Rights lawyers challenge bond notes introduction

Patrick Chinamasa

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZHLR) have approached the High Court seeking an order to stop the introduction of bond notes, hardly a week after a similar challenge was launched by businessman, Fred Mutanda.


ZLHR, through their director, Rosemary Hanzi, in an urgent application requested the court set aside Statutory Instrument 133 of 2016, which introduced the bond notes, saying it was unconstitutional and should be declared null and void.

In the application, President Robert Mugabe is listed as the first respondent, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa, the second, and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) the third.

“As a human rights association, we are concerned with the protection of the Constitution and the need to ensure that our Constitution is respected. This too, we believe, is a function of the courts and the first respondent (Mugabe) himself,” an affidavit deposited by Hanzi read.

The lawyers said Mugabe’s use of Presidential Powers (Temporal Measures Act) was unconstitutional.

“This Act gives sweeping powers to the President of making laws virtually on every subject. It is our contention that Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy governed by the Constitution. In this regard, we regard section 2 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as a key foundational provision,” Hanzi stated

Former Vice-President and opposition ZimPF leader, Joice Mujuru had filed a similar challenge in the Constitutional Court.

Mujuru, however, lost the case, as the apex court had ruled that she had prematurely challenged the introduction of the currency, as the State had not, by then, promulgated laws to govern its introduction.

RBZ governor, John Mangudya has said the bond notes will be released into the market anytime soon, and they are currently being advertised.


  1. ZLRH is challenging the constitutionality of the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures Act) as sweeping powers used by the President to introduce so-called Bond Notes, whatever those are.

  2. Is it the use of prez powers in this instance which is being challenged or presidential powers act itself. Is there a difference.

  3. Bond notes, mushonga unobva wauraya economy ipapo ipapo!

    Bond notes, mushonga unobva wauraya economy ipapo ipapo!

    Bond notes, mushonga unobvawauraya economy ipapo ipapo!

  4. i m sure our govt has learnt its lesson that they cannot fund their expenditure by printing money.lets give bond notes a chance since there is no anyother way they might work after all.we cannot forever keepon with this tussle of whether to go bond or rand.and Dr Mangudya should be decisive and introduce the bond notes now.every thing is at a standstill because of this issue.

  5. #Mudhara Banda, this govt doesn’t learn anything, if there is anyone doubting the bond notes idea most its Mangudya himself. He announced this move without any idea from the begining and now if there is anyone looking confused, foolish, undecided, stupid, ….its this guy. When he talked of bond notes US$ vanished from banks over night and ever since things have gone for the worse. The best he can do is resign before bond notes and be the gentleman he pretends to be each time he waffles his nonsense about bond notes.

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