‘Outlaw polygamy’

Parliament passed the Constitution Amendment No. 1 Bill. This is despite that the amendments had been rejected during public hearings on the Bill

LEGISLATORS yesterday called for outlawing of polygamy as a way to end early child marriages.

by Veneranda Langa

This was raised during debate on a motion moved by MDC-T chief whip in the National Assembly, Innocent Gonese calling on Parliament to adopt and domesticate the Sadc Model Law on eradicating child marriages and protecting those already in marriage.

“MPs must lead by example because almost all governments acceded to the Maputo Protocol, which makes it clear that monogamy is the only form of marriage and we should stick by it,” he said.

Seconder of the motion, Paurina Mpariwa (MDC-T Mufakose) advocated for a ban of polygamy.

“If possible, our marriage laws must be amended to remove sections which allow men to marry two wives (polygamy) because that is how young girls find themselves being child brides,” she said.

The Sadc Model Law, if adopted and domesticated, encourages reproductive health communication to young boys and girls to ensure they are aware of dangers of indulging in premarital sex.

Jasmine Toffa (MDC Proportional Representation) said Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa should ensure that nightclubs and striptease clubs are monitored, as young girls were lured there to engage in prostitution.

Uzumba MP, Simbaneuta Mudarikwa (Zanu PF) said poverty was the main cause of child marriages, adding development of rural areas to end poverty was one way to eradicate it.

Fanny Chirisa (MDC-T Proportional Representation) said child marriages were dangerous in that children that fell pregnant in the process could give birth to deformed babies and endanger their reproductive health.

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill to enable Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa to issue bond notes went through the First Reading Stage and has been referred to the Parliamentary Legal Committee to check for its constitutionality.


  1. makutoshaya zvekuita manje,nemawandiro akaita vakadzi vanotorwa nani,shoko robva rati berekanai muwande se jecha regungwa

  2. ndiyani asingadi kuroorwa. deal with marriage act on majority age. above 18 is no longer a child , zvinei ne polygamy?

  3. Why don’t you dwell on developmental issues rathe than making this debates? Do you think you will agree with churches like Johanne Marange and other religious sectors who beleive in polygamy? Just make it illegal to marry young children and leave those above age to go where they want to be married.Its not you to control me where to use my wealth. Otherwise I want to use it to marry as many wives as I can. So who are you to stop me. Arrest me if I marry a small girl or rape a small girl.

  4. It might be illegal to have more than 1 wife but is it also illegal to 30 year + have girlfriends. People will simply not marry but have girlfriends like many are doing. Anyway, this is not one of the current topical issues. We have more serious issues to attend to or else the likes of Tajamuka and NERA will always be on your doorstep.

  5. I think Simbaneuta Mudarikwa’s line of argument deserves particular attention as the starting point. Levels of unerdevelopment speak a lot to these issues.

  6. Marriage institution was created by God,this not man’s area,it goes by the great God’s standards not man’s.Men&women are in polygamious marraiges by choice &not by force.If god accepts polygamy,who is man to deny it?God manages moral laws which are the main laws based only on an individual’s faiths, and man manages criminal laws which are only a helping tool to the main laws of god(the moral laws) which manages man thru faith.Criminal laws manages man thru force but only at suplementary level,where only we hv rogue elements of society,but otherwise the guiding principles belongs to the creator to b achieved thru faiths.Thru out all biblical history ,no verse of the bible has ever forbidened polygamy-a sign that it resonates well with the creator. Only man complains abt polygamy.A few other points support the same position:there are more women statistically in every nation gobally than there are men.And all these women need each of them their husbands &thsz no incident god knows what he wants.However child marriages hav bn forbiden by god.Biblical verses(quotes) are there to that effect

  7. Mudarikwa is the only one who talked sense. Poverty is the cause so MPs must outlaw poverty not polygamy. We need brains in that house ok. In today’s news a 14 yrs old stole 6000 usd and did not take it home but went on a spending spree with her boyfriend, a 14 year old has that guts. We parents have the biggest role to play about these child marriages. Go to resettlement areas and see 12yr old girls married to 15yr old boys not n polygamy for that matter.

