Wait for 2018: Chihuri tells opposition

POLICE Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, has warned opposition political parties to stop pushing for President Robert Mugabe’s ouster before the end of his term, but wait for another opportunity to challenge him in the 2018 general elections.



Addressing officers commanding police districts and provinces on the Public Order and Security Act (Posa), Chihuri on Friday vowed to crush any demonstrations against Mugabe’s rule.

“The motive of these demonstrations is to try and remove a legitimately-elected Head of State, as if those wishing were denied the opportunity to participate in the previous elections, where they failed dismally and, as if there are no chances of any elections in future,” Chihuri said.

“Everyone knows that there is the ballot in 2018, giving everyone a chance to go and try their luck once more. Their perpetual demonstrations cannot be condoned. They should wait for the ballot.”

Chihuri, who has publicly declared his allegiance to Zanu PF, accused the opposition parties of engaging in acts of violence and disturbing peace “because they are driven by hate and a political desire to cause mayhem and anarchy.”
He ordered his subordinates to toe the line or jump ship.

“I am aware that some among you may be suffering from certain illusion (mutyutyu) and ignorance, but I want to make it abundantly clear that we are dealing with matters of national security and, therefore, we expect each and every one of you to play
ball within the dictates of the law. Those that feel they cannot stand the heat are free to jump ship,” Chihuri said.

His comments came at a time police officer commanding Harare district Chief Superintendent Newbert Saunyama, has banned peaceful demonstrations in Harare’s central business district for a month.

Chihuri also defended police heavyhandedness in crushing demonstrations, saying: “Indeed, policing experiences the world over, even in mature democracies, is that no social deviants, the criminally-minded would ever thank the police for thwarting their criminal intents. If this was to happen, it would be analogous to a rat thanking the cat for patrolling its home. So it is not surprising to hear the buzz phrase of ‘police brutality’ from those who wish to employ violence to unseat a constitutional government.”

The police boss added: “Brazen attempts aimed at vilifying the police as a brutal and heartless organisation will never dissuade us from discharging our constitutional mandate.”

Chihuri also insinuated that anti-government demonstrations were always designed to coincide with key regional and international events such as Sadc, African Union, European Union and United Nations Summit summits in order to blackmail Mugabe’s government and please “Western funders”.

He appealed to Attorney-General Prince Machaya to ensure people with financial means “and spurred by evil agendas” were not allowed to challenge and abuse the law.

“At times, there are occasions when we feel facts are not properly represented or that the Attorney-General’s Office has acted unilaterally or on their own volition without representing our interests and those of innocent citizens going about their daily chores and the nation at large.”

But opposition parties yesterday reacted angrily to Chihuri’s utterances, accusing him of “partisanship and acting like a Zanu PF political commissar”.

“One of the mistakes was to allow people like Chihuri to continue in office. They act as if the Constitution was not changed.
Demonstrations are like the 2018 elections — a constitutional right,” People’s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said: “Chihuri is not a politician. He has no business lecturing to opposition political parties when to and when not to stage peaceful demonstrations. Chihuri should not adopt a condescending and patronising attitude to Zimbabweans. In fact, he is part of the problem and not part of the solution.”

MDC’s Kurauone Chihwayi also lambasted Chihuri, saying he was trying to curry favour with Mugabe while attempting to defeat the people and the Constitution.

“Chihuri is trying to be relevant in the political sphere in Zanu PF. In this attempt, he is trying desperately to speak Mugabe’s language, including that of attacking the judiciary and threatening the people. He has acted in the most unprofessional manner in his quest to be a loyal service chief to Mugabe,” Chihwayi said.


  1. Kkkk….This Chihuri guy is suffering from amnesia. He is the same guy who told the nation that he will never be loyal to a president with no liberation war credentials. What you said that day is what is causing social unrest today. People no longer have trust in the electoral system because of the utterances you make when you are high on krango. The Zimbabweans are simply saying NO TO Nikuv choreographed elections they want real elections

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  3. no we did not say first that Mugabe must go, but we have said reforms. what are you hearing chihuri. anywhere who are you. why are talking like a politicians when a civil servant.

  4. by the way are you a Christian chihuri. which god are you worshipping which makes you not to hear people carefully and join liers like jonathan moyo. if you are one. don’t you know that GOD demands you to fight sin in your camp. you are not doing that.

  5. why should we wait for 2018 when those elections are being rigged right now in our faces. and you know it. Mugabe declares dates of elections only when he knows he has won them already or when he knows that the rigging mechinary is fully working and the opposition is not aware of it.

  6. When 15 billion dollars disappears without a trace & while some ministers are building 50 bedroom mansions then it becomes difficult to wait like a sitting duck for 2018

  7. Chihuri – just hear this! The people do not want Zanu! They want change! Zanu spends its entire time planning elections instead of running the country properly. For them it is more important to win an election than to manage the country properly, root out corruption and keep a tight rein on the fiscus. That is why the people want them gone!! You are obviously very happy in your position and that is why you want everything to remain the same. What about the citizens of the country?

    1. People dont want Zanu, but change to be led by who? The protests are so misguided – nobody really knows the agenda and who is driving it. For me, as long as the opposition comes in different factions, we can forget change, or we will be worse off in a fractious state where the change proponents will devour each other later. If the opposition is organised and united, they can unseat Zanu in 2018. Remember, the Simba Makoni factor in 2008 and MDC T’s sleeping on duty in 2013! Chihuru is right to tell people to wait for 2018. I wonder what electoral reforms the ZimPF party now want, yet they were for the same environment only yesterday. Politicians are just dishonest!

