Man jailed for stealing aunt’s undergarments


An 18-year-old Marondera man, who on different occasions stole petticoats and panties belonging to his aunt and gave them to his female neighbour, has been slapped with a four-month jail term.

BY Jairos Saunyama

Shelton Muderere will serve an effective two-month jail term after Marondera magistrate, Tatenda Makwenya suspended one month on condition of good behaviour, with the other month set aside on condition that he restitutes $64 to Beauty Jinga some of the missing undergarments.

Makwenya found Muderere guilty of stealing 17 petticoats, two of them belongings to Jinga of Chipesa Plot C, Marondera rural, before giving the undergarments to his neighbour, Shallet Mutsengi (45).

Mutsengi pleaded not guilty to the offence, denying claims by Muderere that she sent him to steal the undergarments.

She will return to court on November 28 for continuation of trial.

According to the State, sometime between May and November this year, Mutsengi instructed Muderere to steal petticoats and panties belonging to the complainant and bring them to her.

The matter came to light when Muderere was spotted by a Narietta, while trying to steal some napkins belonging to the complainant that were on the washing line.

Investigations were carried out and revealed that Muderere had stolen 17 petticoats and two panties and gave them to Mutsengi.

Muderere led people to the paddock, where four petticoats were hidden by his alleged accomplice and a report was made to the police, leading to the arrest of the two.

The value of the stole undergarments was pegged at $94 and only $30 worth of them was recovered.

Emmanuel Dera represented the State.


  1. mafana akaba hake manduwe nema pitikoty a aunt wake ,emubheroo futy akupihwa 4 months .i wonder how many years are u going to give to senior citizen who lost 15 billion on his watch , a corrupt government official who owns a magnificent percentage of land in Bulawayo and another leant citizen who looted hundreds of thousands to use it for his own gain .FOOD FOR THOUGHT …

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