UZ denies certificates to anti-Mugabe protesters


FORMER University of Zimbabwe (UZ) student, Tonderai Dombo has claimed the registrar’s department is withholding his certificate and those of others as punishment for protesting in front of President Robert Mugabe at the recent graduation ceremony.


The trio of Dombo, Alex Mukamba and Tembinkosi Rushwaya protested at the graduation ceremony, expressing displeasure over the high unemployment rate and worsening economic situation in the country. They were later fined $10 each on public nuisance charges.

After the protest, Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo threatened to withhold their degrees, as punishment for their open protest.

Dombo told NewsDay yesterday that they had been told by officials in the registrar’s department that they would not get their certificates for reportedly embarrassing the institution in Mugabe’s presence.

“Firstly, I have been going to my faculty to look for my certificate and I was told it was not there. I was told I should check with the registrar, but at the registrar’s office I was told it was not there as well. Officials there told me to leave, but I refused, saying they had to give me a satisfactory answer,” he said, adding security was called to throw him out.

“I was then told I embarrassed the institution and, as such, I would not receive the certificate. My other colleagues were told the same.”

Dombo said he will engage lawyers to force the institution to release his certificate.

“I am now going to take legal action if they insist on not giving me (my certificate). I will look for a lawyer to take up our case, because, as far as I am concerned, they have no legal standing to act in the manner they are doing,” he said.

Dombo said he was awarded a place to pursue a master’s degree at UZ before the graduation protest and was shocked to hear they wanted to stop him for the demonstration.

However, UZ spokesperson, Daniel Chihombori said certificates were issued to graduates on the day of the graduation ceremony.

“We suspect that on the day, the said individuals were not at the venue, where the certificates were being issued,” he said.


  1. Vakamama dombo unoda kuzviona seunoziva do u thnk being called dombo mean ur a real stone..masters ipi yaunonyepera manewspaper iwe vaiita honours and u thnk ur tough than zipra and zanla forces.Maida kutsvaga mbr manje momama

    • unotozvirwarirao. mbiri vakatoita pane iwewe watisiri kutoziva. kuviga zita kutya kuita ka mbiri. vapei tawo vaende

    • “Dombo said he was awarded a place to pursue a master’s degree at UZ before the graduation protest and was shocked to hear they wanted to stop him for the demonstration”.


    • @Jozadi verenga nyaya zvakaka usinga mhanyi and avoid emotions to cloud you because you miss salient points raised in this story. It says in they story “Dombo said he was awarded a place to pursue a master’s degree at UZ before the graduation protest ……….”. Hazvina kunzi Dombo akaita Masters but zvanzi akapihwa nzvimbo yekuti aite Masters after graduating.

    • uri dinga chairo apa nekunyora chaiko haugoni. “vakamana” zvorevei? uri zidofo chairo. zvedzidzo yepamusoro haungazvinzwisise jozadi. kana wakaenda kuchikoro waidzidza wakadongorera nepafafitera(window)

  2. whatever it is let the institution release his certificate. why shld they hold it. Honours or Masters he worked for it. Zvasiyana nevaya vanopihwa maMasters for free

  3. The authorities are being overzealous does the law permit that nonsense?The students worked hard and earned those certificates,they are not honorary doctorates that are being awarded for nonexistent achievements. .

  4. The UZ, a pale shadow of the institution in the days of Prof Kamba who tried to protect it from political interference. Now it is persecuting students for doing what is part and parcel of university life around the world, student activism.

    Some members of our post independence cabinets and administration were either expelled or crossed into Zambia and Mozambique from the UZ. Now the UZ becomes like it was under the Rhodesia Front. Except that it was then a centre of excellence that did not dish out fake Phds.

  5. @jozadi , certificate iroro harina basa. he can use his academic transcript to get a job kuma NGO. Muri kutomuvhurira mukana kuma NGO. everyone knows akapedza degree rake akapasa thanks to the circus yamuri kuita. he wont need to produce his certificate kuma NGO, anongoti ndini uyauya wekudzikisira kamudhara pa graduation , kana ne interview haatozomboite kkkk

  6. jozadi uri mboko chaiwo. dombo akaverenga ko iwe wakaitei? fuza, rema mutindinyari waro chaiwo. mbavha idzi ngadzipe mwana mapepa ake ashaye basa aine zvaakaverengera. unoti vamama kuti adiii? hauna kukwana zvachose. dombo haana kuti akaita masters’ arikuti akanga apihwa nzvimbo yekuita masters’ ndoosaka ndati uri dofo, fuza, rema chairo. kana usinganzwisisi vhunza vanenge vanzwisisa vakubatsire kabiyasi chaiye

  7. He is being denied his certificate because they think he does not need it to vend on the streets of Harare. Some people are just overzealous on behalf of Mugabe for nothing. I don’t think Mugabe akati munyimei certificate. Pane ari kuda “mandihindini”. Shame on you!!

  8. Dombo deserve to have his certificate without engaging lawyers. If J. MOYO is there ,I think he wants to vent his political mess to the former students only. Give them jobs to prove them wrong. Cde Tekere is the only one who said vaMugabe is surrounded by crocks . Here is one them who stole money for these students and now he wants to punish them for no apparent reason.

  9. This Chihombori guy is lying only few faculties and programmes got their certificates on graduation day most vakazopiwa following week on Monday, tue etc

  10. Perhaps l like Zanu Pf and l love their principles but when it comes to education please have mercy on children of other people. Just imagine nocturnal hours of reading and you are not being given your certificate. Is this free education you fought for?. Im of the view that Dombo must gt his certificate and other actions must follow.

  11. Musorobhangu anorwadziwa koz mwana wa boss vake Chatunga idofo….
    Iye wacho kwaakuba mari ye zimdef.
    Mpfanha Dombo wakapenga tokupa 1 of our human rights lawyers for free upiwe mapepa ako zvako iwe.
    Ko makapedza ngavakupei mabasa hant vakati 2 mirrion jobhuzi dziripi???????

    Zanu PF-ungwa shoma

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