Jonathan Moyo reburies Gukurahundi slain father

HIGHER Education minister and Zanu PF politburo member, Jonathan Moyo’s family has sought permission from the Tsholotsho district administrator (DA) to allow them to rebury his father, who was allegedly killed during the Gukurahundi massacres.


The family wants to be allowed to exhume the remains of Moyo’s father, Melusi Job Mlevu, so he can be accorded a decent burial at the family shrine in Tsholotsho.

The process is being led by Moyo’s close family members, with the reburial tentatively set for this weekend in his Tsholotsho North constituency.

Mlevu, who was a PF-Zapu councillor, was reportedly abducted by the Fifth Brigade in 1982 and ordered to dig his own grave before he was killed in cold blood and shoved into the shallow grave.

He became one of the earliest victims of one of the darkest chapters in Zimbabwe’s history.

Moyo’s family recently sought permission to conduct the reburial ceremony from the DA, Gloria Raundi.

“As the Mlevu family, we, therefore, seek your approval for the reburial of our late relative and former councillor for Tsholotsho, Melusi Job Mlevu, who passed away in 1982,” read a letter to the DA dated September 28 and signed by Headman Mlevu, which was gleaned by NewsDay.

“His remains were buried between Kapanyana and Ziga. As a family, we want to properly rebury the remains where we have other family graves according to our cultural practices.
“The reburial will be open to members of the public and, if permission is granted, we will notify your respectable office of the time and date.”

Moyo yesterday confirmed Mlevu was his father, but professed ignorance over the family’s letter to the DA.

“I don’t know what you are talking about regarding the letter you are referring to, since I am neither its author nor its addressee,” he said in emailed responses.

“I don’t even know whether there’s such a letter and if there is, whether it’s authentic. But what I can say is that Melusi Mlevu, whom you mention, is not just a close relative, but my late father.”

Asked if the move was not likely to open old wounds, Moyo said: “I’m, therefore, insulted by the suggestion that finally giving him a decent resting place at his homestead would open any wound. To the contrary, the shallow grave in which his soul has failed to rest in peace all these years after he was tortured and made to dig it in the bush, before he was brutally murdered, is an open wound that needs to be closed.”

Moyo has repeatedly refused to be silenced over the thorny Gukurahundi issue, despite efforts by his Zanu PF colleagues to close the chapter without addressing the issues.

Thousands of affected people have failed to properly rebury their relatives for decades, with President Robert Mugabe describing the period as “a moment of madness”, but is yet to publicly apologise for unleashing the army on innocent civilians.

Remains of the Gukurahundi victims continue to be uncovered in some parts of Matabeleland, particularly in Lupane, an area that bore the brunt of the mass killings.

According to the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, Mugabe unleashed the North Korean-trained militia to crack down on alleged dissidents against his rule in Midlands and Matabeleland, resulting in the death of about 20 000 civilians.

In August, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa urged families, whose relatives died during the atrocities, to approach the Home Affairs ministry for permission to conduct reburials of their loved ones.

Habakkuk Trust director, Dumisani Nkomo yesterday said the move by Moyo’s family vindicates the quest by many affected families who want to rebury their relatives.

“There are a number of organisations that wanted to do the reburials, a few of the graves were done, but most of them were unsuccessful because the genocide has not been properly acknowledged,” he said.

“Moyo’s case shows that a lot of people in government and outside government are all victims of the massacre.

“There is need to have proper truth-telling instead of doing the process in instalments. Families have a right to rebury their loved ones and I think individual families should be allowed to do that.”

The reburial of Moyo’s father also comes following a nasty exchange of words between the Higher Education minister and former War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa, who claimed the late Zanu leader, Ndabaningi Sithole was the minister’s father.

The two were fighting at the height of serious factional wars in Zanu PF between war veterans and the G40 faction.

Mutsvangwa alleged Moyo was a “traitor” like his father, Sithole, a rant that prompted the former to threaten legal action against the expelled Zanu PF minister, whom he accused of defaming his mother.


  1. jonathan moyo. I don’t believe in the dead talking to the living. lets say that happens will your dad not call you a sell out. he doesn’t want to be reburied by zanu the people who killed him. I think spiritually you are asking for trouble because of youf craving for power. shame on you.

  2. Jonathan is one of the very few who have done good within the Zanu government. I see no wrong doing in the re-burial. Let them honour the dead.

