Mystery over Mugabe trip

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe arrived in Dubai early yesterday morning, amid speculation he was picking up his family before heading for Singapore.

by Everson Mushava/Blessed Mhlanga


According to online flight data, Mugabe landed in Dubai at 7:20am local time, after taking off on a chartered Air Zimbabwe plane, Boeing 767-2N0 (ER) UM1, at Harare International Airport at 10:45pm on Tuesday.

This was about three hours after touching down from Swaziland, where he left the 36th Sadc Heads of State and Government Summit, which ended yesterday.

Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba, yesterday declined to shed light on the purpose of Mugabe’s visit to the Asian country, saying he would rather let the media dwell and delight on “a default explanation” that his boss was ill.

“Each time you people don’t know the purpose of the President’s visit, there is always a default explanation that he is ill,” he said.

“So the life of the President springs between a known mission and illness. If I don’t tell you the purpose, it should be illness.

“I will not give you the purpose of the President’s visit to run away from the default explanation. This is not new. It is year in, year out; he is sick, he dies and resurrects. His life until the age of 92 revolves around illness and death.”

Well-placed sources told NewsDay Mugabe landed in Dubai to pick up his family en route to Singapore, where the 92-year old leader has frequented over the past few years to receive medical attention, as his health continues to deteriorate due to advanced age and a punishing work schedule.

However, others insist Mugabe had a scheduled trip to the Middle East on private business.

Before his Monday trip to Swaziland, Mugabe was in Kenya, where he attended the Tokyo International Conference on Africa’s Development, together with other African leaders.

His continued Asian trips for medical attention have often triggered a storm back home, with opposition political parties and observers saying he was no longer fit to govern the country due to his deteriorating health.

They also blamed Mugabe for running down the country’s health system because he was privileged to get medical attention in foreign countries, while the majority could not afford to access basis health care.

MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Mugabe’s trip to Dubai was a serious source of financial leakages for a Treasury that was already broke.

“In as much as we sympathise with Mugabe over his health problems, we urge him to search his soul and conscience, so that he sees that in his current physical shape and going towards 93, it is not good to cling onto power,” he said.

“He should go and rest and allow the nation to move forward in capable hands.” Gutu said Mugabe’s continuous travels were a serious drain to the fiscus.

People’s Democratic Party spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said the Dubai trip showed that Mugabe had lost touch with reality and had misplaced priorities.

“The President is no longer in touch with the priorities of the nation,” he said.

“We need a President, who is in good health, and not one who needs to be mended now and again. We, as a nation, should hang our heads in shame at this display by the one who is supposed to be our chief diplomat,” he said.
But Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) spokesperson, Jealous Mawarire said the nation should not be worried about Mugabe’s trip to Dubai because he was now of little value to the nation.

“It doesn’t mean anything that Mugabe cut short an important State visit not to attend anything pressing here at home or anything pressing in Dubai, because even when he is here at home, he would be sleeping,” he said.
Mawarire said in the absence of evidence, ZimPF could only speculate that Mugabe had gone to Dubai for medical attention.

Mugabe’s frequent travels to Asia have often sparked a flurry of speculation over his health, but Zanu PF and the government insist the President is in good shape and “as fit as a fiddle”.


  1. The ongoing protests must be taking their toll on the old man. No president in the world would be able to sleep well at night in a country where there is at least 1 demo every week!!

    1. What happened to the much hyped Stayaway by #Thisflag #Thatflag #Otherflag #Tajamuka #Tazomama #NcubeisaMonkey?

      1. Wena into oyifunayo ngumsindo kuphela (not solutions to our problems).

        1. The Problem is Zimbabwe is that the opposition is very weak and scared of Mugabe to death!! If Morgan Tsvangirai had not entered the Government of nation unity with Mugabe as prime minister, Zimbabwe could have been on a different path! Look what happened also to the movement Thisflag. Instead of staying in Zimbabwe and focusing on the issues facing the country, the founder decided to head for USA for a better life for himself and his family and its all about greed for recognition and attention from international sympathizers

    2. The last sentence refers. Am interested in the word “fiddle” – another name for the bowed string musical instrument more often called a violin… Dis I see bowed?

      Yes, fit as a fiddle indeed!

  2. We are all cowards……whether ZANU PF or Opposition..our president need to be resting.
    He can not cope with his work schedule. Yet we all look and do not help him.
    The presidebt himself knows that he cannot cope. He is waiting for people around him to say Mr President can we help you, yet all those close to him are all cowards. He is running a relay and is coming to an end of his lap, yet noone is willing to grab the stick from him and carry on…….shame on you ZANU PF leardership

    1. Can’t someone just push him down the stairs already. Will pay you handsomely

    2. i don`t agree with that mugabe is their puppet

  3. Chifa mhani. Wasting our money nxaa

  4. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Are these trips not at the state’s expense?