  8. Its unfortunate we have more women than men, if i was to make a choice, i would protect the married woman by introducing a piece of legislation that gives peace of mind, naturally women are loving soft hearted people who do not deserve to share a man or husband, doesnt it sound good kuti mukadzi ati murume wangu aenda kubasa than murume wedu aenda kubasa, sharing a human being has its health risks and has a ripple effect as victims are thrown into multiple sharing mode. The practice of polygamy is bad for the children who are involuntarily mixed and confused as to why the family is extended. I believe you can truly love one person wholeheartedly and the other is there by default, polygamous marriages are a result of drug abuse, prostitution etc as the background is mostly the influencing factor. Allow me to zoom on the stress passed on to the child, dad is away for a week or two kwamaiguru or mainini, isnt it healthy mwana awone baba vake every day mumba vararamo, haakure zvakanaka here, mental stableness is important for the young boy or girl so as to avoid indulgence in promiscuity, born out of a mental disorder. Lets stick to one marriage partner and get the blessing of God, let us be content with what God gave us, lets remove greed from our minds tongoti mukadzi wese akanaka wataona takutoroora, ngatigutsikaneyi nezvatinazvo totenda kuti mwari ndiye akatipa – cant be a polygamist coz was born in it, zvinonetsa tisanyeperane, zvakaipa, ndezvemangamanga hazvina maturo, makaro asina nebasa rese, meso meso asinga pere, vana vanokura zvakaipa hazvioneke asi zvinenge zviri mupfungwa dzavo deep deep at the back of their minds, zvinova vhiringa kuchikoro, zvinovaisa pamakwikwi kuti mwana wamaiguru awana chiri nane here, zvinostresser to cut the long story short.

  9. Remember there are 1 million more women than men in Zimbabwe . What will we do with the 1 million women who will not be able to get men to marry ? Banning polygamy is a recipe for disaster . Imagine a situation where 1 million women are roaming the streets and villages with no chance to marry !! These women will be snatching married men in order to survive . Parliamentarians should deal with the under age marriages and not shift goal posts . If you are failing to deal with that , just say so . We should actually encourage polygamy in order to absorb the 1 million extra women .

  10. Why should our honourable members of parliament waste time debating about the curing the symptoms instead of dealing with the root cause?It is not not a secret that many young girls are jumping into early marriages because of extreme poverty. The zanu pf government has raped the economy left,right and centre and thereby making most young girls vulnerable to abuse by old men,and their families sees it as an opportunity to slip away from the jaws of abject poverty.As long as we still have this government led by a person who belongs to an old people’s home you will never come tops on this one.As long as ministers and all other leaders in government continue with the plundering of national resources and presiding over the closures of companies ,no amount of debating will stop the child marriage scourge.

  11. As usual our lawmakers are cueless. Deal with issues of polygamy seperalely with child marriages. I want to marry four adult wives and noone will stop me because “ndeyangu”.

  12. I’m very skeptical on the agenda and motive of today’s legislature. Many proposals and laws are actually against the spirit of liberty and advancement of civil liberties. Many female parliamentarians tend to bring emotion in national debates. Some are obviously on a warpath with an intention to fix and destroy the male specie. It is sad and unfortunate that some male parliamentarians have taken upon themselves to be defenders of women maybe to raise their profile in the eyes of females buy practically setting traps for their brethren. These women are not good at all. Firstly they unilaterally increased the age of consent to 18 despite the dictates of science, local customs and international best practice. We vehemently objected to such an irrational stance to no avail, reasoning that doing that will increase the number of children in the institution of prostitution. Denying someone the right to marry is unconstitutional. Now they have it again unashamedly desecrating the august house pontificating on trivialities instead of developmental issues. Freedom of worship and following my religious beliefs is guaranteed in the bill of rights of the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Please help us remove the oppressive roadblocks on the country’s roads, ensuring one man/woman one farm, reducing corruption across the spectrum of life, pushing for attainment of SDGs, monitor the thieving of natural resources by Chinese among others rather than advocating to BAN civil liberties, banning is a tyrannical word, and should never be used again in parliament!!

  13. Jongwe rimwe, sheshe fararira. Nhongo imwe mbudzi hadzi bvupfuwe. Bhuru rimwe Matokazi hobho. Mbombo imwe vananyachide mavhu namarara. A good analysis of some of the things i grew up observing. Munhu akoshei ipapa.

  14. Abraham had 3 wives Sarah, Hagar and Ketura and we all regard him as the father of all faith, a true friend of God whose loyalty to God was immeasurable. Jacob had 4 wives Leah, Rachel, Bilhar and Zilpar and was regarded the prince of God, was given the name Israel by which all Christians today call themselves. Note that Joseph who was blessed was from the second wife of Jacob. Moses had 2 wives Ziporah and the Ethiopian woman. Zimbabwe is officially a Christian country. MPs who are trying to outlaw polygamy are urgents of the devil, come elections we will see. Zimbabwe’s population today is Male: 7 929 618 (49.3%), Female: 8 146 394 (50.7%). if all man were to marry one woman each, we have an excess of 216776 unmarried woman a size of 5.4194 times the National Sports Stadium which is a 40000 seater stadium!!!! be factual MPs, don’t use emotions in formulating the law. Joseph was sold into slavery to Egypt by his jealous brothers from the first wive, but later they followed him. Child marriage should be addressed separately from polygamy.

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