Corporate 24 officially opens $3,5m Byo medical centre

CORPORATE 24 Hospital has invested more than $3,5 million in its Bulawayo medical centre, which was officially opened on Friday.


In an interview with NewsDay on the sidelines of the launch, chief executive officer, Mike Joka, said the project was massive and met international standards.

“We have spent over $3,5 million in this Bulawayo project.

We are starting with a workforce of 100 and they are all from Bulawayo. We are looking forward to increasing the numbers when our business picks up,” he said.

Joka said the company continued to grow, having started operating from a house.

He said they were going to open a 24-hour facility in Marimba Harare.

Speaking during the launch, Joka said they were working tirelessly to be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, as they sought better funding.

The 30-bed Bulawayo medical facility offers admissions as well as a delivery suite, a well-equipped intensive care unit for rapid response, resuscitation rooms, laboratory and radiological units for X-ray and ultrasound scanning, a dental unit and pharmacy.

It also houses a hi-tech modular operating theatre system, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. The theatre is ideal for all sorts of surgery from orthopaedic to cardiac.

Health and Child Care deputy minister Aldrin Musiiwa, who was the guest speaker, said the initiative was noble and would go a long way in improving the health situation in the country.

“Efforts rendered in the provision of this basic right, health, are truly noble and to be commended. It is a sad fact that the Zimbabwean health system is operating under severe constraints that have resulted in drug, supplies, equipment and human resources shortages,” he said.

Musiiwa said the country was in need of home grown solutions to bridge the gap between government and donor efforts, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of health care for all Zimbabwean citizens.

Corporate 24 was established in 2009.

Currently, it has four branches across the country.


  1. Willard Tramposo.

    Corporate has got exellent facilities and hardworking and cheerful employees. Some months ago my daughter was admitted at Corporate 24 in Avondale, Harare. She was discharged barely 2 wks. I would like to thank the staff at Corporate 24 for a job well done.

  2. Willard Tramposo.

    For taking good care of my 4yr old daughter Divine T in September this yr, i would like to thank Corporate 24 staff. May God bless you.

  3. Dr Joka has not been paying staff for the past year. Good luck to the new workers in Bulawayo who may have left good jobs to suffer and not get paid for months on end. The money that is made will be used to pay for his expensive lifestyle with 4 wives including the poor singer Plaxedes Wenyika

  4. vakomana ivava ma one,business ravo izita chete hazvina kana kurongeka,kunyanya medical aid side

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