  5. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    It should be noted that the rural populace can’t even afford a donkey drawn cart as an ambulance supposed to ferry them to the nearest rural clinic which is at 20km away.At the extreme end of our society we have the big chiefs who use chartered planes as their ambulances to seek advanced medical attention at highly equipped clinics abroad.

  6. Kurai JoshuaTsododo

    Manipulate the constitution to give himself more years in power.
    Rig the elections.
    Kill and thwart freedom of speech.
    Kill 20k people in Matebeleland.
    Be promiscuos without impeachment.
    Derail the wheels of the economy.
    Kill the country.
    Dictate on his people.

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    2. I agree with you Kurai; we deserve everything that has happened to us

  7. Very disgusting nxaaaaa,he must be thrown out of office.

  8. That is no mystery at all, the real mystery is, “Why should Africans worship their former slave and colonial master the white man?” The Israelis do not worship Egyptians.

    1. ADF – there is no suggestion of “worshipping” any one – the intelligent suggestion is to “work with” any one who can help us put this Country right.

      1. @Thefuture: That is how and where Africans get it wrong, by trying to be smart. God said,”You shall have no other God except me. I will punish to the third and fourth generation those who hate me.” You worship your enemy the white man instead of God, you will definitely be punished.

        1. ADF – I fully agree with your Christian doctrine of not worshiping any other God, however I do believe that as Africans, we are smart enough to know with who we should work. Long gone are the days of the “ignorant peasant”. Put the right people in place and let them use their skills and education to create the needed environment.

          1. @Thefuture, you cannot try to be smart over God, learn to be obedient and don’t try to be logical that is the very reason why we are in this mess. You cannot try to put the right people in place as you say, before you repent and start worshiping the true God the creator, otherwise you will labour in vain. Idolatry is the cardinal sin, think of the punishment of your third and forth generation now.

  9. Christopher Ndiweni, Zim PF

    Zimbabwe is on fire. Tourists are warned not to visit Victoria Falls from 2-6 September 2016 because the resort will be burning as NERA will be in action.

    1. After the big flop of a stayaway yesterday? Idont think so

  10. The moment Zimbabweans vested power on individuals at the expense of institutions is when you indeliberately created dictatorship and hardcore leadership. No wonder you are at pains to retrieve normalcy. Globetrotting Mugabe and his cronies can hardly let go. Zimbabwe, a country of many firsts. Notwithstanding, keep charging to meet the required humane threshold.

  11. Mugabe’s aeroplane (actually it belongs to the people of this country) is still in Dubai as at 08.30 am this Thursday morning. If he was to go to Singapore he would have left yesterday. Mugabe is a very sick and ill old dictator who is currently lying in a hospital bed getting either a blood transfusion or at best a brain transplant. This will give his wife time to go shopping in the Dubai Mall. I wonder where he got the dollars from, and why did his plane travel to Dubai using a route that took him right out into the Indian Ocean via overhead the Seychelles. That happened because the authorities did not want to spook anybody by trying to get overflight clearance in the middle of the night – rather fly out over the empty Indian Ocean and maintain radio silence.

    1. Why a route into the Indian Ocean, indeed? Leading to speculation that the plane was initially headed for Singapore, then re-routed to Dubai as an emergency. Interesting constellation of events where we now also have a 2 week ban on demonstrations announced. Why 2 weeks, as opposed to say, one month? And why a ban when the courts have already, recently upheld the right to peaceful demonstration? I see wisps of smoke..

    2. Brain transplant? We’re not there yet medically.

  12. charamba wakutoshayaka ma statement buisness ripi riri ku dubai? Kasi kwakutengeswa new weapons on how to rig an election?just tell us kuti aenda kunoitei chete chete zvawakutaura zvekuti heh its blah blah blah tell your boss were is our 40 acres on the moon! you want to turn us into your troops and fight your wars! if that is what they taught you at xul kuti ndozvinoita spokesperson then you are lost my brother completely lost.Is it not taxpayers money that pays for all those trips saka we have a right to know ukaramba kutiudza we will gladly speculate Honourable charamba perm sec of information and publicity in the presidents office

  13. aenda kunoita try new type of pamper yaburwa kuSingaporwe.

  14. True, the president’s trips should not be secretive. Why? We must know where the fragile old man is going. Ko akapunzikira ikoko anosimudzwa nani?
    Charamba don’t think that urikugona basa. Ur pathetic if u can’t tell the nation where and for what the president has gone to.
    Uridofo, kungwarira paduri sehuku

  15. He abandoned a very critical SADC meeting, held only ONCE per year.

  16. Sad to hear that but the time is now tfor the president to have some rest and enjoy to stay with his close family members

  17. Did Bob leave an acting President and if he did what are the acting President’s powers and what does the constitution say when Bob is away or is incapacitated on or in a foreign country?

