed every1 nd hav become public enemy number1.Those defending th arrests ar only border gezi graduates or zanu supportes.

  12. Police should not raise concern because nobody wants uniforms of thieves that is that of police, hatidi kuita mbavha

  13. if u have issues against the state this is “not” the proper way of presenting them. y do u talk of usa, canada cambodia ukraine etc when we are talking of Zim Defence policy,,,, cdes hazvidiwi muno and u cannot dipute that. ko imi madireiko kuwanza mbambo padehwe reshindi…. kana dxiri shungu dxekuda kuipfeka y cnt u join the army and formalise that dressing. jonathan moyo arikukwana papi panyaya yezvinhu zvamuri kupfeka izvozvo. u cnt have a country in which evryone looks like a soldier of some kind. huhhhh

  14. l think they need to embark on public awareness campaign, first before pouncing on would be offenders, so nobody will be quote unaware my sixth sense tell me that there is part of the community who is ignorant to news so an awareness campaign on radios, TV,social media,fliers and sending pr team to meet communities and advise them because if what l saw on Christmas is anything to go by then such an awareness is necessary.

    1. jay zitha weplumtree

      jay zitha

      a rogue state will always create loopholes so that it will oppress its citizen and that is exactly what the zanu pf mafian state is doing cry my beloved country.

    2. ignorance is no defence

  15. l think they need to embark on public awareness campaign, first before pouncing on would be offenders, so nobody will be quote unaware my sixth sense tell me that there is part of the community who is ignorant to news so an awareness campaign on radios, TV,social media,fliers and sending pr team to meet communities and advise them because if what l saw on Christmas is anything to go by then such an awareness is necessary.especially with the kind of the attitude we might find robbers pouncing on people donning coumflage

    1. in place of?…why not “instead”, you and tich maty = chinos

  16. Vusumuzi wako Mange

    I have a big problem trying to comprehend why we abuse the English Language so much that one uses the word ‘quote’ in place of ‘caught’–terrible and horrible use of the language.

  17. “upsurge in criminal activities committed by people wearing…” Where? Have anyone on this platform heard of a such cases?In America a robber was wearing Santa suit. they are only scared of people.kana mureza vakakonzeresa,ko comourflage?

  18. long as you understand what he is saying l don’t see any problem.l am much worried about cases of typhoid Mbare.

  19. they are jealous of our camouflage combat cz dz
    avo dzaumbuka

  20. Vusumuzi wako Mange

    Predator, please see my comment on the news item on the outbreak of the ‘ancient communicable disease’ which is supposed to be managed by modern people who pride themselves with their education.

  21. in place of?…why not “instead”, Vusumuzi wako Mange and tich maty = chinos

  22. @Sandie urikutiiko?”in place of” and “instead of.” it’s the same.

  23. @Sandie urikutiiko?”in place of” and “instead of.” it’s the same.dai uri muface ndiwe chinoz chaiye.

  24. for adults at least l understand,what about kids,are they also into robbery?

  25. Kids can wear with all the pleasure in life. We don’t have kid soldiers so whose image will they tarnish?

  26. kusimbirira zvisina basa

  27. ignorance is no defence lol

  28. Masoja nemapurisa do your jobs and stop talking nonsense. Soldiers should do community work like building classrooms , bridges and toilets in peacetime and stop sprouting nonsense. Police do your real jobs of arresting criminals instead of extorting people at roadblocks. Your separate statements are pathetic.

  29. Kkkk what a bullshit mapurisa mashaya basa chaizo.hw fa about Moyo and Giresi nemari dzavakava moti sika sika nedzisina kana musoro and you Charamba u a very stupid.

  30. crazy army hating on our clothes
    get yours…..

  31. vana vacharakashwa for sure

  32. tsvee zvine basa panzvimbo pekukaira mumunda sika sika nekucherana nembeva

  33. Busy kunetsana nekuisa simba rekusunga vanhu ne camouflage wasting resources instead of arresting corrupt leaders drug lords land barons political violence munonyadzisa Aiwa old thinking chaiyo

  34. imi vanhu musapuse, he says people are commiting using army regalia… u have a right kubvunza musoja or mupurisa for an i.d…. munongodzikisirao zimbabwe, bond rakabva kuuya siyai vanhu vapfeke

  35. For the record and for the avoidance of doubt,those garments people are wearing are not camouflage and both the police,army and their hired mouthpieces know that. Those are mere replicas whose design and material is not in any way close to genuine military regalia. It is disingenuous for the army and police to claim otherwise. What I find disturbing is this protectionism yet people are actually showing their admiration for the soldiers and their artists such as Jah Prayzah. Why are soldiers afraid of peace loving Zimbabweans who view them as brothers and protectors? We are not a country at war where fear of infiltration might be sold to the public. Look around, our neighbors have never criminalized replicas. I am sure that the criminal law codification and reform act borrowed that retrogressive edict from Rhodesia. What the police,army and public media have done is to legitimate the wanton beating,harassment and abuse of civilians by army personnel with help from the police. Already, reports of public beatings are awash on social media. Shame on the forces of regression. Cry beloved Zimbabwe.

  36. zvimbwa zvemaleaders izvi kutonga nedemo….icho chiarmy chinoshamisireiko….kuSouth africa vanongopfeka wani…kuUSA matoenda kure. it doesnt tarnish the image of the army in any way..vanawo zvavo vasina zvavanoziya…basa ndere kuapointa maambasador e army…army inoda ambasador wei.ibavi apa

  37. we are slaves in our own country

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