Firms’ revenue drop 33%, new report shows


COMPANIES registered a drop in revenue of about 33%, as evidenced by the decreased capacity to employ people in 2015, a new report has shown.


In a report, State of Human Resources in Zimbabwe Report of 2015, Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC) said males were the predominant workforce with an average size of 63%, while 37% were female.

The report stated the average and maximum staff costs for most companies in 2014 were not different from that for 2015.
The survey showed that the average age of a chairperson on a company board was 58 years.

In the composition of the board of a company, the research found that it was made up of three executive directors participating in company boards, while a maximum of 12 directors were found to sit on the board.

“The average span of control for managers/supervisors with people reporting to them in 2015 is six. This means that, on average, most organisations’ departments have six supervisors, with people reporting to them,” IPC said.

IPC said most companies exhausted their human resources budget in 2015.

Compared to 2014, most companies spent 14% less than they had budgeted for in the human resources budget.

“Most of the employees in the human resources department are in the payroll department, followed by those who are generalist. On average, the number of employees in these departments did not change from 2014 to 2015,” IPC said.

“Most organisations’ employees (66%) are registered with a trade union. Most participants said the influence of trade unions in their organisations is detrimental, 32% said its co-operative and 32% were unsure.”

For those organisations that retrenched after the Supreme Court ruling, 85% said they did not apply for an exemption from the Ministry of Labour on the payment of retrenchment packages, while 15% applied for exemption, the report said.

IPC said the survey was to gather and analyse human resources-related statistics and practices in Zimbabwe. “The information that we have presented in our final report is designed to be a tool to help Zimbabwean organisations to evaluate decisions and activities,” IPC said.


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