    I rather think the issue should be on how much this trip cost and how many grannies in Fio or Nembudziya can feed off that cost and for how long in these trying times or how much the trip’s cost (including his family’s combined hotel stays) could be better used at Harare Hospital or Pari or how many civil servants could have been paid off.

    Maybe he used Alpha Omega resources then we come back to say isnt it same like the Chinese who dnt support local consumption whilst bringing or importing trinkets like toothpicks and slippers for us to give them US Dollars?

    Tajamuka is a joke in all earnest unless it starts being serious and giving us serious alternatives than saying Sadza kwamai Biggerz was closed and did you help the lady vending sadza by that?

    Talk of reviving agriculture(by among other issues chucking out all the useless sorabean farmers),getting mining going again by incentivising miners as we have the resources in abundancy, improving manufacturing to what it was.

    On ZANU part the tired bit on sanctions is now an empty echo irritating to our ears. Smith managed to bust sanctions and his dollar or pound was very strong. He didnt have the Chinese and all your new friends in the East so you should do better.

    Hanzi kugona kunoita CIO dai kuri iko kugona kwataita managing the economy ana Zuma dai vaichema but sadly its to fix each other.

  18. I perused the lickspittle Herald, and came across an article about a Masvingo n’anga predicting a 2018 election win for the nonagenarian.
    The 21 year old n’anga went on to say that the demostrators are wasting their time.

    Newsday, the geriatric’s photo there, irikunzwisa tsitsi, why not put a better one?

    1. 21 year old nganga……ma 1 next we will have a 21 year old prophet

  19. Charamba trying out his ‘psychology’ on the media and readers!?The truth is that Mugabe is ill due to old age,period!

  20. Wish him a speed recovery.

  21. Oh! George Charamba, it has now got to a point where spin doctoring no longer makes sense. Tell us now how business appointments get in the way of a scheduled Regional Meeting. ZANU PF thugs are surely a curse to Zimbabwe.

  22. we are not to blame for allowing all the ills that happened during Bob’s rule. I remember as a 12 year old at independence in 1980 that there were things that one could not say or be heard saying regardless being the truth. The fear thing was bred during the bush war. There are horrendous things that the comrades or vanamukoma as they were known did to villagers around the country. ZANU is evil. That culture of fear is still with us. Dzamara, MDC activists killed and not accounted for, corrupt public officials keeping their jobs, Zanu dishing out residential stands in urban areas to youths without local authority approval and police violating the constitution. The list is endless. When is Zimbabwe going to be normal like other countries????? Kasukuwere, Musoro Jonso and Doctor Stop it please tell us.

  23. haa jack bauer hauna kukwana kkkkkkkk hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha #this flag#that flag#tazomama#ncubeis a monkey hahahahahahahahahaha that just brilliant comical relief at a time like this

  24. Firstly admitt that you have failed the economy despite several attempts to revive it with some actually good programs but which you fail to fully implement because of rampant corruption.Ma sanctions amunotaura aya imboti publisher the full paper so that we know kuti ma targeted sanctions acho anonyatsombotaura kuti chii.Pride is what is killing ZANUPF Pride and corruption unaccountability.if you were really earnest in transforming this economy your action on corruption should be impartial ko handiti makati look east policy ko adopt death sentence for corruption against gvmt officials especially top echelons. So that anoba anoziva kuti achibatwa musoro tinodambura treat corruption like rape or armed robbers yah ma minister anenge aba achitwa kurohwa pasi petsoka sezvinoitwa vanhu ve house breaking. Muwone kuti basa hariitwe here mukaramba muchiita zvechiface chenyu ichi zvema favours zvekutadza kutaura kuti 15bidda iripi iro budget renyika riri kess than that ummm only you can answer

  25. If the old man has zimbabwe at heart he was suppose to just call it a day without protests. There is no sanctions in Zimbabwe. In the whole world Bob is the only president who speaks rubbish about the west as if he did not benefit from whites

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  26. Patriot(Cry, My Beloved Zimbabwe)

    We as a nation have failed ourselves, we let ourselves be manipulated, scared and be bullied by a 92 year old man. Gaddafi and Mubarak were more powerful than Mugabe but they fell. Mugabe can fall too..if we as a people come together, and add more pressure. ZANU thugs will fall

  27. What fly’s is going to land

    1. I looked at the bank draft which had said $7437 , I be certain …that…my friend could realie earning money in their spare time on-line. . there neighbor has done this for less than twelve months and resently paid the morgage on their mini mansion and got a great new Lancia . have a peek here….

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  31. Utter rubbish.Any wishful thinking by dirty people for our Pres to die will not be granted above.Such hate from fake christian & fake democrates

  32. Nope, not dying…just stopped into Dubai to bank another few bags of the Marange diamonds.

  33. SHop til they drop!

    Christmas is just round the corner he must have gone shopping

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