‘Mugabe must step down for Mnangagwa’

Vice President Emmerson-Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe must resign and hand over power to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, if there is any hope to “save suffering” Zimbabweans and stop the economy from further collapsing, outspoken Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa has said.


Vice President  Emmerson-Mnangagwa
Vice President

Mliswa made a bold pitch for the Vice-President to immediately succeed 92-year-old Mugabe, claiming only Mnangagwa had the capacity to save both the country and Zanu PF.

“Zanu PF’s solution to the economic problem is for the President to step down and Mnangagwa, who is the most senior, to take over,” he said at a Press conference in Harare yesterday.

“Don’t call me a Mnangagwa person; unless there is someone more senior in Zanu PF than Mnangagwa, then you tell me.

“If Mnangagwa does take over, he is going to stop the bleeding in terms of people suffering. We must be cognisant that the people are suffering.”

Mliswa heaped praises on Mnangagwa, claiming he was the most senior member in Zanu PF and had the capacity to turn around the country’s fortunes.

“Mnangagwa is the central man. He is the strongman of Zanu PF. He has the military supporting him,” Mliswa said.

“He has the war veterans supporting him. As we know, the military is the last line of defence, not the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) and not the police.”

Mliswa’s endorsement of the Vice-President may inadvertently place Mnangagwa in Mugabe’s crosshairs, as the President has acted against those who have shown ambition or have been tipped to succeed him.

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru felt Mugabe’s wrath after she told journalists she was prepared to succeed the veteran leader, as he would not be around for much longer.

War veterans have also openly backed Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe, but for their troubles, most of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association executive has been expelled from Zanu PF.

Mliswa’s remarks touched a raw nerve, with Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, describing him as a “successionist”.

“This is a successionist fantasy that has all the trappings of a nightmare,” Moyo tweeted.

Earlier, Moyo has been happily tweeting pictures of Mliswa meeting Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday and last week, but was quick to lash out at him for backing Mnangagwa.

Kasukuwere, the Zanu PF commissar, said Mliswa was daydreaming, vowing Mugabe would stay put and had already been endorsed by all the party’s structures to contest the 2018 presidential elections.

“His (Mugabe’s) service is a result of an overwhelming mandate from the people of Zimbabwe,” Kasukuwere said.

An unrestrained Mliswa said Mugabe was responsible for the factional fights within his party and had been able to play educated Zimbabweans against each other for the past 36 years to remain in power. The Norton legislator said he was withdrawing his statement that MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai should go to hell, insisting he respected the opposition leader.

Mliswa said he was, however, still angry that Tsvangirai, who was billed to be the guest of honour at a victory rally in Norton, had let him down at the last minute.

Mliswa claimed the MDC-T leader pulled out of the rally after seeing pictures of him posing for pictures with Kasukuwere, but the Norton legislator said Tsvangirai should not base his actions on social media.

Mliswa also lashed out at social movements, saying they should forget that they would ever change the political trajectory of the country through demonstrations, because Mugabe’s regime remained unmoved and continued to step up its brutality.

“Zanu PF is in power till 2018. From a constitutional point of view, you cannot oust them from power with a demonstration,” he said.

“So we pray for His Excellency (Mugabe) to have a conscience. We cannot pray for him to die, that’s for God, but for his conscience, so that he steps down.”

There was speculation that the Zanu PF faction loyal to Mnangagwa had campaigned for Mliswa and his statements are likely to reinforce that notion.


  1. Mnangagwa should never be allowed near state house otherwise zimbabwe is doomed for the next 50 years.this is the same man who has been spearheading acts of brutality against the people through the socalled Joc.remember June 27 2008?him and his friend chiwenga are solely responsible.

  2. Mliswa’s remarks wishing Mnangagwa to take over is.ill advised. When you say he has support from army, war veterans does not mean that he is electable. Mnangagwa may make friends with all those sorts of people but that does not guarantee him from securing the highest office.
    I can say they totally failed to organize. if he wanted he would have done so years ago not now.
    From 1980, 5 leaders would have taken chances to run as party presidents. Now talking about Mnangagwa as senior who should take over shows they consider someone in his 60 as youth which is an embassment.

  3. Was he the Commander of ZDF?, A big Noooo. ZRP Commissioner, Nooo. CIO Director, Nooo. Minister of Defence, No, Air Force Commander, Commissioner Prisons. Why do people lie?

