Construction players eye consortium to win big contracts

Players in the construction industry in Midlands province have agreed to pool their resources together and form a consortium of contractors aimed at winning mega local tenders, often awarded to regional and international companies.


Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association Midlands chapter secretary-general, Fordson Ndlovu said the government and the private sector should favour indigenous construction players, as they have the country’s economic interests at heart.

“We have to form a consortium if we are to clinch big projects that are usually given to regional and international companies,” he said at the association’s provincial meeting in Gweru last week.

“If we pull in one direction and put our machinery and human capital together, we can have one voice and win these big construction deals hence the need for a consortium.”

Ndlovu, the managing director of Fordson Construction, said there was need to promote local contractors in line with the ZimAsset cluster on infrastructural development for economic development.

Local contractors have often cried foul that there was a misconception that they provide sub-standard services, hence, the awarding of multi-million dollar tenders to regional and international companies.

Some of the big projects, which had potential to benefit local construction players in the province, include the $14 million mega shopping mall under construction opposite the Zimbabwe Military Academy along Bulawayo road, funded by the Zimbabwe Electricity Industry Pension Fund, and the $6,5 million Zanu PF conference centre built four years ago by the Chinese.

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    1. Builders in Gweru are so greedy. I got quotations from over 4 for a construction project I wanted done.
      All of them were quoting as if vane masvikiro. I failed to understand how they got to those numbers.
      I approached a certain foreign group and the quotes were well broken down and well explained to detail.
      I was even given the option to buy my own material, or help with general labour.
      Now, the local builders can meet and pool resources together all they like. I will not even think of engaging them again.
      I feel they are greedy and just watch the in-fighting this new group will have

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