AMHVoices: Grace won’t last a day after Mugabe

First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva

In response to I am already President: Grace: It has always been an open secret that First Lady Grace Mugabe makes most of the presidential decisions and has been testing to see how deep the waters are by her attacks on a number of Zanu PF leaders.

Janana wa Bikaz

First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva
First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva

She began her ambitious journey in earnest attacking the likes of former Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman, Ray Kaukonde, former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and anyone whom she perceived to be against her political ambitions with reckless abandon.

After realising that she was actually gaining political mileage through her vicious attacks on her colleagues in the party, she went into overdrive and eventually hounded Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo out of Zanu PF.

Her husband’s deafening silence in this circus gave her even more space to kick out hundreds of Zanu PF leaders.

After tasting the sweetness of power by chucking out some of the party’s top brass, it became apparent that she was now gunning for the top office and to her it was as good as bagged.

The painful truth in all this circus is that all the leaders in Zanu PF do not approve her for the Presidency and a very big number of them, including party commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, are just using her for their own political ends.

They all know that she is not presidential material, let alone ministerial material.

Because of her lack of sophistry, she thought all the people who thronged her meet-the-people-tours were a sign of the support that she commands, yet in actual fact they were unwittingly bussed and frog-marched and threatened with unspecified action if they did not attend.

In her unsophisticated mind, she thought she had won the hearts of Zanu PF supporters.

Most of these party leaders and supporters do not like her, but the fact that she is the wife of one of the most feared dictators in history makes everyone quake in their boots at the mere mention of her name.

They know that going against Gushungo, especially when one is still in the party, comes with all sorts of punishment ranging from demotion, suspension, expulsion and dusty files of criminal cases being revisited

Presidents are not chosen by husbands, Hillary Clinton is a recent case in point.

She had to fight it for herself although she eventually lost to Donald Trump.

And, as for Grace, she just does not have the stamina to make it to the top post.

She can only enjoy the privileges that come along with being the wife of the Head of State, but because of her naivety, she thinks she can land the post by hook and by crook.

If President Robert Mugabe decides to leave office today, it won’t take a day for the political vultures to descend on Grace and surely she will run like a headless chicken with nowhere to hide.

It’s just a matter of time before it happens.

Take heed, Dr Amai!


  1. All the way Doctor Amai you are destined to the top even after Baba has being called by the almighty never ever drop the ball run with it up until you are over the hill no one will toch you .

  2. Zimbabwe is not and will never be a dynasty!!!! It is foolhardy of her to think that Zimbabweans will accept her and besides, what would she do with the country? Hiring and firing ministers at rallies would be the order of the day. I say no, no, no!!!!!

  3. Grace is not the only one who will not last a day when Mugabe dies, Zhuwao also and all other ardent bootlickers like Chombo, Jonathan Moyo, Mphoko.

  4. Zanu PF’s (sugarcoated) loyalty is bound to last for as long as the patron is alive. The crisis that embroils up to the VP’s level until the president intervenes will go overboard as no one else has the potential to crack the whip full circle. Unless he relinquishes the party leadership and coaches his successor fully within his (sane) lifetime, this independence party will automatically ‘go up in smoke’.

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