Mujuru campaign goes into full swing

NPP Leader Dr.Joyce Mujuru

THE Joice Mujuru-led Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) is embarking on door-to-door campaigns, as the opposition party readies itself for the 2018 elections in a bid to unseat Zanu PF.


ZimPF interim national chairman, Luckson Kandemiri told party youths in Bulawayo on Sunday to use the house-to-house campaigns to mobilise Zimbabweans to also register to vote in the next elections.

Kandemiri said Mujuru’s ZimPF was the party of choice to unseat President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF, adding the MDC-T and other opposition parties had failed to “take power”.

“Let us go out there in numbers and mobilise. Let us embark on door-to-door campaigns, talking to the people and recruiting new members to ZimPF so that we grow the party,” he told youths during a rally held at the White City Arena on Sunday.

“Also use the door-to-door campaigns to encourage others to register to vote.”

Mujuru was meeting party youths in Bulawayo.

In attendance were senior party officials such as Dzikamai Mavhaire, and a number of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) defectors, including Samuel Sipepa Nkomo.

Nkomo was the PDP deputy president.

“The youths constitute over 67% of the population of this country. Sadly, there is a lot of voter apathy among the youths in this country. We should register to vote and indeed vote in the next elections,” Kandemiri said.

“We have had the MDC-T and other parties before challenging Zanu PF, but they have not been able to take power. ZimPF will complete the journey they started and seize power in 2018.”

Currently, there are a number of opposition political parties all fighting to dislodge Zanu PF, but analysts have called on them to form a united front if they are to succeed in unseating the ruling party.

Talks to unite the opposition parties have been held, only for the initiatives to suffer stillbirths before deals are signed, with analysts citing egos, as the reason for the failure for the parties to unite.


  1. Why should the MDC (T) waste time and energy in “coalition talks” with a party whose “president” (still to be elected) is already seeing herself as the Zimbabwe president and their uncontested party as the new ruling party?

    I say leave these chameleons alone MDC-T. They are the same genetically as Zanu PF.

  2. Before they come to my door Dr Mujuru ask your people to be more civil stop being arrogant . The people who think are pioneers in your party are arrogant, don’t respect people’s views and are so crude with their language especially this one who is called spokesman Mawarire.

  3. “..he MDC-T and other opposition parties had failed to “take power”. And how successful was Mujuru herself when she tried to “take power” from Mugabe from WITHIN Zanu??

  4. She is just a spent force on a revenge mission. Imagine she failed to take power whilst she was only a step from State house and now wants to give falls promises when she is miles away kkkkk. Joke of the year. No chance ZANU pf needs genuine politicians not gamblers and for now non can stand the chance

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