    1. yes he has done gud to his pple in lupane … but if you looa at other high ranking pple in zanu they have even done much better to there pple the have given preference over everone else has the saleout moyo done the same he has been dineing and wining with those with power for his own benefit mainly…. buy the time there are no representative in power regins will be poorer

  3. What good can one do in this cruel government? I’m surprised this Moyo chap can actually rub shoulders on a daily basis with his father’s murderers or rather the authors of that sad chapter.

    1. If you cant beat them,join them!

      1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  4. Simboti we Zambe




  6. For the respect of the dead, the people who killed Mlevu should stay away from his reburial. Family & PF-Zapu cadres should give their colleague a befitting send-off to ensure closure.

  7. Taurai Nyararai

    Its clear from this story that Jonathan Moyo knows about the letter and the reporter who did the story knows that he knows about it. I see nothing wrong in re-burying the father. Its the family’s right to do that. But what I find uncalled for is Jonathan Moyo distancing himself from the letter as if he does not want the re-bural to take place. But he then goes on to confirm that he wants the burial to go ahead. The usual double standards

  8. So Jonathan Moyo,is actually Jonathan Ndlovu..the Mlevus r Ndlovu..I stand to be corrected.. bt am.dead sure..he is Jonathan Ndlovu

  9. The truth shall always come ,watch and see

  10. I hope the family will rebury the proper remains. There is mention of the remains being somewhere between kapanyana and ziga, there could be remains of many people that lay between ziga and Kapanyana. Who was there when Mlevu was killed. Moyo wants money he should just leave Zanu pf

  11. if this is true than one wonders the motives of Jonathan Moyo siding with the murderers of his own father every time, he defends Mugabe so many times in spite of him being guilty of all these thousand who lost their lives. Your father will never forgive Moyo for selling out the people’s cause with gold and silver .Even now he is denying because of fear of being victimized by his masters, what a shame!!!

  12. jonathan can you re bury your father ndabaningi please.

  13. Its a sad chapter of our history and the profesor wants this history forgoten.He forgave all.Its his supporters who wish otherwise.but for him its move on.not only him but his whole constituency agree wth him,to move on.It is a bad history ,like nazi war on world, but still the world moved on.Zim must move on .Otherwise if not then do something about it and move on after that.

  14. Hahaha @Prof_JNdlovu kkkk

  15. Mutoriti don’t be selective on issues to comment!U wer silent the rest of yesterday becoz the issues we had wer shameful

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  17. Jonah is just kick starting a process which the Vice President ‘Ngwena’ allowed to happen. Plenty will come up and certainly as much as it brings closure it will first open old wounds. For us who survived the ‘madness moment’ we say indeed it was a sad chapter of our history. But pliz “STOP IT”. DON’T ABDUCT, DON’T KILL.

  18. Tete Viola Gwena tho i agree wth yu ,why is yo party still killing.can yu just answer that.

  19. So which is correct here the last time it was claimed that Ndabaningi Sithole was his father and the surname of the father is Mlevu so where did the surname came from?

  20. Willard Tramposo.

    Imagine digging your own grave and after that buried in it. Thats BAD, inhuman and deplorable. Hutsinye hwacho hwakanyanyisa.

  21. He went to a muti man who probably told him that the death of his daughter was caused by not giving the deceased father a proper burial. I am sure about that.

  22. @Ruwizi. We r talking of history,.what hapened many yrs ago.noone is being killed now.No killing here.Only maybe in South Africa.

  23. Jona akatotsiva kare akavanda neZanu PF payaitsakatsana kuMasvingo iye achifoma AIPA yokurovesa nokupondesa vanhu nemapurisa. Kanonzi Jona very intelligent kkkkkk. Remember he once said if you cant beat them join them and destroy them frm within. Look at Zanu PF now. All the factions are crafted from Jona tsuro magen’a.

  24. This Jonathan Moyo is behind the scheming and political problems in the party. He is doing a very good job of tearing the party from within.

  25. Mutsvangwa is dead right…Jonso luks like Ndabaningi Sithole!

  26. why does he go by the name Moyo even his kids apparently use that name or totem name. just curious.

  27. Seems Zimbos are not yet ripe,hamusati maibva.when the time arrives there won’t be need for all this yep yep on media & social media.kana mazonyanya kushupika zvachabuda pachena zvoga,bcz u guys talk too much & less action on the groun yindava kudaro..ini ziiii semunhu akapusa

  28. From Air Simbabwe,to Madam president to Army Commander Chatunga the list will be endless muchingotiitira noise muno,kana maibva mozonyatsotaura


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