Take a leaf from Castro, step down, Mugabe told

ZAPU has urged President Robert Mugabe to resign over his deteriorating health, taking a leaf from the late former Cuban President Fidel Castro, who retired from politics in 2008 due to failing health.


The late former Cuban leader Fidel Castro
The late former Cuban leader Fidel Castro

Zapu spokesperson, Iphithule Maphosa said the opposition party benefited a lot from Castro’s leadership during the liberation struggle and said Mugabe must emulate him and resign due to his old age.

“We also commend and learnt from his wise leadership after he retired when the time for his retirement came. We urge Mugabe to pluck a leaf from Castro and do the right thing and resign over old age and reports of ill health,” he said.

Castro died aged 90 on Friday evening after a long battle with illness. Cuba has declared nine days of national mourning to mark his death.

Castro retired from politics in 2008 over failing health, and his brother, Raul succeeded him as President of Cuba.
Mugabe turns 93 next year and has been endorsed by his party as its 2018 presidential candidate.

He has regularly flown to the Far East to receive treatment, with analysts saying the frequency of the travels is synonymous with people of old age.

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His critics have also said his frequent visits to the Far East were draining the cash-strapped country, urging Mugabe to retire and give way to a younger and agile leader.

“Zapu is appreciative of Cuban assistance during the liberation struggle and at this time, Castro was the leader.
It is Castro’s wish to see the world as an equal platform for humanity and human development that he invested his time and resources assisting in the decolonisation of African States.

“Zapu is one of the authentic liberation movements in Africa that got immense assistance from Cuba under Castro and, as such, Zimbabwe became a direct beneficiary of his dream of an Africa free from Western colonisation and dominance,” Maphosa said.

Castro helped lead the Cuban Revolution, embraced Soviet-style communism and defied the several United States presidents during his half-century rule.

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  1. murikuudza dombo!

  2. Munozvinetserei ngekutaura, siyai zvakadaro mwari ndiye ucharwa ega hondo yatinayo.

  3. Zvimwe zvinenge zvekuroiwa

  4. Taking a leaf in what sense? Castro’s retirement was long overdue and when he did he was heavily icapacitated. In as much as i despise Mugabe, he has not reached that stage yet. If Mugabe can officiate at a university graduation ceremony for closer to 4 hours, surely he is still as fit as a fiddle. Also remember Castro ruled Cuba for closer to 50 years, first as PM and then as President. Are you then saying Mugabe should retire when he has been in power for closer to 50 years, thats insane. When Castro retired, he invited his younger bro to take over ( something not in their constitution). Are you then suggesting that Mugabe should invite someone from his close relations to take over, someone like his wife?
    There is no leaf which needs to be taken from Fidel Castro otherwise doing so will be a total disaster.
    If indeed Mugabe is no longer fit to continue as president, our constitution allows for his removal through parliament due to incapacitation. Those who needs to be send for medical check up in ZANU PF are those rallying behind him to stand as their candidate come 2018. Ndivo vanhu vanoda kuendeswa ku igotsheni coz vanopenga.

  5. Mugabe committed so many atrocities that the devil has not done. The man is now afraid of his shadow, the moment he steps down vultures will devour him, hence he will cling to power like a tick. But the good thing is that the man is dying a very painful death, dai mu zanu pf maiva nevanhu of integrity they would have told him way back but all courageous man in zanu pf unfortunately died in car accidents, vakatsviramumba, vakazvisungirira / committed suicide. So all these guys like Mnangagwa are cowards who hides behind mugabe the only person that I see who still got small balls is the naughty musorobhangu Prof. The rest mababie aGrace. 2018 mugabe will be gone

  6. kkkkkkkkkk you are right to the point my bro@Robsugar. How on earth can a normal person expect to be continuously ruled by someone who spends most of the time asleep the entire session during which occasion is taking place. A pysiachiatrist is really needed to examine their functionally of these brains

  7. I would have loved to hear someone say “Take a leaf from Castro and stay another 14 years and hand over power to family!”

    People always pick the one verse that suits their cynicism and malice? Is it really out of concern for the President?

  8. @ROBSUGAR, oh, what a comment. A good comment.

  9. Willard Tramposo.

    @ROBSUGAR, a very good comment.

  10. Mugabe should follow Castro all the way. Resigning alone is not enough, I think.

  11. Willard Tramposo.

    You Zapu guys, i dont think you listen. The nonagenarian told you a long way back that, he will rule until donkeys grow horns. His wife went on to say that, come rain or thunder, the geriatric wont throw in the towel. She would rather push him in a wheel barrow.
    What i have discovered so far is, the more people insisting the incumbent to leave power, the more he will become resistant. ITS BETTER TO REMAIN QUITE, BECOZ, THE MORE YOU TALK ABOUT THE NONAGENARIAN RETIRING, THE MORE HE WILL WANT TO RULE FOREVER. ZVAKAFANANA NEKUWEDZERA PETROL MUMOTO.

  12. Willard Tramposo.

    He will rule until donkeys grow horns.

  13. Where does Zapu expect a man clutching onto a straw to get a leaf? To come out of hiding?

  14. Guyz nobody likes that old madala to rule except his wife and zhuwao. Besides these, all others are giving him fake love. Others are just suppoting his continiuos rule just 2 protect their ill begotten riches

  15. Guyz nobody likes that old madala to rule except his wife and zhuwao. Besides these, all others are giving him fake love. Others are just suppoting his continiuos rule just 2 protect their ill begotten riches

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