Jonathan Moyo defies Mugabe

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo

Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has seemingly defied President Robert Mugabe’s advice not to sue Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and a host of other State actors and public media journalists for alleged defamation.


Moyo wants to take Mnangagwa and 14 others to court over what he claims were defamatory articles relating to the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef) scandal, in which he is accused of abusing more than $400 000.

Reports said Mugabe, during this week’s politburo meeting, had impressed upon Moyo not to sue Mnangagwa, but the Higher Education minister yesterday announced that his lawyers were finalising the court papers.

“I’m happy to say my lawyers have just advised that the mega lawsuit on capture of State institutions and defamation is about to be filed,” he tweeted yesterday.

“The Constitution’s section 61(5)(c) says: Freedom of expression and freedom of the media exclude malicious injury to a person’s reputation or dignity.”

In a clear jibe at Mnangagwa, Moyo, reportedly a leading figure in the G40 faction of Zanu PF fighting to stop Mnangagwa from succeeding Mugabe, laughed off media reports of what happened in the politburo.

“A politburo insider feeding lies to the media? No, no. Maybe it’s someone inside a dirty river somewhere that’s infested with crocodiles,” he tweeted again.

Mnangagwa’s nickname is Ngwena, Shona for crocodile.

With Mugabe having consistently urged party members to stop washing “dirty linen” in public, especially through social media, Moyo has been unrelenting.

Moyo last week issued a stinging statement accusing Mnangagwa of capturing and abusing State institutions including the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) to “further a factional agenda”.

The Cabinet minister had already been subpoenaed by Zacc on charges of fraud and abuse of office before he approached the Constitutional Court for respite.

Moyo also intends to sue Information minister Christopher Mushohwe, Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba and a host of State media journalists.


  1. Moyo once hinted that the best way to do away with Zanu Pf is to destroy it from within.Now he is doing exactly that.Carry on Jonzo,you are along the path.

  2. but is defamation a law in Zimbabwe? sometime ago probably soon after the expulsion of Joyce mujuru from the zanu pf party, defamation was announced to have been decriminalized but now am surprised that some of the government officials are still using a code that has been amended damn this Zimbabwe..i remember when Dr amai held a rally in Chiweshe and she mocked on cde mujuru and she was never sued all in the name of freedom of expression and the media saying that defamation only limits the idea of freedom of xprssn so it has to be removed.. no wonder why Leonard karikonga zhakata said mutemo unosiyaniswa zvichibva nekuti wabuda mumba mani..

  3. jonso may you pliz depress your break pedal…..urikunyura very soon than later…kwawave kutambira uko unonyura…plus u were famed for nothing….u are both big n pig headed.

  4. big story I guess. but I think the opposition has taken the bait hook line and sinker. by the time moyo is exonerated of any wrongdoing it will be too late to group and prepare. at the same time being infiltrated by the big party. there is no case to be answered by anyone. there is no case at all but its a form of entertainment for everyone

  5. clause of applause to Johnee ,take them down because according to the law deformation of character is a chargeable crime,let’s do what’s right,

  6. Guyz Moyo is right theres noway Zimdef would give Moyo money without the knowlledge of top party officials and Zimdef officials.
    There are signatures which approved Moyo a transfer from Zimdef account to his own .
    Moyo is always right because he took money from zimdef portifolio to youth portifolio for the Lavish bday.
    Moyo is then caught with the Tsholotsho Bike incidents yeees i agree .

  7. People should not read too much into Jonathan’s threats to sue Manangagwa. There is nothing defamatory with Ngwena saying noone is immune from arrest, except a sitting president. Ngwena was just clarifying a constitutional position. Jonathan wants to sound terrific, intelligent and bullish, but we know he is as ordinary as my grandmother in Nkayi. Ngwena is just waiting for the summons, and will embarrass the professor if the matter is ever going to be heard in court. Our problem is that Jonathan overates himself, and thinks everyone trembles from his threats and rumblings.

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  9. very soon we will hear the results from you, battle of the corrupt and self styled genius gangsters, reporter, anoti ,’tinzwe zvizhinji kubva kuna Vamoyo ‘, kikikikiki

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