  8. Willard Tramposo.

    If iam not mistaken, the opposition is ‘imploring’ you to level the playing field. They go to the extent of offering your constables flowers as a sign of peace and love, but your guys react in an uncivilised way.
    We dont blame you, Cde Police boss, you have children and wife to look after and you have to say that to protect your job. However, what i know in life is, nothing lasts forever. What goes around comes around.

  9. People are never demonstrating for Mugabe to go; they are simply saying create an environment where people choose their national leaders freely. What part of that call is difficult? You want everyone to wait for 2018 when ZANU PF started to prepare for 2018 soon after being declared winners in 2013. We also know that you are ready for 2023 but you want every one to wait. VaChihuri don’t act true to your name, Chihuri (bolt and lock) to democracy. Vana vatambura, hamunzwi neyi vakomana? Moda kuti magamba akafira nyika ino akumukirei zvipoko here kuti munzwe?

  10. So Chihuri yu mean we must wait for the 2018 for election reforms again the demonstrations on ground is about reforms shut up your pusie

  11. So Chihuri yu mean we must wait for the 2018 for election reforms again the demonstrations on ground is about reforms shut up your pusie and yu a not a politician yu a a civil servant

  12. Don’t support that BOB now he influence other African leaders to quit UN because of reforms which started 2005 but us here in Zimbabwe he doesn’t want to hear any reforms (ELECTRORAL) ? go hang Bob

  13. Bambo Chihuri siyai chipurisa monobatana pachena neZANU PF yenyu,mutemo upi wamunoteedza imimi nhasi ruzhinji ndooyaamhandu yenyu pachinzvimbo chekuti mutidzivirire maakutoti shungurudza baba imi shamhu yamucharohwa nayo namwari nembatiro enyu ayo gehena munoripinda muripasi pano,chatoda kunzwa kuti mawana 15billion yakanyangadika zvematongerwo enyika siyanai nazvo kwete kuti kwose muriko,tinyarei mhani

  14. zimbabwean citizen

    During the early days of the uprising in February, Gaddafi launched a wild and desperate TV tirade against the “rats” and “cockroaches” conspiring against him.

    The early days were different to the later days. Gaddafi was found in drain like a rat.
    Mr. Chihuri , these are just early days . Time is ticking away and all this will be history. You words will be quoted on of these days though it might seem impossible. You might trust in your weapons and battalions but we will trust in the Creator of all human beings who are all equal before Him. God hates anyone who oppresses his people.

  15. What else can we expect from the likes of Chihuri,besides siding with his grandmaster who has given him all the immunity to loot and steal from the public coffers and in taking corruption to dizzy heights.You and your other colleagues in army,cio and prison were strategically positioned by your president so that you can steal and loot at will with impunity and in return you religiously defend your master at all costs even if it means abducting,maiming and killing of innocent citizens.We know where you are coming and we know that you have never experienced the suffering that many of us have endured since 1980 because you have been getting everything that you want .Independence was only brought for the likes of you and other zanu pf apologists.So for the poor ,and suffering Zimbabwe to demand a fair share of the cake is actually a threat to your feeding trough.The good thing is there now very little left to steal,and whether you make us wait for 2018 or not,the writing is on the wall.Very soon you and your partners in looting will be running in all directions like headless chickens but to no avail.You understand well the law of karma.Be warned

  16. Everyone else and all Opposition Parties themselves know very well exactly what they are AGAINST(or fighting against) thus Pres.Mugabe & ZANU PF but nobody know exactly what they are FOR(what they are for or the ideology they represent)…they are orgns with no meaningful Orientation & lacks long term national Vision..they are reactionary sell-outs who suffer from false & treacherous belief that real DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM is only achieved when the playing field is turned to their FAVOUR..despite that Election reforms are EMBEDDED in the new constitution,they think the struggle for DEMOCRACY in Zimbabwe is a reality when there is a REGIME CHANGE.A a loose coalition of opposition parties a loose coalition of opposition parties under the banner NERA seem to be ignorant that the new CONSTITUTION delivers these REFORMS.While the demonic Western imperialists believes that free and fair elections are conducted when Opposition Parties win Only in Africa.Indeed HYPOCRITE & TREACHEROUS #Khama will get his Karma..he shld concentrate in running his puppet & immoral desert state.#gushungochetechete

    1. what a humba thinks all the time is scavenging for human waste, reads between the lines and produces toxic waste! Putting on blinkers.

  17. Ngavatinyararire officer avo vekufenda paparade dzokono voti ibhutsu yaishinya. Stupid and corrupt guy. Take you medication and enjoy your loot in silence.

  18. Gushungochetechete in the grave very soon . He will be alone yes ! On his own. Zimbabwe does not belong to Zanu Pf or Mugabe alone. They used to say Smith chete chete or Rhodesian Front for the next 1000 years . Its a shame he was replaced by a worse black Smith . replaced by another Front (zanu pF.) A Front of oppression!

  19. All receipts from roadblocks never find their way to National treasury and the police boss churns out rubbish Chihoro

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