  4. Verbal diarhea again from Temba…what good is support from the military? Shouldn’t we be looking for an economic redeemer? How does the army save the people from suffering? Isn’t the army perpetrating that suffering? Shut up Temba.

    • Sagitarr you seem to be oblivious of the functioning of the state apparatus. The arms of state work hand in glove in sustaining economic development. one gone rogue nothing comes up. Zimbabwe is suffering from lack of political will power and nothing more. the umblical code of the economy is political environment. thats the one that links economics with people. I agree with Mliswa, Ngwena is economically capable. his political will power is testimony to that. We are not hungry for human rights in zimbabwe but economic turnaround. Ngwena is the right man.

  5. For the first time in many decades l agree with Moyo that the Norton legistlator is not only day dreaming but dreaming silly. In my view Mnangwa is the other side of the same coin. Give Zimbos a chance to elect a leader of their own choice in a free and fair election and see if anyone with ZANU DNA will get a single vote. ZDF should stay in barracks equip themselves to defend the country when it is under threat from other states, Whilst chihuri and his team should maintain law and order and the guys in suits and adrk glasses can do the nation proud if they focus on issues to do with state security not kuswera vachitambisa scarce resources ne kufollower ana Zvorwadza na Dzamara l dont think they poise any threat to this great nation. Otherwise our biggest threat as a country is this monster called ZANU PF.

  6. Temba is correct. he is a fearless leader. The old man has to rest and look for someone senior in his party to replace him until 2018. when an internal change happens then things will definately change in zimbabwe. vanhu tagwadziwa. hatide STD on power transfer please.

  7. i think everlasting peace and prosperity will resurface if we get Sekeramayi to suceeed the hon president.Sekeramayi,s hands look clean guys.this is a personal opinion.

  8. This Mliswa thing is a political prostitute. Just watch his moves…. He won the Norton Constituency with support from opposition and look who he is dining with! Trust me he is going to donate that seat to whoever wins the factional fight in Zanu PF. Nyoka inyoka!

  9. Mr Mliswa, you are saying that, demonstrations can not remove the nonagenarian from power. Whats the solution Mr Mliswa? Going to the Bundu again? War is not the solution. Look whats happening in Syria. Really, war is not the solution. Women and children will suffer, infrastructure will be destroyed. WAR IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

  10. Nyararai Bambo Mliswa muzive zvekudya sadza hapana anokuvhunzai . Mnangagwa is old and heartless . He should not be seen near state house.

  11. it seems Temba is a pure Zanu Pf,by merely looking at his actions after triumph at Norton by election.This man cannot be trusted.Opposition parties should be careful of this man.

  12. it seems Temba is a pure Zanu Pf,by merely looking at his actions after triumph at Norton by election.This man cannot be trusted.Opposition parties should be careful of this man.

  13. The EU invited Mliswa some time this year for briefing, EU & USA sponsor opposition parties and activists against indigenisation and economic empowerment; soon after Mnangagwa was appointed VP white people flocked to his farm in Kwekwe/Midlands, also remember that Midlands has the highest number of white farmers. So the Mliswa-Mnangagwa-Colonialist Europe link is obvious. Also Mnangagwa cannot win a popular vote so selling the liberation and teaming up with other sell-outs and engaging the slave master is his strategy. The blind War Vets are equally gullible sell-outs despite the liberation rhetoric. But judging from what is happening in South Africa through the EFF next door, up North in Ethiopia and the world over, his alliance with former colonial masters will face stiff resistance. The youth unemployment situation will be the facilitator for this resistance.

  14. Temba Temba Temba you have started again. Why do you want to impose pple. His excellency was voted by the pple of Zimbabwe. Achatonga kusvika 2018…. ozotongazve kusvika iwe watsotwa. Kana usina zvekutaura ridza muridzo

  15. If someone wants to rule into his grave then war is the only solution. He has destroyed the country by looting just like Mobutu. Do not be fooled because ana Jonathan they steal for him.

  16. If you want to see a feather collapse of things put Emerson Mnangagwa in power. When last did he win a sit in Kwekwe were he hails from? That is a ruthless dictator worse than Napoleon, Hitler and Mugabe put together to be one person. You must be crazy.

  17. It seems you are still interested in ZANU PF politics talk to the leadership they may open the doors for your return.

