Mutsvangwa to know fate today


Regional magistrate Hosiah Mujaya will today make a ruling on the application for discharge filed by the lawyer representing war veterans’ leader Chris Mutsvangwa’s son, Neville, who is facing rape charges.



The lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, made the application after he completed cross-examining the complainant. The court yesterday went to Mutsvangwa offices for an inspection in loco.

When the complainant was being cross-examined by Nkomo, she indicated that she did not report a rape charge against Mutsvangwa, but only laid aggravating indecent assault charges.

She had told the court that she was angry with Neville after he forced her to suck her menstrual blood off his private parts soon after they had sexual intercourse.

The complainant also told court that if Neville had apologised, she would not have reported him for indecent assault.

She further distanced herself from the police statement, saying they did not record what she told them because she is not conversant in the English language.

State prosecutor George Manokore had argued that Mutsvangwa forced himself on the complainant despite being “her lover”.

However, magistrate Mujaya asked the complainant if she had trapped Neville into having sexual intercourse with her knowingly so that after the act she would report the matter to the police.

The complainant said she was locked inside the room and the gate was remote-controlled so she could not stop Mutsvangwa from having sexual intercourse with her.


  1. Why is Chris’s photo appearing in a case that he is not the accused?The community is persuaded to draw the conclusion that, political motivated persecution of the war veterans leader is not sparing his innocent family either.This is how desperate the situation is in Zanu pf.

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