Sakunda problems mount


PROBLEMS for Sakunda Petroleum continue to mount, with the company being sued for allegedly failing to pay for work undertaken at its Mabvuku Fuel Gantry plant.



A Harare company, Sprint Engineering, is demanding payment for work done on the multi-million dollar Sakunda Petroleum/National Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe plant, which is used to store fuel pumped through the Feruka Fuel Pipeline.

The plant has become the region’s largest inland fuel storage facility.

In case number 5085/16, Sprint Engineering, through its lawyers, is claiming $141 116,56 from Sakunda Petroleum for the work they did.

They argue that part of the money owed was for overtime for Sprint Engineering workers allegedly at the behest of Sakunda, which wanted the project finished in time for the facility to be commissioned by President Robert Mugabe.

“That on December 1, 2014, Sakunda, represented by its project engineer, Tawona Mutungwazi, verbally requested plaintiff to intensify the work programme so that the gantry would be commission by the President. This involved employing persons to work overtime and agreed charge was $58 742 together with value-added tax,” it reads in part.

Despite finishing ahead of schedule, Sprint Engineering said Sakunda neglected or refused to pay the money owed to the company.

Sakunda has, however, entered an appearance to defend the lawsuit, saying they did not owe Sprint Engineering any money after paying all dues.

“Although it is admitted that the work was completed, it is denied that an amount of $141 116,56 remains outstanding,” their plea reads.

Mutungwazi, in a declaration attached to the papers, contradicted his bosses, saying no payments were made to the engineering firm.

Sakunda Petroleum, which is linked to top Zanu PF politicians, recently lost a $203 000 lawsuit after it was ordered to pay Arup Zimbabwe for services offered at the controversial Dema Power Project.


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