Tale of Charity Nzenza’s 2 graves

THE late diplomat Charity Nzenza, wife of former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) boss Retired Brigadier-General Elisha Muzonzini, has two graves, NewsDay can reveal.



Muzonzini is currently embroiled in an estate wrangle with the Nzenza family, who are accusing him of abusing his powers in clinging to their late daughter’s “wealth”, including a farm, a car and several houses.

Nzenza, who worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for over 20 years, has two graves.

One is at Glen Forest Memorial Park, where her remains were interred, while another “empty” grave, bearing her name, is at her family’s rural homestead at Mataruse village in Chikomba District.

Both graves have tombstones bearing her name and personal details, but the family decided only to retain her maiden surname on the tombstone at the rural home.

According to the family head, Sydney Nzenza, the late Charity’s spirit was symbolically “reburied” in Chivhu on May 15 this year.
The family is currently planning a traditional ceremony to bring back her spirit into the family, known in Shona culture known as kurova guva, on Friday next week, he said.

The tombstone on the grave at the rural home carries the inscription: “Chihera Mukonde akadzoka kune vedzinza rake,” which loosely translates into “Charity came back to her own”.

Nzenza said Muzonzini had been denying the family access to the grave at Glen Forest and that he put a tombstone on their daughter’s grave without the family’s knowledge.

“We are a family that is guided by cultural beliefs and traditions and we had to rebury our relative because she is part of us. She doesn’t belong to any other family. Muzonzini first unveiled a tombstone at our daughter’s grave without our knowledge, and we were against that,” he said.

“According to our culture, we then took soil from Charity’s grave and reburied her in Chivhu. That is where she belongs. We unveiled the tombstone and on September 23, we are going to perform the traditional rites of bringing her spirit back into the family.”

Nzenza said Charity’s “reburial” was acknowledged by the community in Mataruse village and treated with the rites and reverence attendant to any normal burial.

“The reburial of Charity was emotional. The relatives and villagers wept uncontrollably as if it was a fresh tragedy. We reburied Charity and we did not tell him (Muzonzini). Charity is our heroine and no one can take her away from us,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Muzonzini were fruitless.

A bitter wrangle between both parties over the estate of the late diplomat has spilled into the courts, with the latest developments indicating Muzonzini had sued his in-laws for defamation.

According to court papers, the former CIO boss, through his lawyers Nyika Kanengoni and Partners Legal Practitioners, is suing Nzenza for $50 000, accusing him of calling him a fraudster and corrupt individual.

The Nzenza family, however, said they were now at peace because their daughter’s spirit was at rest.

Elderly women in Mataruse have begun brewing traditional opaque beer, while a beast to be slaughtered on the day, as part of the traditional rites has been secured.

“You might think that it is only just the soil we buried, but as per our culture, Charity lies here with us now,” Nzenza said.


  1. I might not be closely or directly related to the Nzenza family but I will attend the ‘kurova guva’ ceremony next week out of respect and admiration for Dr Sekai Nzenza. I will share one or two lagers with Priscilla(Piri) on this culturally important day.

  2. Willard Tramposo.

    Whats the story all about?

    1. Zvinei newe Mubvumbi Willard?

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  4. Aichaya mapoto here kana ihama dzakungoda hupfumi hwaakasiya? We have not appreciated the modern times that when a husband or wife dies the surviving spouse inherits whatever they have except if there is a will changing that arrangement.

  5. Is this the columnist in the Herald?

    1. Nathaniel Masikati

      Nope, the columnist is Dokota Sekai Nzenza.

  6. The reporter and the editor are obviously blinded by the fact that this story involves a senior CIO operative. but the real story they are not telling us is that this is a story where two sides are purely fighting for inhertence. Its much more than kungoti hee takatora mwana wedu tikamudzosa kumusha. Please inform us your readers what the law says in such cases. if the CIO was married to the woman why should he not enjoy the rights like any other spouse? simply because he is CIO? Give us seriousness Mr Editor

  7. This is sad especially when culture is abused for personal benefits. If a married man dies the Wife and her family claims everything, take the mans’ relatives to court and use the modern law and quote all sorts of chapters to inherit whatever is on offer. When a woman dies, the family uses all sorts of culture references to get whats on offer. WHAT IS MARRIAGE FOR THEN?

  8. Shonas when it comes to death and money extortion tactics they come up with all excuses and allegations kurova guva, Ngozi what ever stories they can imagine

  9. kugara ne stranger kunonetsa regai tigare tega zviri nani!!! 2 graves for what? does that bring her back to life? people think, dont be obessed by material issues,ko charity wacho anga asina vana here nababa ava nhai reporter?that why it is written R.I.P ,let the dead rest in peace.

  10. Greedy inlaws

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