Zanu PF must win Norton at ‘all costs’: VP

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday declared that the Norton seat was a “must-win” for Zanu PF, saying President Robert Mugabe had directed him to ensure the party is victorios in the by-election slated for tomorrow “at all costs”.

BY Everson Mushava

Addressing a Zanu PF rally to drum up support for the ruling party’s candidate, Ronald Chindedza, Mnangagwa said the electorate should not waste their votes on a non-Zanu PF candidate, as that person would not access State resources to develop the constituency.

“You should vote for the rulers, not for the ruled. Vote to be part of the rulers, not the ruled,” he said.

“Even if you are asleep and you dream of Zimbabwe under another government, which is not Zanu PF, you should wake up, brew beer and ask your ancestors why they have forsaken you.”

Chindedza is contesting against independent candidate, Temba Mliswa and National Constitutional Assembly’s David Choga.

The seat fell vacant following the recall of expelled Zanu PF legislator, Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Mnangagwa said after doling out agricultural land, the Zanu PF government was now into provision of residential stands to economically empower its supporters.

The Vice-President said Zanu PF was firmly in control of the affairs of the country and threatened to deal decisively with white commercial farmers still opposed to the land reform programme.

“We produce our food, we have our wives and make children, so where does the white man come in?” he said.

“The white man should go back were he came from, we will keep our Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe will never be as colony again.
“If they dare challenge us, we will thrash them. But I am not saying people should go around taking land willy-nilly. There are procedures to follow, so that there is no chaos.”

Mnangagwa urged Zanu PF political commissar and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere to weed out “corrupt” MDC-T councillors running local authorities across the country.

“We have a fearless boy (Kasukuwere), who, if you set him on someone, you go to bed peacefully because you know he will carry out the task. He will deal with those corrupt MDC-T councillors,” he said.

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  1. VaMunangagwa munorevesa here kuti murara hope Kana mapa Tyson basa rekuita? Heya tiri vatongwi nhai, mwari varikuona zvavo, Hanzi wakazviita ndikaramba ndinyerere,wakafunga kuti ndakafanana newe.

  2. Oh! really .

  3. This is the man people call ED who seems to be so ignorant of basic etiquette. Insulting people like this?

    What does “at all costs” mean? over dead bodies, carry no prisoners, genocide?

    If the “ruled” can do it on their own what do they need “the ruled” for – I’ve never heard hogwash like this all my life!! I think these people who “fought the war” have permanent brain damage.

    1. I agree with you @Sagitarr,what exactly is meant by ‘AT ALL COSTS’?You can kill if need be?

  4. Yes VP it becomes corruption only when it involves the MDC goats. The law is clearly against those who do not weld power.

  5. Haa, after going through this article, you then tend to wonder which faction to support. When you think Team Lacoste is better than G40, you hear their leader spewing hatred and agitating for all kinds of evils against their opponents. You then ask yourself, ”is he the right guy to lead Zim?” I wonder.

  6. Shame on u Emmerson and yo thuggery collegues! U are toking of corruption on MDC T councilors 4getting that yo party z not doing anything to arrest jonathan moyo, supa mandiwanzira, kasukuwere nembavha yenyu hombe kamugabe

  7. Anti Corruption

    People give too much credit to Mnangagwa, I’ve heard him speak and boy, is he such a poor orator. In most cases he shoves his feet in his mouth. They say he is a lawyer, can someone please tell us where he practiced his law? This arrogant sidekick is nothing but a violent enforcer. How can a Minister of Justice say on national TV that you must vote Zanu PF because, ‘we have the army, police etc. and because it is Zanu which allows people to do mining”. Just how can a whole VP not able to separate the party and state functions? This guy is a real dandahead. By the way, is this a by election or General election? Zanu PF must be very afraid of Temba because all the biggest guns have gone to campaign except Bob himself, reducing to the aspiring MP to a bystander. Imiwo venews hamusi kuzvipicker here izvi?


  9. ED has just shown that he is just another thug. Language is not “statemanly”. One day he preaches against corruption this next day this!! Hapana kana consistency, diplomacy or etiquette. Cry the beloved nation if we have such people clamoring for the highest office in the land.

    Wat he is saying is state resources will continue to be plundered in he name of Zany Pf, for the benefit of Zany people nothing for Zimbabweans with diverse thinking and inclinations.

