Kombi driver runs over cop


A commuter omnibus driver and his conductor yesterday appeared before a Harare magistrate facing charges of murder after they allegedly ran over a traffic police officer manning a roadblock.


Gift Musona (23) and his conductor, Tinashe Kachidza (19) were advised to apply for bail at the High Court by Harare magistrate, Vongai Muchuchuti, who remanded them to September 26.

It is the state case that on August 18 at around 6am, Joshua Hwara was manning a police roadblock along Robert Mugabe Road near the Vehicle Inspection Department, while in the company of constables Gundla and Gwaze.

Musona and Kachidza were using a Mazda Bongo omnibus, which was coming from the city centre heading towards Epworth.

The state alleged Musona and Kachidza, acting in common purpose, agreed to bypass the roadblock and diverted into McChery Avenue, which runs parallel Robert Mugabe Road.

Hwara then proceeded to McChery road and flagged Musona’s vehicle to stop.

But Musona allegedly accelerated towards Hwara and ran him over and drove away. The two then gave the vehicle to the owner after the accident. It is alleged the owner noticed a dent and the duo failed to give a satisfactory explanation.

Hwara sustained serious head injuries and bruises all over his body and was bleeding from the nose. He was referred to Parirenyatwa hospital, where he died on admission. A postmortem revealed that he ruptured his bladder.

On September 6, police received information on Musona and Kachidza’s whereabouts leading to their arrest and recovery of the motor vehicle.

Audrey Chogumaira appeared for the State.


  1. As much as l dont condone what happened, the police must realize that they are human and should not act like robocop. woona mota yakakunanga iwe woramba wakamira nokuti uri mu uniform unofa

  2. The state is broke and is now encouraging the police to milk the poor public everyone is now irritated by the number of road blocks on the road. The state should be held responsible for the unfortunate death.

  3. Sad news indeed! But mapurisa pepukaiwo kana muri paroad. Putting on your uniform does not make you immortal!Regai dzimwe mhepo dzipfuure dziende.Unofira mahara!!

  4. I did not realise it but kombi are another way of demonstrating, its the new style, runover dem cops dey beat us everyday

  5. I used to respect the Police but i have stopped. When people are peacefully demonstrating these police constables starts roughing up peaceful demonstrators- thats bad. They beat that old woman and do not even care to apologise.

  6. Welldone mahwindi.There was a roadblock on RG Mugabe rd.the policeman ran to the road kwaenda kombi.is that how we deal memota.No.hudununu hwakauraisa cop.in other words mapurisa are now following vehicles when they are supposed to be at manned points

  7. akaona moto vaakutorarama nevanhu vemota vakaomerwa these police officers vakambouraiwa ndoopavanoziva kuti group ravo neramugabe samesame

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