I am already President: Grace

First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva

FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe (pictured) reportedly told the Zanu PF women’s league that she “plans and does everything with President Robert Mugabe” and, therefore, was already President of the country, validating the long held suspicion that she was running the State’s affairs with her ageing husband.


First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva
First Lady Grace Mugabe. Pic by Shepherd Tozvireva

Mashonaland West women’s league chairperson, Angeline Muchemeyi said Grace told them that there was no point for her fighting to be Vice-President, a lesser position, when she was already running State affairs.

Muchemeyi revealed this after the Zanu PF women’s league passed a resolution that Grace remain secretary for women’s affairs in the party.

Contrary to speculation that there will be a push by women to have the Zanu PF constitution changed to allow a woman Vice-President, a move that has been viewed as paving the way for Grace, Muchemeyi said the First Lady had said she was comfortable steering the women’s wing because she was already running the affairs of the State.

Asked if the Mashonaland resolutions were in a way a sign of ditching Grace, Muchemeyi said: “Grace told an executive meeting that she is ‘already the President’ and would not want to be appointed VP, as it was a lower post.

“The First Lady said I’m the wife of the President, I’m the president already … I plan and do everything with the President, what more do I want, for now the position of the women boss is enough.”

Last year, Grace said Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko took instructions from her.

Grace has been linked to the G40 faction that is said to be opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

The women’s league had been pushing for a female Vice-President, a move viewed as aimed at toppling Mnangagwa and have him replaced by Mugabe’s wife.

In a surprise turn of events, the women’s’ league spoke highly of war veterans, saying women respect the former freedom fighters because they are principled, unlike newcomers in the party, who are bent on destroying Zanu PF for money, but Muchemeyi did not elaborate on this.

“We have our war vets, who have a history in the party, they respect our President because they went to war, but the factions are created by handpicked members, who do not have liberation credentials,” she said.

Grace has been a subject of attack by war veterans, who are viewed as Mnangagwa’s backers in the succession race.


  1. Grace must be reminded that holding her husband’s hands while helping him climb steps doesn’t mean she is also president

  2. she should comeout in the open and contest for the presidency if thats what she wants than continue to use an old man who should be resting as a front.shame stereki.

  3. she should comeout in the open and contest for presidency than continue to use an old man who should be resting as a front.

  4. Siyai zvakadaro, tichaona kunowira svimbo nedobwe. It is us mawarveterans who are stupid. We were teargassed but today are saying” we are not against the first lady because she the president’s wife” Is that so, so who teargassed?

  5. Grace, at times silence is defence. Cognisant that nothing lasts forever except God’s supremacy, we should be very selective in the choice of our words as it may come a time when we may be forced to “eat” them when the going gets tough.

  6. It has always been an open secret that Grace Mugabe makes most of the presidential decisions and has been testing to see how deep the waters are by her senseless attacks on a number of zanu pf leaders.She began her ambitious journey in earnest attacking the likes Kaukonde,Mai Mujuru and anyone whom she perceived to be against her political ambitions with reckless abandon.After realising that she was actually gaining political mileage through her vicious attacks on her colleagues in the party she went over drive and eventually hounded Mai Mujuru ,Mutasa,Gumbo out of zanu pf.Her husband’s deafening silence in all the circus gave her even more space to kick out hundreds of zanu pf leaders.After tasting the sweetness of power by chucking out some of zanu pf’s top brass it became apparent that she was now gunning for the top office and to her it was as good as bagged.The painful truth in all this circus is that all the leaders in zanu pf do not approve her for presidency and a very big number of them including Kasukuwere are just using her for their own political ends.They all know that she is not presidential material let alone ministerial material.Because of her low level of reasoning she thought that all the people who thronged her meet the people tour were a sign of the support that she commands yet in actual fact they were unwittingly bussed and frog marched to her rallies and threatened with unspecified action if they did not attend the rallies. In her warped and unsophisticated mind she thought she had won the hearts of zanu pf supporters.Most of these zanu pf leaders and supporters are do not like you at all,but the fact that you are the wife of one of the most feared dictator in history makes everyone quack in their shoes at the mentioning of your name.They know that going against Gushungo especially when you still in zanu pf comes with all sorts of punishments ranging from demotions,suspensions,expulsions,dusty files of criminal cases being re visited,even stage managed accidents.Presidents are not chosen by husbands,Hillary Clinton is a recent case in point.She had to fight it for herself although she eventually lost to Trump.And as for you Grace you just don’t have the stamina to make it to the top post.You can only enjoy the previledges that come along with being wife of the head of state,but because your naivety you think you can land the post by hook and crook.If the the President Mugabe decides to die today it won’t take a day for the political vultures to descend on Grace,and surely she will run like a headless chicken with nowhere to hide.Its just a matter of time before it happens.Take heed Amai!

  7. Disgrace should know that the top position is chosen by the people Oh Disgrace typical of her
    She is probably scared not knowing what will happen to her when her hubby leaves this world
    She could be the one ordering the senile 92 year old around would not come as a surprise
    Disgrace behaves the same way like Marie Attoinnette did when she married King Louis
    Disgrace will probably rake in her children to surround her
    The only thing she is good is for shopping and buying gucci bags and all things nice in life

  8. shame on you joki! the gods must be crazy for sure-! hure to run a country???what are u gud at grace? who are the fathers of your kids; gire tell us. what example are you giving the women of Zim? shame shame shame!

  9. Disgrace has not followed international politics at all. She should try to find out what the former Romanian leader’s wife uttered when she and her husband Ceasceau (excuse the spelling) were facing a firing squad– ‘…please, you should know that I have been the mother of the nation…’ Without doubt, sooner rather than later, Disgrace is going to be roasted alive one way or the other, and one wonders why she fails to see it coming.

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