Swiss firm partners locals in solar deal

The meeco Group has partnered with the country’s leading local electric industrial and manufacturing and distribution concern, Powerspeed Electrical, to build clean energy projects countrywide.



The partnership has led to the creation of a joint venture firm, Onesun Solar Ltd.

The meeco Group is a Swiss-based clean energy provider and will deliver its solar turnkey solutions, such as the solar energy generation and storage system, sun2live; the rooftop solar solution, sun2roof; and the energy management system, sun2safe.

These solar power solutions are being sold through Powerspeed’s 16 outlets in Zimbabwe and also directly to private and commercial clients, the meeco Group said in a statement.

The company said the most requested solar solution was the energy management system, sun2safe, which meets the energy requirements of private households and other small to medium-size facilities.

Onesun Solar Ltd has already purchased 19 sun2safe units for the Zimbabwean market, it said.

The first 10kVA-sized sun2safe was implemented at an Electrosales hardware outlet, a division of Powerspeed, for showcasing the benefits of the product to clients.

A second unit (10kVA) was installed in the Powerspeed Central Stores premises, it said.

“Today, Powerspeed is one of the most experienced hardware and electrical retailers in Zimbabwe, with an excellent market position and network,” Sebastian Bovensiepen, meeco’s chief operating officer, said. “Our mutual expertise makes Onesun Solar Ltd the most experienced PV provider in Zimbabwe, which will have a significant impact on the development of the photovoltaic market in Zimbabwe.”
The meeco Group was consolidated in 2000 and oriented its main focus towards the energy sector.

With headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, the group has operations in four continents.

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