Coalition impossible: Biti

Tendai Biti

PEOPLE’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Tendai Biti has cast doubts on the ability of political parties in Zimbabwe to unite and form a formidable coalition, which will challenge President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF in the 2018 general elections.


Biti said opposition party leaders were too selfish and had big egos, which stood in the way of progressive coalition talks, making it very difficult for the mooted grand coalition to take effect.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult in Zimbabwe to have coalitions, there are a lot of egocentric and selfish actors in our discourse, but I think we have to do better, he said.

“We have to go beyond these individuals and establish a matrix of working together because that’s what our people want. It’s not about me or what the next leader of a political party wants. So we have to put our people first, so we can reconstruct this country after the mess and collapse caused by (President) Robert Mugabe.”

Biti was speaking ahead of a crunch meeting for opposition political parties over the coalition snubbed by Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s ZimPF, which is due to take place in Cape Town, South Africa.

The meeting has been facilitated by the Zimbabwe Institute, led by Isaac Maphosa, who MDC-T and ZimPF sources claimed has close links to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Team Lacoste faction and the South African government.

Tsvangirai and Mujuru were called by Jeff Radabe, a minister in President Jacob Zuma’s office, but they snubbed the meeting at the 11th hour. Some of the opposition parties, however, left the country yesterday to South Africa for the talks.

Although he declined to talk about the meeting, Biti said his party remained hopeful that a coalition will take place and be at the centre of rescuing an ailing Zimbabwean economy by establishing a National Transitional Authority (NTA).

“We are focusing on a National Transitional Authority, this country needs a soft landing. This country needs an inclusive moratorium on elections until we sort all the disasters and beyond the NTA we need to establish the democratic developmental State,” he said.

Biti, who said he was prepared to take over the leadership of the coalition if elected to do so, rubbished critics, who have labelled PDP as a small party seeking a coalition to safeguard his own political future.

Tsvangirai told his supporters that he was not interested in a coalitions or a government of national unity, but, instead, conditions that make it possible for a free and fair elections.

Insiders in his party said MDC-T had snubbed the South Africa meeting because they believed some of the opposition parties were being funded by Zanu PF to undermine the MDC-T.

“There are parties, who are pushing to undermine the MDC-T and we think they are being sponsored by Zanu PF, we have since seen that plot and pulled out of those negotiations because we are now not sure of who is behind this push for a coalition,’ a source said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu, said his party believed in home grown solutions and would thus not seek to form coalitions outside Zimbabwe.


  1. Tendai Biti, Isaac Maphosa belongs to one of the small parties, how can he coordinate the coalition of parties. Do you trust a South African Minister calling a meeting to enable the removal of Mugabe, Zuma’s friend from Power? This is where you small parties leaders miss the point. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. Well done MDC T, tambai makachenjera…Mliswa is a very gud example to u. Stop trusting other pple in politics esp Biti ngaanyarare he is more selfish than anyone else

  3. mbiti did you form a party in order to go into coalitions? its you who has the biggest ego. why did you leave mdc-t?

  4. Biti you are now crying for coalition kkkkkk soon you will disappear like Welshmen Ncube and Mtambara, if you are not egocentric why did you form that small party. You are now too desperate

  5. It is Mugabe behind the split of MDC-T. Welshman is a CIO guy just like Biti. They are being used and even Mujuru herself is still Zanu PF. You heard Mugabe saying Mutasa or is it Musata (kkkk) called him.. They are constantly in touch. I have never voted for MDC-T but let me warn you isu tiri muZanu kuti Mugabe ndewe divide and rule. Mobilize your own supporters and recruit as many informers in Zec as possible. Zanu will register 16 year olds to vote like what they did in 2013. Zvitupa zvakamwayiwa even kuma Moscan.

  6. Biti and all opposition party leaders are the same.murikutsvaga mari chete not to safeguard our country’s inheritance.

  7. How come Biti speaks of leading a coalition yet he does not have the numbers in his own party? This guy is just trying to seek relevants.MDC-T better go it alone. We once won in 2008 and can make it again.We don’t need any of the so called opposition parties being funded by ZANU PF to spoil our protracted war against tyrrany.Morgan Tsvangirai, you made it clear by snubbing to attend such kangaroo mediation efforts by that desperate Isaac Maphosa and accomplice.

  8. Biti is the one of the best national leaders we might never have. His biggest mistake was to stand up against Tsvangirai. MDC T might never publicly admit it but the party is now weaker without the likes of Biti, Misihaiirambwi, Coltart, Dulini Ncube, Chikwinya, Welshman Ncube and so many others. The likes of Chimanikire lost their voices

  9. Biti is the problem maker. His survival is dependent on the coalition because he doesn’t have the numbers.
    And then he has guts to say he wants to lead the coalition.

  10. Biti its u who need to repent. u went away & formed yo smaller party, why becoz u are power hungry. so why need the coalition of party. are u not big enough to challenge ROBBY. Challenge him on yo own. lsu tichamira toga seMDC with our Mogiza come 2018

  11. The leaders of the Opposition parties just need to get rid of their egos and selfishness and think of the ordinary people It can be done

  12. Going across limpopo they had to go why because its not about people but their own pockets kkkk,zvima party zvese izvi tuma shelf company twavo,whenever an election is about the corner they use them kutsvaka cash

  13. What percentage do al smal parties in th so cald coalition represent?We shld tel th truth nd shame th devil her.Th bizness of xpcting Radebe to strengthen opp parties in Zim is a non starter whn Zuma nd Mgabe meet nd pat each other on th back.Useless initiative.

  14. Biti is just a useless somebody ngaaite coalition yake nana Madhuku, Mangoma, Chipanga and all thoz other individuals.ngaambosiyana naMorgan

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  16. Biti you made a mistake. You thought you had the numbers when you left the MDC-T. You were left mubani by the people. Now you want Morgan to bring the to where you are, mubani, in the name of a coalition, then ask Morgan to leave the people with you while you lead the coalition. That will not happen because the people are with Morgan, and Morgan is with the people. You should have remained with him and at a determined time he was going to leave you to lead. Zvino wakadambura makumbo sehwiza uchiti achauya nasomeone. Sorry maningi. Pastor Chamisa is a man of God lead by the Holy Spirit. He will take over.

    Iye munoda kuti Morgan ouya nevanhu ku-coalition, momuti THANKS. Iye ogara zvake, kana ndimiwo. Nyatsofungai.

    Build your own grassroots!!!

  17. Biti welshman etc did not leave mdc bcoz of selfish reasons but they left coz they eere grsstrated by Tsvangirai n his kitchen cabinet. Tsvangira has ditactiral tendencies just lik zanupf. Look at how he appointed two more VPs without consultation n went against popular senate vote in 2004. only bootlickers will stick around him under mdc constitution his term shld hav ended in 2016. he is a charismatic leader his problem is ditactorship

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