Protesters vow police showdown

Civic groups and social movements, among them Tajamuka/Sesijikile and #ThisFlag, yesterday vowed to “shut down” major cities such as Harare and Bulawayo tomorrow in protest against corruption, alleged human rights violations and the impending introduction of bond notes.


They vowed to go ahead with the mass protests despite a police ban on their demonstration.

Police in Harare and Bulawayo banned tomorrow’s protests, citing the organisers’ failure to file their application within the stipulated time.

One of the co-ordinators and Occupy Africa Unity Square spokesperson, Patson Dzamara, said they wrote to the police in Harare advising them of the demonstration, but were warned against going ahead with the protest.

“We acknowledge receipt of your letter notifying us of your intention to hold a procession in Harare central business district (CBD) protesting against corruption,” read a letter from the new Harare district police boss, a Chief Superintendent Chizemo.

“Your letter of notification does not comply with the provisions of the Public Order and Security Act Chapter 11.17. You are required to fully comply with the provisions of the said Act, which is instructive and binding.”

But Dzamara vowed they would defy the police ban.

“We are heading towards a total precipice and we cannot continue like this. The time for us to draw a solid line in the sand has come,” he said.

“Cognisant of the fact that (President Robert) Mugabe and his minions won’t listen to our outcry, we must speak to them in their own language.

“We must get into the streets and tell them we are tired and unhappy at their misrule, leadership failure, corruption and Zanu PF-made poverty. We can’t just whisper about it in our little corners or rant on social media and end there. We must take a stand, action is critical.”

Dzamara said they had notified the police of their intentions and would defy any ban.

“We informed the police, as required under the Constitution and we are going ahead with the demo come what may because it is our right. It’s our right to demonstrate peacefully,” he said.

#ThisFlower leader, Stan Zvorwadza said there was no going back tomorrow, arguing police had no mandate to tell them how to proceed with their demo.

“We follow the Constitution and as social movements, there is nowhere written that police must regulate us. It’s game on and we will not bow down. We are not afraid of them and come Friday we will be there,” he said.

In Bulawayo, protests are expected to begin today, as a build-up to tomorrow’s main event, which is also being organised under the This Constitution, Our Constitution campaign.

Civic groups are also demanding respect for the Constitution and alignment of the country’s laws to the charter.
Linda Masarira, of Tajamuka/Sesijikile, said: “There is no going back; we are shutting down Bulawayo despite the police ban on our demonstration.”

Masarira declared that the protesters were prepared to face the barrel of the gun, as they were now used to the brutality that comes with the Zanu PF government in reaction to any dissenting voices in the country.

“We obviously are expecting their (police) heavy-handedness because this is what they have taught us that they are an extension of Zanu PF,” she said.

“We are shutting down Bulawayo. We are going ahead with the protest. The notification was done well in time, but as usual they play on technicalities, which are not constitutional.

“We have been in consultations with our lawyers and they gave us advice, but basically all we are saying it is in the Constitution that we only notify the police, not to ask for permission, to demonstrate.

“We have fought for months for laws to be aligned to the Constitution, but it seems the Zanu PF government is wilfully ignoring the alignment of laws to our Constitution. We are saying enough is enough, we are tired of living in a lawless country, we want justice to prevail in our motherland.”

Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi professed ignorance of the planned demonstrations.

“I am not aware of that demonstration. I cannot comment on something I am not aware of,” he said.

The civic society organisations that are taking part in the demonstrations also include #ThisFlower, National Vendors’ Union of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo Youths Arise, Youth Advocacy for Reform Democracy, Active Youths Zimbabwe, Progress Co-ordinating Trust, Zimbabwe National Students’ Union, Zimbabwe Activists’ Alliance and Zimbabwe Liberation Peace Forum.

Police recently banned demonstrations in Harare’s CBD following a wave of anti-government protests by social movements and the National Electoral Reform Agenda, which were brutally crushed by the law enforcers despite their sanctioning by the courts.

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  1. #Bringbackourflag

    What worries me is that, the story’s angle is against the introduction of bond notes among other reasons for demonstrations, but it is flanked by the 5% incentive and notice on the introduction of bond notes.

  2. Guys we do not want to be like Somalians,the DRC people,we all undrestand we need a change but Zimbabwean people do no need your stupid noise.I am an MDC T who need change but the way you need to fight is a death sentence and you are not looking at building but destruction of what the Rhodesians have built.Be black people with focus what will your children enjoy.Only tears,i bilieve patience pays and change is coming soon .VOTE CHEMETAMA CHETE…..

    1. votes wil nt change anything my dear, its nt whose votes counts but who counts the votes.

    2. Get away, vote Chematama election in election out muchingoruza. What makes you think achahwinha this time. Wake up and smell the coffee my friend. There is no revolution without blood!

