AMHVoices: Norton people must dump Zanu PF

One person Zanu PF leaders hate is Temba Mliswa. Ever since his sacking from that anti-people party, he has given them sleepless nights divining what his next move might be.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa

Mliswa is a thorn in their political foot because of his vociferous hard talk, against Zanu PF policies which has earned him respect from the nation. The Norton parliamentary by-election is their latest battlefield with him.

This is a battle Mliswa must win in order to humiliate his political opponents, some of whom have become personal enemies. He has, the support and numbers which can silence the hallucinating Zanu PF candidate and his handlers.

This time he might easily do it by sinking the Zanu PF candidate into the political hellhole and head back to Parliament. Mliswa, standing as an independent candidate, is solidly backed by all opposition parties, war veterans, angry Zanu PF members who know their party primary elections were rigged etc. In contrast, his main rival is only getting splintered support from the ever-quarrelling Zanu PF G40 and Team Lacoste factions.

This makes it very difficult for any candidate participating in this electoral contest to defeat him. Mliswa has led a violence-free campaign. The constituency has accepted his message. By defeating the Zanu PF candidate, Mliswa would have added nitric acid to the bleeding wound of corruption threatening to destroy Zanu PF from within.

The Zanu PF candidate’s campaign team stands accused of using force, intimidation, beatings, abduction etc. Such primitive election tactics will never frighten people to vote for a party of corruption. This is the time for Norton people to dump Zanu PF. Voting for Zanu PF is endorsing corruption, abductions, unemployment, poverty, torture and killings. People need to make the right choice and distance their constituency from the callous grasp of the
mafia-like Zanu PF regime.

The appearance of Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko and Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere in Norton at a Zanu PF rally bragging that anyone who stole or steals from government coffers to support Zanu PF programmes will never be arrested put their candidate in an unenviable position, making sure Ronald Chindedza loses by a wide margin. Who can vote for people who boast of stealing from them?

What escaped Mphoko and Kasukuwere is that people know that government officials steal to make themselves and their cronies rich.

No one is stealing for the poor people. Boasting about stealing and self-enrichment in front of people, some of whom cannot afford three meals a day, was diabolic. These guys do not have shame.

No one needs Zanu PF anymore. Enough of this criminal regime. The nation is waiting for a Zanu PF defeat in Norton.

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  1. Merciless ,arrogant ,daylight robbers why should the vice-president defends criminals in such a way ,he {Mpoko ] and Kasukuwere are well-known criminals but one day is one day

  2. Telling people that thieving is allowed as long as you are affiliated with ZANU PF is it right or are words from idiots nxiiii

    1. They must me arrested for their wrong doings and statements.

  3. This is the toughest by election

  4. Vanhu vaipururudzira umbavha hwezanu. Aya. Handizivi kuti vanhu vakaita sei? Kupururudzira mbavha.
    Pane vamwe vakatobikirwa doro rokuba. Varikuita mapipi ekuba vachiti varikuitira vanotambura.
    Ndokutonga here kuba muchienda nezvamaba kuvanhu vezanu. Aa mandiura. Saka mukanzwa kuti pane aba anenzara munotii? Muchati here anga ave nenzara. imika imi.

  5. I wish ZANU PF loses so that it will have a telling on the 2018 outcome.
    Pasi nembavha dze ZANU PF.
    Pasi nemwana wehure Patrick Zhuwao.
    Pasi nemhombwe Chombo.
    Pasi nekoronyera Saviour Kasukuwere.
    Pasi nesasikamu, unpopular and unknown VP Mboko, imboko yemunhu.
    Pasi nechi down sydrome Kudzai Chipanga.

  6. Its time to ensure thieves never get into office again – they don’t even know what they are saying anymore …. high on stolen loot. idiots.

  7. upenzi hwanyanya

    Benzi ibenzi harichinji, umbavha uhwu ndehwemakudo chaiwo

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