I can’t demilitarise Zec: Makarau

ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (Zec) chairperson, Justice Rita Makarau yesterday reportedly told opposition parties that her hands were tied and could not demilitarise the electoral management body’s secretariat because the employees had binding employment contracts.


Makarau made the remarks during her meeting with representatives of opposition parties falling under the banner of National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera).

Nera’s head of legal affairs, Douglas Mwonzora said Makarau said she had no problem with the Diaspora vote and that Zec would soon start using the bio-metric voter registration system.

“The Zec chairperson admitted that there were members of the security services within Zec, but argued that Zec’s hands were tied because these officers had contracts of employment with Zec,” he said.

“She invited the political parties to address the legal issues on how to deal with these employees on the next meeting. A legal brief is thus being prepared for discussion in the next meeting.” Nera demanded that there must be monitors of the voter registration programme.


  1. Better to boycott 2018 elections if Zec is not demilitarised and independent!

  2. with mugabe not likely to contest 2018 elections zimbabwe is expected to have its first free and fair elections ever.

    1. wakazvinwa kupi izvozvo he is our candidate for 2018

      1. How come you do not have youthful candidates than abuse the old man without any clue to the current challenges.Mwana wevhu be serious in this day.

  3. ma’am Makarau, do the right thing for the sake of our children. Cde Mugabe, Cde Mnangagwa & the entire entourage, on behalf of all peace loving Zimbabweans, thank you for the pivitol roles you’ve played in Zimbabwean politics, war & independence. The new Zimbabwean generation needs your guidance, to build their future. Let it be known to you that, Zimbabwe is now moneyless. Most of our children do not know the Zimbabwe dollar currency. The liberation war & independence to them will be meaningless. Why? It is because, you’ve deprived them of their teenage hood. They’ve known poverty, demonstrations, tortures, abductions, broadday murders, stealing in the name of partisanship, all their livehoods. What do they learn from that? A police, army which is partisan to an individual or organ? Is this the legacy of the Zimbabwe you fought for? How about for those who failed to make it to an independent ZIMBABWE during the war. Zimbabwe is a sovereign state is what you preach. Evan Mawarire, a pastor was subjected to your wrath. A man of GOD who simply differed from your points. Promise Mkwanazi, pointing out we need electoral reforms, voters’ registrations, jobs, offering a better solution to the “BOND NOTES”. To mention a few. We’ve no future your excellencies if you want to run the show alone. Let’s build ZIMBABWE together. GOD bless ZIMBABWE

  4. Why were these officers employed in the first place it needs to clean the slate and start on afresh

  5. Sindoora Aniketi

    Generational gap. Kkkkk

  6. our current situation in this country nid like minded people.others had become millionares two years after indepentence and they are ignorant to share the same cake with ordinary people.

  7. shame to the so called zimbabwean leadership

  8. Jongwe Rachembera

    If her hands tied why doesn’t she do the right thing and resign in protest. Makarura was hand picked because Mugabe trusted her to rig elections from the start she was never chosen to run an independent ZEC capable of organising free and fair elections. Diaspora votes will be open for abuse and further manipulation to rig the outcome. Election boycott won’t work because the Zanu pf proxy parties like Mujuru and company will run no matter what and legitimise any rigged election and its outcome.

  9. Makarau will be killed if she dismissed security elements in ZEC. Chiwenga will not have that. She can only resign from outside the Zimbabwean borders ,or she will be taken out. No to diaspora vote under the current conditions. That will be another magnificent avenue for Mugabe and Nikuv to win the elections resoundingly. They are gonna rig the bio-metric based vote too. We need to work hard to out flank them completely.

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