  3. We have voted for MDC since 2000 but Mugabe continues to manipulate the election to his favour. Let us use all means possible to dislodge this tyrannical regime. Actually it’s Zanu which is destroying what was left by the Rhodesians This Chichi must be Jonathan Moyo

  4. tendai chaminuka

    If Mugabe and his cronies lied to us that tinonoguta kuMunhumutapa during the Liberation struggle what makes a level headed Zimbo believe in your money making projects coated as struggles join you.Idyai mari dzema donours makanyarara not to cause mayhem and thus destroy the future of our children.Mune vana here imi.If Mugabe is the problem why not go to areas dzana Borrowdale and make your noise there than to pile problems on the povo whom you lie that you are representing.Teargas affect vanhu vari kuGlen View nekuChitungwiza who do not have medical cover.Shame on you.You are the real devils imimi

  5. Bond notes are going to condemn many Zimbabwean SMES into final cofins. Why, some cross boarder traders will buy their goods in forex only to sell their goods in bonds. They will go to the parallel market for forex again where rates will not be constant. Only a few well connected will illegally take advantage of the chaos to make a lot of unjustified profits. There will be more and more suffering for the majority. The poor will get poorer, several formerly rich will become poor as well. Only a few will be richer out of chaos. This will be the new order of Zimbabwe.

  6. @Kasukuwiri ,i am not Jonathan Moyo,the freedom that you are having an access to utter this nonsense thing that i am a ZANU PF is the stupidity of you going into the street to demonstrate,The fact that you are going into the streets is not a solution.I am an MDC T.Gather the years that Tsvangson fought this tyranic leader and he is still fighting.The fact that you are breathing air and typing here its all because Tsvangson is mature and ready to build the nation.Hangoiti zvembwa zvehondo

  7. It would be better if RBZ is humble enough to allow the rand as formal trading and official currency in Zimbabwe. At least there will be no exchange distortions

    1. chabvondokahere??

      Taurai henyu Ras J. Seconded

  8. @Chichi! U are just a lazy and fearful MDC T supporter!Wat realy have we benefitted from Tsvangson`s silence approach absolutely nothing and whenever Mugabe want to win the election he resorts to violence knowing that zimbabweans dislike violence and consequently violence is the only language mugabe can understand and so if u want change and u prefer it to come that way better go and support Simba Makoni

  9. @Kingsly ,you know what do not dare kundiitira hasha i am not the one leading.Kana isu tichipokana tiri ma ordinary people do you think ther would be a solutio.Dont be a politician in writing sense but think ,kana usingantyi kufa then why are you still alive and typing.

    1. @ chichi its kingsley not kingsly kasi uri grade 2, l can tell from your level of reasoning. pavanhu vese iwe ndiwe unofunga kuti unofunga of which you are dull kasi chichi stands for chinotimba here

  10. @ Chichi, i am just against your idea of trying to be class monitor to those who are ready to fight for a new zimbabwe!It tuk the blood of a lot of zimbabweans to bring the 1st independence to zimba from the white oppressors and as such it will also claim a lot of blood to free up zimbabwe from the mugabe regime asi dnt misqoute me, i am not inviting you to this struggle but rather those who have big balls will fight the battle. U have jus proved that u have small balls and kana kwakashaikwa varwi during the liberation struggle i dnt think zim would be wer it z today1Mind u i am not fighting wth u bt at tymes dnt jus chit chat

  11. U are jus suffering from the fear of the unknown Chichi

  12. Chichi you are lying through your nose that you are MDC. Why would it be important for you to declare your political allegiance here. What matters here are facts and your views do not represent the MDC that we know.

    Guys from Gweru, Zvishavane, B/Bridge and Gwanda lets meet and finish this job tomorrow in Bulawayo.

  13. tendai chaminuka

    Political industry.Where is Pastor?Musatambe nehupenyu hwevanhu whilst u are filing your pockets nema$US.Takambonzi tichaguta tave kuMonomutapa asi 36 years down the line hapana hapana.

  14. So ChiChi McJonathan Moyo-Lovemore Madhuku you want us to keep on voting n voting so that your boss Mugabe will remain in power and intercept police n Zacc from arresting you. If you are a true MDC T cadre tell us why MDC T isn’t participating in all the by-elections? Dictator regimes replicate by stealing elections. No electoral reforms No elections More demonstrations.

  15. @KASUKIWIRI,We do not have to discuss as if a solution comes on this typing.Pane munhu ari kwaBhande kumaHuhwe KuGuruve asir kumboziva zvauri kutaura pano.Do not ak me about the inhouse of the MDC T politicians as isu pano tirngori vanhu sewe waiting to vote.Be real and say openly that if kana TAJAMUKA unenge uripo.Unoziva chii people who fought the so called Chimurenga died.Cowards like you are waiting kutonga when an opportunity yaita.Look at the Zimbabwe situation.

  16. Protestors just continue with shutdown you are very brave

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