    My heart weeps for fellow non-Zany pf Zimbabweans. God shall not be silent forever.

  10. I thought Mnangagwa ua mature as a leader and u hv shown us the dark side of u.Wat are we going to learn from u as citizens of ths country.Your party or government has destroyed this country coz it doesnt care , ua full of i know.I think musharuka mavakupenga.Iproduction ipi yamurikutaura iyo nyika ichitatarika.

  11. This cracked my ribs, “Even if you are asleep and you dream of Zimbabwe under another government, which is not Zanu PF, you should wake up, brew beer and ask your ancestors why they have forsaken you.”

  12. anamunagagwa mapera basa hachina chitsva chamuchabatsira vana vezimbabwe.makapa vanhu mastand pasina kuseviswa ko mastand numbers acho makaatora kupi.pure vote buying.but i tell you people have more brains than you old hyenas and makarwe

  13. l suggest that Zanu adopt a party anthem, called ” All You Need Is Land ” sung to the tune “All you. need is love”
    by the Beatles. When all the land is gone what will they give their members? When all the whites have gone who will. they threaten? Evil people.

  14. Janana wa Bikaz

    Damn stupid,so you are telling the whole world that you are so corrupt to an extend of dolling out government resources only to zanu pf members of parliament.Shame on you for such an unconstitutional act.It exposes you as an uncaring party, a party full of selfish leaders who think that zanu pf idiots are more Zimbabweans than others.Worse if such trash is coming from a crocodile that is eyeing the presidency.You can’t even appreciate the difference between Government and Zanu pf?You speak against corruption with a forked tongue.You were once given a thorough hiding by MDC’S blessing Chebundo in Kwekwe Parliamentary election and you want this nobody called Ronald Chindedza to win in Norton at all costs?

  15. Jonathan Musorobhangu

    in another story he is visiting a white man’s mechanised farm and encourage pple to take after this white man. pano ari kuti hatinei nevarungu, torimisa vana nevakadzi! what hogwash! iri iduzvex chairo!

  16. Who in their sober mind can expect such unfortunate and regrettable remarks from a person of Mnangagwa’s political status? Surely, the struggle for the second liberation is far from over.

  17. Mnangagwabis an idiot. Fullstop.

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  19. Every zimbabwean should begin to attend zanupf gatherings to acquire land and vote for a party of their choice.there is everything to lose in ignoring access to land simply bcoz it is being distributed by zanupf on partisian grounds.wisdom lacks in some of us.i wish i were a Norton resident,all my 4 sons would hv got stands.WHO TO VOTE FOR REMATNS YOUR CHOICEAccess to land is a right to everyone like access to water,whether its distributed by council,mdc,zpf,zapu or zanupf,that doesnt matter,just get your land and vote for who you like.otherwise desperate zanupf is doing great favour by fasttracking access to land to desperate land seekers.pls evryone needing land take advantage.mangwana hatidi kuzoona vanochema vachiti zanupf yakapa vanhu vayo chokuti nechokuti nechokuti.through wisdom mosemurivezanu.i hv my own party but i get a lot of assets through ruling party. .

  20. Mr. Emmerson Munangagwa, who will deal with corrupt government ministers, such as those who recently stole Zimdef money?

  21. pple should begin attening zanupf gatherings to get land.who to vote for is their choice.there is all to lose in ignoring land simply bcoz its being distributed by is a right like water.whether its distributed by council,government,mdc,zpf,zapu or zanupf.just go for it and vote for aparty of your choice.through wisdom we are all zanupf’i wish i were a norton resident,then all my 4 sons would have got land on a zanupf ticket,and still vote for parties of their choice.desperate party is doing us great favour by speeding access to land.hameno havo vachasara vachiti zanu yakapa vayo chakati nechakati as if i

  22. as if imhosva kupiwa navo ovotera paunoda.myself i hv my own party,but land i through zanupf.pse hurry and do likewise while land is still is another vote according to your choice,and responsibly.educate each other on the importance of voting and getting regstered to vote.90pcnt opposition is unregstered,while the registered 10pcnt dont vote,they prefer just to demonstrate,yet there is over 10m eligible voters who can make an overwhelming unrigable margin

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