  18. Hardly a month after his parliamentary comeback, hot-mouthed Mliswa is all over subjecting the people to his self-imposed limitations. The political arena is wide and only the electrolate reserve the right to decide the destiny of their country. More often than not, a great talker is a great liar.

  19. In politics you can be opponents but tt shudnt affect your social life. Take for instances Highlanders players and Dynamos players there are opponents in the field of play not in their social life. Nothing wrong wth Mliswa dinning with Tyson. Let Ngwena Succeed Mdara, dnt judge him. Life will be better

  20. Iri rinonzi Temba ndoo DOFO he is a confused lunatic when will he keep quite and save the people who elected him, seems he is interested in talk shows, Zimbabweans arise he wants Munangagwa to sympathize with him so that when he becomes president as his wishes would remember him, Manje wanyangara yaona but you still have the huddle of 2018 there wont be Tsvangirai to campaign for you all parties will be fighting for numbers chitonyengerera opposition Tsvangira so that at least you can get something Heeey vanhu tinotungamirirwa nezvikwekweya, Uyu muZanu akadzingwa achada, ZIMBABWEANS dont ever be fooled by these Party rejects he needs Zanu Pf and look at him he is retracing his footsteps, Pawanenge wachidya hawaoni kushata, why would they see it from outside?


  21. you guys you just likes to talkative ” bla-bla-bla… what the best in the country is to remove this idiot and put no matter who he\she is! people are suffering all over the country because of this bull shit! always complain about western countries bla…bla…bla. ### this idiot must leave the office immediately!

  22. Dambudzo Munangagwa has a litany of his own problems that he created which inhibit him from entering the Zim first job. His loyalty to RG is unquestionable, but unfortunately that loyalty is obliterated by those hard to hide skeletons in the political cupboard . There is no political wire pulling or even manipulation that will cause the electorate to forgive him the name calling hovering over his potential bid no matter how hard he tries


  24. Mwene Wazvo stop being a useless tribalist. I agree with all who are saying the stammerer, Mliswa is a political prostitute scavengering for fortunes. Mliswa is now banking on Mnangagwa’s victory in the succession wars bedeviling the guerrilla movement. Robert Mugabe must go, and if possible today, but replacing him with his thuggish loyalist is tatamount to recycling Robert Mugabe. Question for Mliswa: If this tyrannical Robert Mugabe’s regime isn’t moved by these demonstrations justify Mugabe’s indiscriminate use of violence on the dissenters [ 2 marks].

  25. Nhasi ndezveduwo you are right comrade Mliswa shumba from Shurugwi well said muvhitori all the way into State House.

  26. Imagine zimbabwe under these people eiiiissshhhh!!!! I cry.

    1.Joshua Nkomo (1980-1990).
    2.Herbert Chitepo (1991-2001).
    3.Josia Tongogara (2002-2012).
    4.Jaison Ziyapapa Moyo (2013-current).

  27. Let’s push for electoral reforms in 2017 and allow people to choose their desired president in 2018. Zimbabwe doesn’t belong to ZANU PF alone. #Tajamuka

  28. apa mliswa akutaura chokwadi manje. that is the only solution that will save zanu pf and Zimbabwe at large. imi muri kuti gwena has failed or will fail the nation were a u getting it wrong coz I don’t remember mnangagwa running this nation before so zvekuti haagoni kumutsa zimbabwe mazviwanepi and for sure the guy is much better than tsvangirai coz the little and only time that tsvangirai enjoyed power he could not handle that success and started marrying. so lets give gwena a chance the only cadre left in zanu top order otherwise muchazoyeuka bako matota nyika yave kutongwa nana jonso nana kasukuwere

  29. Big up Temba Ngwena is 100percent right Nwena ndiye man of the moment musajaje munhu nouti aambodai hapana asina kumbotadza pavanhu vese varipasi peZuva iwe unotodaro utori nemhosva dzakawandisa asi hauzivikanwe chete bhora kuna Ngwena mdara kana azorora

  30. Big up Temba Ngwena is 100percent right Nwena ndiye man of the moment musajaje munhu nouti aambodai hapana asina kumbotadza pavanhu vese varipasi peZuva iwe unotodaro utori nemhosva dzakawandisa asi hauzivikanwe chete bhora kuna Ngwena mdara kana asiya basa

  31. When shall some of these so called members of parliament know basic democratic right that political leaders are democratically elected.

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